Does Sam’s Club Premium Gas Have Ethanol (Easy Explained)

does sams club premium gas have ethanol

In the United States, nearly 98% of all gasoline contains ethanol. As such, the vast majority of gas stations you go to will only have gas that contains ethanol, regardless of octane rating. Even if you select a premium grade gas, it more than likely has ethanol. What about Sam’s Club’s premium gas?

Does the premium gas have ethanol? It ultimately depends on your Sam’s Club location, though most Sam’s Clubs have premium gas with ethanol. If you find a pump that says “100% gas,” then it is a gas without ethanol, but you will still have to check the octane rating to determine the grade.

For a more complete picture of the ethanol content within Sam’s Club premium gas, keep reading.

Does Sam’s Club Premium Gas Have Ethanol?

Generally speaking, Sam’s Club’s premium gas contains ethanol. Ethanol is a standard ingredient in most gas varieties in the United States.

That being said, there is a chance that individual locations in your area offer premium gas without ethanol. Premium gas without ethanol will be clearly labeled, making it easy to distinguish ethanol from non-ethanol varieties.

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Why or Why Not?

Most of the premium gas at Sam’s Club comes with ethanol. Ethanol is a standard ingredient in most of the gasoline in the United States today.

In fact, over 98% of US gas contains ethanol. More specifically, most gas contains a 90% gasoline to 10% ethanol ratio which helps to oxygenate the fuel and reduce air pollution.

Even though most of the gasoline today has ethanol, there are some locations that sell 100% gasoline. 100% gasoline is free from ethanol, and it is clearly marked at the gas station. Any gasoline that is free from ethanol will say something like, “100% gas” or “Non-ethanol gas” on the pump.

So, how does this information pertain to Sam’s Club premium gas specifically?

Simply put, Sam’s Club regular premium gas contains ethanol unless it specifically says otherwise. Most Sam’s Club premium pumps contain ethanol.

If nothing is stated on the pump other than the fact that it is a premium grade, then the gas contains ethanol.

Non-Ethanol vs Premium

It’s important to note that the title “Premium Gas” has nothing to do with the ethanol content. Premium gas has a higher octane rating than unleaded gas.

Premium gas typically has an octane rating of around 91, whereas unleaded gas has an octane rating of around 87.

Ethanol is not related to the octane rating in any capacity. As such, there can be non-ethanol and ethanol varieties of premium gas. If you find 100% non-ethanol gas, you will also have to look at the octane rating to determine if you are dealing with premium gas.

It is possible to have 100% non-ethanol unleaded gas, just as it’s possible to have 100% non-ethanol premium gas.

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Does Sam’s Club Sell 100% Non-Ethanol Gas?

Even though most Sam’s Club premium gas contains ethanol, there is a possibility that the Sam’s Club gas station near you sells 100% non-ethanol premium gas.

Most Sam’s Club locations do not offer this variety, but there are a few across the nation that does.

It will be very clear if you are dealing with a premium variety that contains ethanol or not. If you are at Sam’s Club that sells 100% non-ethanol gas, it will be labeled clearly on the pump with a label that says, “100% gas.”

How to Find Out What Gas Sam’s Club Offers Near You

If you are looking for 100% non-ethanol gas, you might not want to waste your time by showing up to a Sam’s Club. Instead, you will probably want to do some research to learn which locations in your area offer 100% gas.

The good news is that Sam’s Club makes it easy to find out what gas varieties are available in your area.

All you need to do is go to the Sam’s Club locator page. Set your location and begin browsing individual stores in your area.

Click on a location to see if they offer a gas station. If they do, the gas variety and price will be listed on the website.

Most Sam’s Club gas stations offer unleaded and premium varieties. Some stations also offer diesel and 100% gas.

Regardless, this locator page will tell you all the gas types available at individual locations. You can browse through the different Sam’s Clubs in your area to find if any offer 100% gas.

How to Find 100% Gas Near You

If there are no Sam’s Clubs that offer 100% gas in your area, you will have to look elsewhere. The good news is that most gas stations have a similar system as Sam’s Club.

You can go online and look at their locator page. The locator page will typically list amenities based on the individual location. If a location offers 100% gas, it will normally be listed under the amenities.

Final Thoughts

Once again, most Sam’s Clubs locations do not sell 100% non-ethanol premium gas. Instead, most premium gas varieties at Sam’s Club contain ethanol because this is the standard in the United States.

A few select locations sell 100% non-ethanol gas, but this does not necessarily mean that they are premium grade. If Sam’s Club in your area sells non-ethanol premium gas, it will be clearly labeled.

You can find out what gas varieties your store sells by visiting the locator page. More than likely, you will have to go somewhere else.



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