Does Tiffany Buy Back Jewelry? (Do This Instead!)

Does Tiffany Buy Back Jewelry

Lindsey, do you know if Tiffany buys back jewelry or where can I sells my Tiffany jewelry? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

If you purchased from a chain of jewelers, you might wonder something like: does Tiffany buy back jewelry?

The Tiffany luxury chain will typically buy back jewelry that has been purchased from them within a 30-day time frame from the original buying date, though it won’t buy back diamonds. As stated on their website, personally designed jewelry or jewelry that is not returned within 30 days will not be bought back.

In this article, we’ll go over whether or not Tiffany buys back jewelry, what their policy for returned items is, how to take advantage of it, and some FAQs!

How Tiffany Buys Back Jewelry

Tiffany does purchase jewelry that has been returned to their store. Tiffany even offers shipping free of cost for not just jewelry, but all returnable items! This can be done by following the rules and recommended steps below:

  1. Return Jewelry Within 30 Days – Jewelry that has been purchased from Tiffany can only be bought back by the company if it is returned within thirty days from the day that it was ordered online, or purchased. This may seem strict, but it does narrow down the amount of time returns have to be scuffed or used before possibly being resold.
  2. Include the Return Label – The return label is usually included with the purchase of your jewelry item, especially if it was ordered online. However, if you’ve misplaced the jewelry’s return label, it can be found conveniently located on Tiffany’s website for easy printing!
  3. Include the Sales Receipt – The sales receipt, which should have been included with the jewelry item when purchased, will act as a proof-of-purchase for Tiffany’s. This might seem like a hassle to keep track of, but remember, it does allow you to return the item to any Tiffany’s location or mail it.
  4. Mail the Item – Since Tiffany pays for the shipping, sometimes it is simpler to just choose one of the mailing companies that the return label indicates. These can be either UPS or the FedEx company.
  5. Return the Item to a Store – Tiffany’s actual, physical retail locations are happy to buy back jewelry items that are returned directly to their stores, too. Keep in mind that Tiffany locations are typically open from 11AM to 7PM on weekdays, while their weekend hours, beginning on Fridays, vary from location to location. 
  6. No Personalized Jewelry – One notable exception to Tiffany’s policy about buying back returned jewelry is any product that has been personalized. For example, if you have a watch or bracelet that has been engraved with a name, etched with a chosen design, or even embossed, Tiffany will probably choose not to buy it back from you.
  7. No Cash Refunds – Though Tiffany will not be able to provide cash refunds at their physical stores when encountering a returned item, they are more than willing to provide credit for other products or refund a debit or credit card.

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Does Tiffany Have Resale Value?

If you’re not able to get as much as you would like for the piece of jewelry you’re returning to Tiffany, or if you find yourself outside of the 30-day limit to even make returns, you might want to explore selling your jewelry to another party.

In either case, you’ll need to know whether or not Tiffany has resale value. The following facts make Tiffany jewelry valuable for resale:

  • Top-of-the-Line Certification – Many jewelers attempt to gain a certification of authenticity from the Gemological Institute of America, since it is one of the most renowned ways to prove the quality of jewels. Not only are Tiffany’s jewels certified by the GIA, but they also certify their own jewels according to their own expert standards.
  • No Diamond Buy-Backs – As a testament to their faith and trust in their own jewel’s quality, the Tiffany company refuses to buy back diamonds they have cut specifically for customers. This assures any third parties buying a re-sold Tiffany diamond that it is of good quality.
  • Sustainable Practice – Tiffany is responsible for mining jewels from around the globe. Some of the mines they acquire their jewels from are found in Botswana, Russia, and Australia. They cut and fashion their own jewels with practices that cause the gems to maintain high quality even after being resold by a purchaser.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions relating to Tiffany and their jewelry-buying policies!

Does Tiffany take back old jewelry?

The Tiffany company will usually take back jewelry that has been purchased from them as long as the jewelry is not damaged or showing signs of wear.

It also must be returned adhering to Tiffany’s return policies, which stipulate that the jewelry must not be personalized with any kind of engraving and must be returned within thirty days from the time it was purchased.

Does Tiffany have a buy back program?

Tiffany does not technically have a buy-back program, which is sometimes defined as a company being willing to purchase their own jewelry back no matter how long ago it was originally purchased by the returning customer. 

This is because, although Tiffany does accept returns and refund purchases, they only do so if the item is returned within 30 days of the original buying day.

Does Tiffany have a lifetime guarantee?

The Tiffany company does offer a lifetime guarantee in the form of a lifetime warranty, particularly for engagement rings purchased from the company.

This means that if the diamond jewelry does not conform to the characteristics on the Tiffany Certificate, it will be returned and refunded, or even replaced with a gem that either meets the standards or exceeds them!

Why do Tiffany necklaces say “please return to?”

Interestingly, Tiffany used to sell key tags in the 60s, which were all engraved with a message telling anyone who found the discarded key to return it to Tiffany’s New York store, where the original owner might be able to find it. 

This became iconic, so Tiffany began placing the same phrase on rings and chokers for a collection of products entitled “Return to Tiffany.”

It is not only a fun throwback to the company’s lengthy history but a reminder of their customer service.

Can I bring my own diamond to Tiffany?

Though Tiffany will not object to customers bringing their own diamonds into the store, they will not set a diamond in a piece of jewelry.

Instead, Tiffany is happy to sell you their own products or help replace lost diamonds with one they offer.

Can you sell Tiffany jewelry on eBay?

It is indeed possible to re-sell Tiffany jewelry on third-party selling websites like eBay, though it is important to note that you will always technically be selling “used” Tiffany jewelry.


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In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Tiffany Company does not have a technical “buy-back” policy, but this is only because they are willing to purchase jewelry that has been bought within the last 30 days.

In addition to this stipulation, jewelry must not have signs of rough wear-and-tear and the receipt needs to be included. 

When deciding to return jewelry to Tiffany, remember that they will not buy back personalized, engraved items or diamonds specifically cut for the customer, which actually increases the product’s resale value!



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