Does Tesco Sell Helium Balloons (Inflated Balloons, In Store + More)

does tesco sell helium balloons

Lindsey, do you know if Tesco sells inflated helium balloons in store? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

If you are planning a birthday party or any special occasion, then you may be looking for the perfect decorations. Helium balloons are always a good choice as you can get different shapes, letters and numbers. But unfortunately, not everywhere sells them. 

So, does Tesco sell helium balloons? No, Tesco does not sell helium balloons. They do however sell helium tanks, although will they not be able to fill a helium balloon for you.

What types of balloons does Tesco sell?

Unfortunately, if you are looking to buy helium balloons for a special occasion then do not head to Tesco. Although Tesco sells many different things, including other decorations, they do not sell helium balloons. They do, however, sell helium tanks.

So, if you have bought your own balloons but still need them filled then you will have to go elsewhere to have them inflated or buy a helium tank and do this yourself at home. Tesco will not be able to do this for you. 

However, if you are running short on time and still need decorations, Tesco does sell regular balloons, which you can inflate yourself simply by blowing air into them.

Although these balloons will not float and do not come in as many fun shapes as helium foil balloons, they are still a very good choice, especially if you are shopping last minute.

Tesco does also sell air pumps to help you inflate these regular balloons, which they sell in a number of fun colors and some even have messages and numbers written on them.

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Why do Tesco not sell helium balloons?

Tesco has not released any official statements as to why they do not inflate helium balloons on site. However, there are some reasons that we can speculate on.

For example, because the store already sells so many different products and has numerous departments in each store, adding in a separate section for inflating helium balloons is simply not worth their time or money.

Setting up this section would mean possibly hiring more staff, dedicating part of the store’s space to it, and also having to ensure that they properly store the helium canisters, as these can be dangerous if not taken care of properly.

However, you can order the helium tanks to be delivered to the UK mainland so that you can inflate your balloons at home by yourself.

So, Tesco has not completely shied away from the world of helium balloons. It may simply be that it takes up too much space and resources in store.

Where can I buy helium balloons?

Although Tesco do not sell helium balloons there are still a number of other places that do. Perhaps the most well-known store is Card Factory which often has a large selection of helium balloons in their store and in the window displays. 

Not only does this store sell the helium balloons but they can also inflate them for you in the store or have them delivered to your desired address already inflated for a small fee. 

Other places to look for helium balloons are party stores and even florists, as they often sell bouquets of flowers for birthdays and so will also include a balloon service as an add on to make the flower delivery even more special. 

Unfortunately, many supermarkets, such as Asda and Morrisons also do not sell helium balloons. But, Asda like Tesco, do sell the helium tank so that you can inflate your balloons yourself.

Sadly, Morrisons do not even sell the helium tank so you will need to look elsewhere for this.

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Can I get helium balloons delivered to my home?

There is often no need to leave the comfort of your home to get your helium balloons. A lot of companies, for example, Card Factory, and even online services such as MoonPig, will deliver the helium balloons already inflated to your home.

Most of the time these will arrive in a large cardboard box to ensure that they were kept safe during travel, as they would have been inflated before being shipped.

If you want to order the balloons as a surprise for someone then you can also have them sent directly to their home and then give them a great surprise as they try to figure out what is in the large brown box!

If you need a significant amount of balloons for an occasion then it may be worth buying and inflating them yourself as this can often work out cheaper, especially if you need a lot of balloons.

In this case you will be able to buy the gas tank from Tesco, although you will need to buy the balloons elsewhere as a lot of their balloons are not suitable for use with helium.


Helium balloons make a great decoration for a party or even a great gift. However, not all places sell them or can inflate them.

Tesco unfortunately does not sell ready-made helium balloons. However, they do sell helium tanks so that you can inflate the balloons at home.

If you need pre-inflated helium balloons, then head to your nearest party store or florist.

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