Does Canadian Tire Fill CO2 Tanks? (Cartridge, Kit)

Does Canadian Tire Fill CO2 Tanks

Do you know if Canadian Tire fills CO2 tanks? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Filling up a CO² tank shouldn’t be that difficult and it really isn’t, so long as you know where to go and what the charges are.

There are actually a lot of places that will happily fill up your CO² tank, however, some shops that used to offer it no longer do so because of low demand.

When it comes to whether or not Canadian Tire will fill up your CO² tank, the jury is still out. Since there’s no storewide policy on whether or not particular Canadian Tire facilities will do so, you have to go to the customers to find out. From them, it seems like a coin toss.

If you visit a lot of customer forums, where refilling CO² tanks is the primary topic, you’ll find that not all Canadian Tire facilities will refill them.

In fact, they don’t offer the service more often than not. However, there are a few that will do so on an off and on basis. 

Whether or not your local Canadian Tire retailer will fill up your CO² tank shouldn’t be the end of the line if the answer is no.

There are a lot of facilities that will do so, especially if you look into SodaStream and Paintball stores where one or the other is their primary purpose. 

What Is Canadian Tire?

Canadian Tire is one of the biggest retail chains in Canada and, as recently as March of 2021, was rated as the number one most reputable company in Canada by Leger Marketing. 

Don’t let the “tire” moniker fool you. Canadian Tire sells more than just tires. They are similar to a Costco and are essentially Canada’s own version of the popular, membership-only retail store in America.

Like Costco, however, they share a similar avoidance of CO² tank refilling services. Of course, most places that you would think would make the most sense to offer such a service, don’t.

That’s especially true when you think of the name, “Canadian Tire.”

What Canadian Tire does is sell just about everything else under the sun and you can find CO² tanks there of different varieties and sizes, just without the refills.

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Where Can You Go In Canada To Refill CO² Tanks?

Sometimes you’ll have to get creative, especially if you live in a rural location. There are more than a few local retailers and workshops that will be happy to fill your CO² tanks, you may just have to call around if there are no big-name retailers in the area.

  • Royal City Fire Supplies: Listed because it’s located in Vancouver, however, you can get a CO² tank refill at most/any fire supplies stores.
  • KMS Tools: KMS Tools has multiple locations, all of which—at least as of this writing—offer refills for CO² tanks.
  • DBC Marine: If you live in the States, or on the West Coast of Canada, there are several DBC Marine shops that will fill a CO² tank.
  • Local Welding Shops: Local welding shops are an excellent opportunity for anyone who needs CO² tank refills.
  • Praxair: According to several Canadian Forums, Praxair will refill CO² tanks so long as you inform them that it is not for human consumption. Interesting.

It stands to reason that you will be able to find a local supplier, especially considering the variety of workshops that require CO².

Marine and tool shops are obvious locations, but be sure to call ahead before making the trip.

Fire suppliers carry an endless supply of CO², considering the fact that it’s the primary ingredient in most fire suppressant technology.

If they won’t refill your CO² tank, they will at least sell you a new one or exchange your old one for you. 

Local welding shops are also a good source. While CO² isn’t primarily used in welding—because it causes excess splatter and often has an unstable arc, it’s still used in heavy-duty welding jobs. Because of that, you should be able to find a willing shop owner to refill your CO². 

How Much Does It Cost To Refill A CO² Tank?

The general price range for CO² is $3 per pound, however, like everything else, it all depends on who you go to and where you live.

The $3 per pound ratio seems to be applicable only to a CO² tank with a 5 lb limit, maximizing costs for a little bit of CO². 

Fortunately, that number drops as the pounds increase:

  • 5lbs – $14.99
  • 10lbs – $19.99
  • 15lbs – $22.99
  • 20lbs – $25.99

Are CO² costs really that expensive? Well, most of it is probably profit. You can expect that the refilling party is going to make at least $2 to $4 in profit per pound so yeah, you’re probably getting raked over the coals.

There are also tank exchange programs you can take advantage of, as well as shopping around. 

It will certainly save money to use a tank exchange where one is available. You’re generally charged the cost of the CO², without being hit with the full cost of a brand new tank. 

You’re also likely to find better deals with local shops over big-name businesses such as Dick’s Sporting Goods. 

Final Word

Don’t expect Canadian Tire to refill your CO² tank. While there’s nothing official—as far as company profiles are concerned—it’s most likely going to be worse odds than flipping a coin on whether or not your local Canadian Tire offers refills. 

Fortunately, there are so many other ways to get them refilled. Often, small businesses—such as a local welding shop—are not taken into consideration.

 Also, the price will be cheaper than a major retail store. 

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