Does Walmart Give Military and Veteran Discounts? (Read This First!)

Does Walmart Give Military Discounts

Do you know if Walmart gives military and veteran discounts? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

You may be a proud veteran or an active member of the United States military who regularly shops at Walmart for everything you need from groceries to clothes to household goods. It may have occurred to you that other stores give military discounts, so have you been missing out on Walmart’s military discount?

Walmart does not give discounts to active members of the military or veterans. At this time, there is no benefit to shopping at Walmart if you have served this country on active duty or in the reserves. Walmart does not even run a special Veterans Day sale.

In this article, we will cover what other stores that sell similar products to Walmart do offer military discounts as well as whether or not Walmart’s affiliates offer military discounts.

Additionally, we will review what benefits Walmart may offer to current and former members of the military and why they don’t have a military discount.

What Stores Do Give Military Discounts?

Although Walmart doesn’t give military discounts on any of their merchandise, there is a number of stores that do. Some stores only offer part time military discounts while others offer military discounts all the time.

For example, Target has a special 10% discount for all active military, veterans, and their families starting on November 1 and ending on November 11 in celebration of Veterans Day.

Meanwhile, other stores allow you to obtain a military discount card that you can use all the time for any purchase. These usually require you to present a military ID or a copy of your DD-214.

Other stores that carry similar products as Walmart like clothes, shoes, technology, home goods, and hardware that have military discounts include Kohl’s, Best Buy, Eddie Bauer, L.L. Bean, Home Depot, and Lowes.

These discounts usually range from 10% to 20% off your purchase but can sometimes be much greater.

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Does Walmart Benefit Members of the Military?

Even though Walmart doesn’t offer a military discount, they do support veterans and members of the military in other ways.

Their Walmart Careers with a Mission project encourages veterans and military spouses to apply for a job at Walmart with a goal of hiring at least 250,000 veterans.

Walmart’s Find-a-Future program has also been enacted recently to help veterans gauge their experience, education, and skills that will help them start their own businesses or find ways to contribute to the community.

Do Any of Walmart’s Affiliates Offer Military Discounts?

At this time, none of Walmart’s affiliates offer a military discount. Whether you shop at a Super Walmart, Walmart Neighborhood Market, online at Walmart’s website, or at Sam’s Club, their policy remains the same across the board. The Walmart brand supports the military by helping to provide jobs, but they do not offer special discounts.

To be fair, Walmart and its affiliates also don’t offer special discounts for other groups of people, such as seniors, as well.

Walmart’s dedication to providing low priced quality items for everyone includes active and retired members of the military.

So, if you show up at Walmart or any of its various affiliations with your military ID or DD-214, they will thank you for your service, but you won’t get a discount on your purchase.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Offer a Military Discount?

The reason why Walmart doesn’t offer a military discount isn’t that they don’t support veterans and active military members.

In fact, they do show support for veterans through their various programs. Walmart does not have a discount for military members because they already strive to offer the lowest prices on their merchandise.

It is Walmart’s goal to be able to provide quality products at an affordable price for everyone. So their normal everyday pricing on most items is cheaper than their competitors – even those you could get a military discount with.

Walmart also has various sales for major holidays that benefit all of their customers, not just veterans and active military members.

They believe that you shouldn’t have to sign up for a special program or carry a discount card in order to take advantage of a good deal on items you and your family need such as food, clothes, and other household items.


Walmart does not offer any special discounts for military members serving on active duty, in the reserves, or currently retired. They believe that low prices on quality products should be a staple for everyone.

This goes for all Walmart affiliated stores including Sam’s Club,, and Walmart Neighborhood Market. This does not mean that they don’t support the military community, however.

Through programs such as Find a Future and Careers with a Mission, Walmart aims to help employ and provide support for veterans and military spouses who are looking to build their businesses.

So far, they have helped over 250,000 military members and their families and they aren’t stopping anytime soon.

If you’re still looking to get a military discount though, there are plenty of stores that sell products similar to those found at Walmart that will offer military discounts.

Certain clothing, technology, hardware, and home improvement stores can issue you a military discount card for 10% to 20% off when you present a military ID or DD-214.

If you are looking for great prices on everyday items you love, check out Walmart. They may not give a military discount, but they might still be cheaper than other stores that do.



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