Does Tesco Sell Huel? (Huel Ready To Drink Vanilla 500Ml + More)

Does Tesco Sell Huel

Do you know if Tesco sells Huel? Are you searching for a nearby store to buy Huel ready to drink from? Huel is a brand that makes nutrition powder meals and shakes, which you can drink as a meal replacement.

So, does Tesco sell Huel? Yes, Tesco does sell Huel products. You can find the Huel “Ready To Drink” chocolate and vanilla flavors in 500ML servings at Tesco. You’ll need to shop around more since Tesco currently only has premixed bottles if you want protein powders.

Before you start buying Huel as a consistent meal replacement, you’ll want to learn more about it. Here’s what you need to know.

What Huel Products are at Tesco?

If you’re looking for protein drinks at Tesco, you’ll find two options from Huel. These are the “Ready To Drink” protein shakes in chocolate or vanilla.

Tesco doesn’t offer Huel protein powders, so you’ll need to get these pre-made drinks instead.

These bottles come in 500ML, which is about 17 fluid ounces. Many people who drink Huel as a meal replacement feel that this size is usually enough to feel full for a few hours.

 The feeling of fullness comes from the drink’s gluten-free oat and plant fibers.

The “Ready To Drink” bottles also come with all the essential vitamins and minerals, plus a good amount of protein.

The drink is even low in sugar, Kosher certified, and vegan. Because of all these features, those who drink Huel feel that it’s worth their money. 

Overall, you won’t find many Huel products at Tesco, but the “Ready To Drink” shakes are worth checking out! You can drink them after a workout or as a meal replacement for short-term weight loss, but you’ll still want to ensure you get most of your nutrition from healthy food options.

Huel “Ready To Drink” Nutrition Information

When it comes to Huel’s “Ready To Drink” products, the chocolate and vanilla flavors you can find at Tesco have nearly identical nutrition information charts, but you may find a few minor differences between the two.

Still, they offer almost the same amount of vitamins and minerals. So, which one you buy will come down to your flavor preference!

A 500ML bottle of Huel “Ready To Drink” contains 400kcal, 19 grams of fat, 32 grams of carbs, 8.2 grams of fiber, and 20 grams of protein. It’s also very low in sugar, with 3 grams in the entire bottle! 

According to Huel, the “Ready To Drink” formula includes more healthy fats than protein powders. These fats come from sunflower, grapeseed, flaxseed, and coconut, making them easier to drink and keeping you feeling full for longer.

When comparing the bottle drink to the protein powder mix, you get slightly less in your daily vitamins. The “Ready To Drink” formula contains 32% of your recommended daily vitamins, while the powder formula contains 37%. 

This difference is that extreme, but it’s worth noting. If you want a more nutritionally complete meal replacement, you can get the powder and make it yourself in a shake bottle.

However, many people buy the “Ready To Drink” option from Tesco because it’s more convenient. 

Huel “Ready To Drink” Costs

Next, you’ll want to know the costs of Huel at Tesco before you go shopping. According to the Tesco website, it costs £3.50, which is £0.70 per 100ml.

If you have a Tesco Clubcard, you can get these drinks for a bit cheaper at £3.00 a bottle. 

This translates to being between four and five dollars per bottle in the United States, which initially sounds expensive. However, these drinks do replace a meal.

So, if you often grab lunch on your break, you’re still probably saving money by having a Huel bottle instead.

The protein powder costs more since Huel sells it in bulk bags. Although, you still end up paying less per meal because the powder is cheaper by weight.

If you’re only shopping at Tesco, the powder wouldn’t be an option for you. However, many people prefer the pre-made formula’s taste since it isn’t powdery.

In short, Huel’s “Ready To Drink” bottles are affordable. If you have a Tesco Clubcard, you can get them slightly cheaper, which may be worthwhile for those who want to drink them daily for their meals.

Where Can I Find Huel Protein Powder?

Tesco has many different protein powder options, but Huel isn’t one of them. You can find their pre-made formula there, but you won’t find the bagged powder to make it yourself.

Still, Tesco does carry many other high-quality protein powders that you can browse through. 

If you want Huel protein powder specifically, you’ll need to shop somewhere else. You can find this product at various vitamin and supplements stores, such as CVS.

Huel is very popular in Europe but can be a bit harder to find if you’re in the U.S. Americans may need to order it online if this is your favorite brand of a protein shake! 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Tesco does have some Huel products, although they don’t have a wide section. You can currently find two flavors of the “Ready To Drink” bottles.

It might also be possible to find the “Ready To Drink” berry flavor there. Still, it’s less common than the chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Overall, Huel offers excellent nutritional content. If you want to lose weight, build muscle, or have a reliable replacement shake, it can be a great option for you to have in your kitchen.



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