Does Target Refill CO2 Tanks? (The Truth!)

Does Target Refill CO2 Tanks

Do you know if Target refills CO2 tanks? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Target offers exchanges, refills for Sodastream cartridges. They also offer Bell CO2 Tire Inflator refills. Both of these processes do involve purchasing or exchanging for a new tank, so you cannot leave with the same tank you brought in.

With the options offered at Target, you should be able to find many CO2 cartridges available if you use CO2 to refill bike tires or to carbonate beverages.

If you need CO2 for other projects, you are better off looking somewhere else.

What is Target?

Target is a retail store with thousands of locations. Target offers clothing, groceries, stationery, home goods, sporting goods, and much more.

Target is popular in all 50 of the United States of America. They have offices located around the world as well.

What CO2 Options Does Target Offer?

Target offers CO2 cartridges that fit Sodastream water bubbling machines. They offer quick connect cartridges as well as the original, standard cartridges. 

They also offer a replacement or refill cartridges for Bell CO2 tire inflators.

Sodastream 60L CO2 Spare Carbonator

This Sodastream 60L CO2 spare carbonator is the standard cartridge that comes with most Sodastream machines.

It screws to attach to the machine, so this does not include the quick connect option.

Sodastream offers an exchange program that can save you up to 50% when your tank empties. This cartridge qualifies for that exchange program.

This cartridge should contain enough CO2 to carbonate 60 L of water.

Sodastream 60L CO2 Exchange Carbonator Set of 2 plus Target Gift Card with Exchange

The two Sodastream cartridges included in this package deal are the same as the standard Sodastream 60L CO2 spare carbonator. They do not feature the quick connect option.

This cartridge set is part of Target’s exchange program, so it includes a shipping label for you to return your empty cartridges.

Once Target has received your empty cartridges, you will receive a Target gift card for your exchange.

This is a great option if you would like to use the Sodastream exchange program, but you do not want to wait for the new cartridges to arrive in the mail.

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Sodastream CO2 CQC Spare

This Sodastream CO2 spare cartridge features the new Sodastream quick connect option.

It does not screw into the machine, so it is easier to attach and detach it when you use a new tank.

You can identify the quick connect cartridges because they are pink, and the standard cartridges are blue.

Sodastream also offers an exchange program for the quick connect cartridges, so if you purchase this refill cartridge, you can exchange it for a discount when it is empty.

Sodastream Quick Connect

These Sodastream cartridges are quick connect tanks. They feature a quick connect nozzle that does not need to be screwed in.

Target sells this pack of 2 quick connect cartridges with their exchange program. It includes a shipping label that you can use to send in your empty cartridges.

Once Target has received your empty cartridges, you will receive a Target gift card.

This option is great if you like the quick connect cartridges and you need a refill but you do not want to wait for new cartridges to arrive in the mail.

Bell CO2 Tire Inflator Air Pump

This Bell CO2 tire inflator pump is useful if you are biking and need to fill up a new tire quickly.

It uses small CO2 cartridges, so you can easily bring spares with you if you plan on biking for a while and are worried about a flat tire.

It is equipped to attach to Schrader tire valves or Presta tire valves without needing an adaptor. It includes one 16g threaded cartridge.

It is also compatible with 12g or 25g cartridges if that is what you already have.

Bell CO2 Tire Inflator Refills

Target also sells tire inflator refills for the Bell CO2 tire inflator air pump. They sell the refill cartridges in packs of two.

The cartridges are threaded.

Both options are the 16g cartridges.

Both of these cartridges are compatible with the Bell Airstrike CO2 Inflator or any other tire inflator that uses thread-on cartridges.

How to Get a Fresh CO2 Cartridge Through Sodastream

Target primarily sells CO2 cartridges that are designed for Sodastream products. If you want to help the environment and save money, you can participate in Sodastream’s exchange program.

There are two ways you can participate:

1. In-store

2. Online

To participate in the in-store exchange, you will go to a store that sponsors the exchange program near you. Most Target locations are part of the program.

If there is not a Target near you, you can go to the Sodastream website and check out their store locater here.

With the Target in-store exchange, you purchase the cartridges designed for the exchange and the packaging will include instructions to get a shipping label for your used cartridges.

Package up your old cartridges and drop them in the mail. Once they have been received, you will get a Target gift card as part of your refund through the exchange program.

To participate in the online exchange, you will go to the Sodastream website and fill out the form for an exchange.

You will select how many new cartridges you need and they will give you a shipping label for your old cartridges.

Once you drop them in the mail, you will receive a refund of a portion of the cost of the new cartridges.



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