Does Sonic Have All Day Breakfast (Sonic Menu + Breakfast Hours)

Does Sonic Have All Day Breakfast

Do you know if Sonic has breakfast all day or what are Sonic breakfast hours? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

It’s 8 pm and you’re craving breakfast. You could go to the grocery store to buy the supplies, but that means waiting even longer to eat. You love what they have at Sonic, but you’re unsure that they’ll have it available at this time of night.

Well, does Sonic have all day breakfast? The truth is yes! You can get any breakfast or coffee from the open to close. All are delicious, but not entirely healthy. Regardless, you’ll satisfy your craving for breakfast no matter what time of day it is.

If something isn’t available, it means they are out of certain ingredients. But, that’s a rare occurrence.

Sonic Serving Hours + Breakfast Hours

In the table below you can see all Sonic serving hours:

Sonic ServingHours
Start Breakfast6:00 am
Stop Breakfast12:00 am
Working Hours24 hours
Closing Time10:00 pm from Mon to Fri
Closing Time11: 00 pm on Saturday and Sunday

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What Breakfast Items Does Sonic Have on Their Menu?

Sonic Menu + Breakfast Hours: Sonic has a wonderful selection of breakfast items on their menu. The following table indicates everything Sonic has for breakfast along with the ingredients and nutritional facts.

Breakfast ItemDescriptionIngredientsNutritional Facts
Bacon Breakfast BurritoWrapped in a delectable flour tortilla, the breakfast burrito is mouthwatering. Bacon, cheese and eggs meld together to create a flavor party in your mouth.BaconEggsShredded Cheddar CheeseFlour Tortilla Add-onsExtra CheeseZesty Cheese Sauce (+160 calories)Calories from Fat 230
Calories 470
Carbohydrates 35g
Cholesterol 320mg
Fat 25g
Fiber 1g
Protein 25g
Saturated Fat 11g
Sodium 1540mg
Sugar 1g
Bacon Breakfast Toaster SandwichFluffy eggs and crispy bacon smash between two thick pieces of Texas toast with gooey, melted cheese.Texas ToastSlice of CheeseBaconEggs Add-ons:Diced Onions (+5 calories)Extra bacon (+80 calories)Extra cheeseJalapeños (+5 calories)Sausage (+240 calories)
Tomatoes (+ 5 calories)
Calories 520Calories from Fat 260
Carbohydrates 43g
Cholesterol 105mg
Fat 29g
Fiber 3g
Protein 23g
Saturated Fat 12g
Sodium 1430mg
Sugar 4g
Cinnasnacks from CinnabonWarm and buttery, these burgeon with gooey cinnamon roll filling. It comes with cream cheese frosting.Flour PastryButterCinnamonSugarCream Cheese Frosting (in a packet) Add-ons:Extra Frosting 3 PiecesCalories 540Calories from Fat 290Carbohydrates 55gCholesterol 5mgFat 32gFiber 2gProtein 6gSaturated Fat 11gSodium 350mgSugar 31g 5 PiecesCalories from Fat 420Calories 790Carbohydrates 80gCholesterol 5mgFat 47gFiber 4gProtein 11gSaturated Fat 15gSodium 490mgSugar 40g
French Toast SticksFour golden thick French toast sticks come warmed with maple-flavored syrup on the side.BreadSyrupEgg Covering Add-ons:Extra syrupCalories from Fat 230Calories 570Carbohydrates 76gFat 25gFiber 3gProtein 8gSaturated Fat 4.5gSodium 460mgSugar 27g
French Vanilla Cold Brew Iced CoffeeFor a low-acid caffeinated experience, Sonic’s signature French vanilla combines with coffee and sweetened cream.Cold Brew Iced  CoffeeFrench Vanilla FlavoringIceMilk Add-ons:Caramel (+180 calories)Chocolate Syrup (+160 calories)Extra CreamExtra SugarDrink CarrierSweet N LowSmallCalories from Fat 80Calories 210Carbohydrates 28gCholesterol 30mgFat 9gProtein 4gSaturated Fat 6gSodium 110mgSugar 17g MediumCalories 300Calories from Fat 110Carbohydrates 41gCholesterol 45mgFat 13gProtein 5gSaturated Fat 8gSodium 150mgSugar 25g LargeCalories 460Calories from Fat 180Carbohydrates 64gCholesterol 70mgFat 20gProtein 8gSaturated Fat 12gSodium 230mgSugar 39gTrans Fat 0.5g RT 44Calories 640Calories from Fat 250Carbohydrates 88gCholesterol 95mgFat 27gProtein 11gSaturated Fat 17gSodium 320mgSugar 54gTrans Fat 1g
Green Mountain CoffeeAn excellent cup of Joe made with 100% Arabica beans from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.100% Arabica Coffee BeansWater Add-ons:CreamDrink CarrierFrench Vanilla Flavor (+50 calories)SugarSweet N LowCalories from Fat 0Calories 0Carbohydrates 0gCholesterol 0mgFat 0gFiber 0gProtein 0gSaturated Fat 0gSodium 0mgSugar 0gTrans Fat 0g
Jr. Bacon, Egg and Cheese Breakfast BurritoLike the normal burrito, this one is smaller but still fabulous with flavor.BaconEggsShredded CheddarFlour Tortilla Add-ons:Diced Onions (+5 calories)Extra CheeseJalapeños (+5 calories)Sausage (+ 240 calories)Tomato (+5 Calories)Zesty Cheese Sauce (+160 calories)Calories from Fat 120Calories 270Carbohydrates 22gCholesterol 145mgFat 14gFiber 1gProtein 13gSaturated Fat 6gSodium 870mg
Jr. Sausage, Egg and Cheese Breakfast BurritoA warm tortilla encases sausage, eggs and melted cheeseEggsSausageShredded CheddarFlour Tortilla Add-ons:Diced Onions (+5 calories)Bacon (+80 calories)Jalapeños (+5 calories)Tomato (+5 calories)
Zesty Cheese Sauce (+160 calories)
Calories from Fat 150Calories 290Carbohydrates 22gCholesterol 145mgFat 17gFiber 1gProtein 12gSaturated Fat 7gSodium 820mg
Original Cold Brew Iced CoffeeSonic’s smooth and low-acid signature coffee with ice and sweet cream.Cold Brew CoffeeWaterIceCream Add-ons:Caramel (+180 calories)Chocolate Syrup (+160 calories)Drink Carrier
Extra Cream
Extra Ice
Sweet N Low
SmallCalories from Fat 80Calories 190Carbohydrates 24gCholesterol 30mgFat 9gProtein 4gSaturated Fat 6gSodium 110mgSugar 12g MediumCalories from Fat 110Calories 260Carbohydrates 32gCholesterol 45mgFat 13gProtein 5gSaturated Fat 8gSodium 150mgSugar 17g LargeCalories from Fat 180Calories 410Carbohydrates 50gCholesterol 70mgFat 20gProtein 8gSaturated Fat 12gSodium 230mgSugar 26gTrans Fat 0.5g RT 44Calories from Fat 250Calories 570Carbohydrates 70gCholesterol 95mgFat 27gProtein 11gSaturated Fat 17gSodium 320mgSugar 37gTrans Fat 1g
Sausage Breakfast BurritoKick start your morning heart attack with this classic.EggsSausageShredded CheddarFlour Tortilla Add-ons:Bacon (+80 calories)Diced Onion (+5 calories)Extra CheeseJalapeños (+5 calories)Tomato (+5 calories)
Zesty Cheese Sauce (+160 calories)
Calories from Fat 270Calories 500Carbohydrates 35gCholesterol 325mgFat 30gFiber 1gProtein 23gSaturated Fat 13gSodium 1430mgSugar 1g
Sausage Breakfast ToasterAs with the bacon, this has seasoned sausage instead.Texas ToastEggsSausageSliced Cheese Add-ons:Bacon (+80 calories)Diced Onions (+5 calories)Jalapeños (+5 calories)Tomato (+5 calories)Calories from Fat 400Calories 670Carbohydrates 43gCholesterol 125mgFat 45gFiber 3gProtein 25gSaturated Fat 18gSodium 1500mgSugar 4g
Sonic’s Signature Breakfast BurritoFor a burrito with everything but the kitchen sink.Diced OnionsEggsJalapeñosSausageTater TotsTomatoesFlour TortillaShredded Cheddar Add-ons:Extra CheeseExtra OnionsExtra JalapeñosExtra TomatoesZesty Cheese Sauce (+160 calories)Bacon (+80 calories)Calories from Fat 310Calories 610Carbohydrates 49gCholesterol 325mgFat 35gFiber 3gProtein 24gSaturated Fat 14gSodium 1800mgSugar 3g
Ultimate Meat ; Cheese Breakfast BurritoA warm flour tortilla comes packed with bacon, cheese, tater tots and eggs.BaconZesty Cheese SauceEggsShredded CheddarTater TotsFlour TortillaSausage Add-ons:Extra CheeseExtra Zesty Cheese SauceDiced Onions (+5 calories)Jalapeños (+5 calories)Tomatoes (+5 calories)Calories from Fat 530Calories 840Carbohydrates 47gCholesterol 360mgFat 58gFiber 2gProtein 30gSaturated Fat 19gSodium 2020mgSugar 1gTrans Fat 0.5g


Sonic has all day breakfast with a monster menu of choices from which to pick. They have all the stuff that good breakfasts are made of: eggs, cheese, bacon, and sausage.

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