Does Walmart Recycle Transmission Fluid (Explained!)

Does Walmart Recycle Transmission Fluid

Got some transmission fluid that you need to recycle? Well, you may be surprised to know that Walmart can help you out.

Let us explain a little bit about how!

Does Walmart recycle transmission fluid?

Surprisingly, yes, Walmart do recycle transmission fluid. There are a few limitations in place. However, these limitations are not so strict that you won’t be able to recycle your own transmission fluid. Many of the restrictions are to prevent businesses from using the helpful service that Walmart provides.

It isn’t just transmission fluid that Walmart will allow you to recycle. You can also head there and recycle most automotive fluids.

Do all Walmart Stores recycle transmission fluid?


If you want to recycle transmission fluid at Walmart, then they are going to need to have an Auto Care Center. Of course, the Auto Care Center must be open.

You can’t just head there in the middle of the night and hope that they are going to take the transmission fluid off of your hands.

You do not need to be purchasing new transmission fluid at the same time. You can just walk in there and hand over your old transmission fluid and they are not going to ask you any questions about it.

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How do you recycle transmission fluid at Walmart?

Firstly, you do need to remember that there are going to be restrictions in place if you want to recycle transmission fluid at Walmart.

The biggest restriction is that you are only going to be able to recycle 5-gallons of any automotive fluid per day. Although, for most people, there won’t be any issues avoiding that cap.

The only people that are going to be recycling anywhere close to 5-gallons of automotive fluid are going to be business users.

The second condition is that you only hand them transmission fluid. You should have filtered out any contaminants from it.

It also must not have come into contact with any other fluid in your vehicle. It must be pure transmission fluid, basically.

This is unlikely going to be an issue if you emptied the transmission fluid from your vehicle right into an empty container. 

Walmart will not have any sort of requirements when it comes to the container that you bring into the store.

This is because they are going to take it out of the container and pour it into their big container anyway.

You should probably care a little bit about the type of container that you bring along, though. The last thing you want to have happened is the transmission fluid leaking all over your vehicle, right?

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Will Walmart recycle your transmission filter?

This is going to be highly dependent on the Walmart that you head to. The bulk of them are going to accept your transmission filter for recycling. 

If you are going to be taking your transmission filter in for recycling, then we suggest that you take it in a small plastic bag.

This will ensure that you are not getting transmission fluid all over the place. 

Don’t just hand the transmission filter over to the Walmart staff either. They may not be able to accept. So, just ask!

What does Walmart do with your recycled transmission fluid?

When Walmart has a good amount of fluids on their premises, they will send it off to an automotive recycling center.

The automotive fluid recycling center will be able to process the transmission fluid and turn it into more transmission fluids.

This means that if you recycle your transmission fluid with Walmart, you are essentially cutting down on the amount of oil that needs to be produced in the future.

You are going to be having a very positive impact on the environment!

Are there alternatives to recycling your transmission fluid at Walmart?

Not every town or city has a Walmart with an Auto Care Center. Thankfully, you don’t need one to be able to recycle your transmission fluid.

Most areas should have a recycling center for hazardous materials. You can bring your old transmission fluid along to them.

You will still need to ensure that the fluid has been properly filtered. However, you do not have to worry about the amount that you are recycling.

These centers are not going to care how much fluid you are recycling as long as you are not doing so for business purposes.

These recycling centers should be able to accept your old transmission fluid filters too. So, once again, bring those along with you!

Under absolutely no circumstances you should flush old transmission fluid down the toilet. You also shouldn’t be pouring it into the sink.

This is going to clog up the system, and it will pollute water. This can have a serious impact on the environment. Not to mention the fact it will clog your pipes.


If your local Walmart has an Auto Care Center, then they will likely be able to recycle your old transmission fluid.

In fact, they will likely be able to recycle most of your automotive oils. If you are going to be taking along your old fluids to Walmart, then it is important that you bring them along in a sealed container.

 While Walmart don’t care too much about the container that you are using, you are probably going to care about making your vehicle filthy.

Trust us, it is incredibly difficult to clear up the automotive fluid that has spilled in your car! 

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