Does Lowes Fill CO2 Tanks? (Blue Rhino Cylinder Exchange)

Does Lowes Fill CO2 Tanks

Do you know if Lowes’s fill CO2 tanks?  this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

CO² canisters come in all shapes and sizes and have many uses. As such, there are usually places that you can go to refill them, rather than having to purchase a brand new CO² tank every time you need more.

So, does Lowes’s fill CO2 tanks? No, unfortunately, Lowes does not refill CO² canisters in any shape, form, or manner. They sell various CO² canisters for a large variety of applications, but they don’t offer a service for getting your CO² canister/cartridge.

On the topic of CO² cartridges sold at Lowes, there isn’t a big selection to choose from. There’s the pack of CO² cartridges for paintball guns and a 20oz, Blue Rhino bottle. That’s it as far as CO² products sold at Lowes. 

As of this writing, Lowes hasn’t said, one way or another, why they don’t offer CO² refilling services—despite the fact that CO² is frequently used by contractors in the manufacturing industry—or sell much in the way of CO² products.

Where Can You Get More CO² Products And CO² Refills?

Just because the Lowes and the Home Depots of the world don’t offer CO² refills, doesn’t mean you can’t get it done anywhere.

There are several “big name” brand stores that offer CO² refill services as well as some you probably haven’t considered.

  • Dicks Sporting Goods: Offers refill services and CO² tanks for a variety of applications
  • Airgas: Offers both tanks and refill services
  • Paintball Stores: Offer tanks and refill services at select locations
  • Welding Shops: Local welding shops are capable of refilling CO² tanks
  • Hydroponics Shops: Usually offer both tanks and refills
  • Fire Equipment Stores: CO² is a primary chemical for fighting fires

Dicks Sporting Goods is one of the most recognized names on the list here, however, you can check with other sporting goods stores in your local area, such as Academy.

It’s often the case that sporting goods stores offer CO² refill services.

Airgas markets and sells several different types of gaseous chemicals used in a variety of applications including welding, recreational vehicles, propane (for heating and cooking), medical uses, and fire suppression.

They will usually have services available for refilling your CO² tank.

When you think about paintball stores, the tiny little cylinders that screw into paintball guns is usually the first picture that comes to mind.

Fortunately, paintball stores offer CO² refills because people use their own tanks for refilling their own cartridges at home. 

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Welding shops often use CO² for heavy-duty welding projects. While CO² isn’t as reliable, especially when it comes to splatter and arc stability, it’s prevalent enough that you can probably hook up with your local welding shop to get your CO² tanks refilled. 

Hydroponics shops store and use tanks of CO² and are likely more than capable of refilling your tank.

Thankfully, for those who frequently use CO², plants breathe it, so it is necessary for plant growth and abundance. 

Plus, people who grow their own indoor gardens will have an abundance of reasons for purchasing CO² tanks and getting frequent refills.

Since that creates a demand, hydroponics shops fill that demand by providing refilling services and CO² tanks for sale. 

Fire equipment stores are another potential solution to look into. CO² is an excellent fire suppressant because fire needs two things, oxygen and fuel. CO² displaces the oxygen the fire needs to survive, smothering it. 

CO²’s fire smothering abilities work out great for you because you now have another option for getting your CO² refilled.

What If You Just Need Cartridges Refilled?

If you just need small cartridge refills, you can get them refilled at your local paintball store or SodaStream stores—if you happen to live close to one.

If you’re into paintball or SodaStream—a home kit for carbonating your own beverages—then all you normally use and purchase are the small, CO² cartridges used for either application.

Since both store types deal in cartridges, they’ll often have refill services on offer.

Another sensible alternative is to just purchase more cartridges. Oftentimes, the price range for such an infinitesimal amount of CO² is going to be very similar to getting a refill.

Also, stores don’t charge for the new cartridge, just the CO² within the cartridge.

You can also buy paintball and SodaStream cartridges in large packs, which saves money in the long term because you are purchasing them in bulk. 

How Long Do CO² Tanks Last?

Not very long, especially if used full-out. There are charts available to check out across the web, such as this one here. 

  • The largest of the tanks—135lbs—will last roughly three and a half minutes, wide open.
  • You lose a full minute when you drop to 100lb tanks.
  • You’ll get about a minute and a half with a 50lb tank.
  • At 35lbs, it will last a full minute on average.

Of course, you’re probably not purchasing CO² in order to waste it all in one big blast of carbon dioxide, unless there’s a large fire to deal with.

So, these tanks will probably last a whole lot longer, depending on usage.

Final Word

So, Lowes doesn’t refill CO² cartridges. Well, there are worse tragedies, however, finding a place to refill a CO² tank just isn’t one of them.

As we’ve shown above, there are plenty of places to find a reliable refill station without forking over a ton of money. 

Since paintball and carbonating your own soda concoctions has grown in popularity, that just means there are more stores available for you to refill your CO².

Hopefully, places like Lowes will take note and offer the service in the future.

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