Is All Tiffany Jewelry Stamped? (Real or Fake: Do This!)

Is All Tiffany Jewelry Stamped

Do you know if all Tiffany jewelry is stamped or how to spot real Tiffany jewelry? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Recent purchases of Tiffany jewelry might be surprised to notice stamps on their jewelry that they didn’t catch sight of before. If you’ve had a similar experience, it might cause you to wonder: is all Tiffany jewelry stamped?

Yes, all jewelry originally created and purchased from Tiffany & Co will be stamped with a hallmark of the brand, regardless of the jewelry’s style, cut, or shape. This serves as a mark of authenticity to any trying to purchase a piece of Tiffany-brand jewelry.

In this article, we’ll cover the ins and outs of Tiffany stamps as well as some FAQs on the topic!

Is all Tiffany Jewelry Stamped?

Flipping a bracelet, engagement ring, or even necklace over and finding a “Tiffany & Co.” stamp is a great way to be completely sure that the piece of jewelry is definitely from Tiffany.

The truth is the Tiffany company does stamp all of it’s jewelry to reassure customers of authenticity and to advertise the excellence of their renowned brand. This is plain to see on the products listed on their official website!

However, it is because of this knowledge of Tiffany’s reputation as a good jeweler that many copycats and scam artists will attempt to mimic this hallmark of the jewelry. 

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How do I know if Tiffany Jewelry is Authentic?

The fact that Tiffany is confident enough in the renown of their name as a standard of high-quality to stamp it on all their products is a definite way to invite the forgeries of scam artists.

To avoid the trap of buying inauthentic jewelry, we recommend following the steps below:

  1. Buy Straight From Tiffany & Co. – Perhaps the simplest and most trustworthy way to make sure you’re buying authentic Tiffany jewelry is to go straight to the source! Visit a licensed Tiffany jewelry location and benefit from the customer service and security of knowing you can’t get anything less than a true Tiffany piece of jewelry.
  2. Check the Quality of the Item – Tiffany’s is not only certified by their own set of highly-qualified jewel experts but they are certified by the Gemological Institute of America, too! This means that the cut and color of the jewels are of high quality. In addition, the placement of the logo and the spelling of the stamp will be flawless if it is authentic.
  3. Check the Package – Sometimes an unopened package from Tiffany’s can be the best way to ease your mind as far as authenticity goes. Those who are truly selling Tiffany’s jewelry will know this and be sure to keep their original package.
  4. Check the Metalwork – Tiffany’s is renowned for their high-quality metal in addition to their high-quality jewels. For example, the links on a large sterling silver necklace from Tiffany will be soldered. Soldering indicates no break in the links that might mar the surface of the silver.
  5. Check the Durability – Sterling silver is difficult to damage or fade, even after a decade of use. If the silver coloration on your jewelry piece begins to fade or shows signs of a different color underneath, like brown or yellow, you may have a fake on your hands.
  6. Check the Stamp – Lastly, return to the stamp itself for proof of authenticity. One of Tiffany’s stamps indicates the purity of the silver with the number “925” and sometimes the actual word “sterling.” Even if this stamp is visible, check the alignment, making sure it follows the curvature of the jewelry and is aligned to the center exactly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check below to find our answers to frequently asked questions about Tiffany Jewelry and whether or not it is stamped!

Does Tiffany stamp their jewelry?

As stated above, it is true that Tiffany does stamp all of their jewelry items with the words “TIFFANY & CO.” Occasionally, the font style, size, and even formatting of this label may change.

For example, sometimes the stamp includes a date, an authentication number, or a fancily-shaped letter “M.”

Do all Tiffany bracelets have hallmarks?

Though the idea of marking some of the smaller styles of jewelry in mass production at Tiffany’s sounds overwhelming, it is true that all Tiffany bracelets have hallmarks, which prove that they were manufactured and sold by a quality jeweler.

Hallmarks are stamps of official status which not only prove the origins of the item but often denote the type of metal that the item is made out of and the purity of the materials.

What is the Tiffany stamp?

The Tiffany stamp is an engraving of the Tiffany & Co. company name on jewelry items which serves as an indicator of the authenticity of the item, a signpost for where the product came from, and a form of advertising for the company’s quality.

As stated above, the font is typically similar to “Times New Roman” and in all capital letters, sometimes accompanied by the letter “M” and a series of numbers authenticating the particular piece. Sometimes the stamp also includes the number “925,” and sometimes it is abbreviated as “T & Co.” 

How do you authenticate vintage Tiffany?

The best way to authenticate vintage Tiffany pieces is to first learn the stamp used in the earlier years of the company’s history.

Tiffany’s earlier pieces can also be authenticated by the blue packaging, and of course, any paperwork certifying the year that the jewelry was made is helpful, too.

What does 750 mean on Tiffany jewelry?

The number “750” engraved in Tiffany jewelry is meant to communicate that 75% of the item is real gold. This is near to 14-karat gold, though Tiffany’s contemporary jewelry pieces are made from 18-karat gold.

Do you get a certificate of authenticity from Tiffany?

Tiffany & Co. does include a certificate of authenticity, but only for its diamond products. This certificate serves to prove that the diamond was inspected and declared high-quality by the experts at Tiffany.

This is significant because although most jewelers are content to receive the Gemological Institute of America’s certification of approval, Tiffany accepts the GIA’s and their own, as well.

This not only proves that the company is confident in their own craftsmanship but adds to the unique resale value of Tiffany’s diamond jewels.

How do you date Tiffany jewelry?

To check on the date of Tiffany’s jewelry, you can either observe the paperwork that came with the product, such as a warranty or certificate, or you can check to see if there is a date on the Tiffany stamp. 

What is meant by 925 Tiffany?

As mentioned above, 925 is a number indicating that something is made of pure sterling silver, and it is used in Tiffany’s products.

The number 925 can usually be found as part of Tiffany’s stamp of authenticity on their jewelry and flatware products.


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In Conclusion

In conclusion, Tiffany & Co. stamp all of their jewelry with the company name to prove the origins of the jewelry’s manufacturing.

The Tiffany logo is sometimes accompanied by the letter “M,” the number 750 to indicate gold content, and the number 925 when the product is sterling silver.

The best way to know that a Tiffany stamp, and therefore the product, is authentic is to purchase directly from the Tiffany company.

However, if you do buy a used piece of Tiffany’s jewelry, look for unopened packaging, certification of quality, and make sure the label is aligned and correctly spelled!



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