Does Sam’s Club Have 93 Octane Gas (All You Need To Know)

does sam's club have 93 octane gas

Finding good quality gas at a good price can be a real problem, especially if you do not know who offers what and at what price. That’s why you might wonder does Sam’s Club have 93 octane gas?

No, Sam’s Club does not carry 93 octane gas. On their pumps, you can find 87 and 91 octane gas, and on some also the diesel fuel.

Whether they have 93 octane gas or not, is just a small part of the information you should have about Sam’s Club Fuel Centers. So, let’s get into details.

Does Sam’s Club Have 93 Octane Gas?

Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not have 93 octane gas. While they did carry it until just a few years ago, currently they don’t.

In Sam’s Club Fuel Centers you will be able to pump either 87 or 91 octane gas. And in some areas even the diesel.

So, if you insist on 93 octane gas, Sam’s Center might not be the best choice for you.

What Is Gas Octane Value?

The octane rating or number describes gasoline’s ability to withstand the compression without self-igniting.

It does not describe the specific energy of fuel, and as such a higher octane gas does not give better fuel economy than a lower octane gas.

This number is only useful for high compression ratio engines, in which too low octane gas will produce knocking.

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What Is The Difference Between Various Octane Numbers?

As I said above, it is a gas’s ability to withstand compression without self-igniting. But, for the majority of engines, this is irrelevant, as they do not have high enough compression ratios to make it a problem.

Only in performance engines or sports cars, it can be important to use gas with a higher octane number than 91.

A gas with a lower octane number is not able to withstand the compression which a higher octane gas can.

So, if lower octane fuel is used in engines with high compression ratios it will lead to knocking and engine damage.

What Is The Octane Number Of Sam’s Club Gas?

Currently, at Sam’s Club’s pumps, you can find two types of gas. The regular with the octane rating of 87, and the 91 octane premium level gas.

In past, Sam’s Club did offer their customers the 93 octane gas, but not anymore.

Is Sam’s Club Gas Top Tier?

No, Sam’s Gas is not a Top Tier certified gasoline, and currently, there is no indication that they will apply for certification.

Though it is not known who exactly supplies them with their gasoline, it is widely considered to be high-quality gasoline.

What Is A Top Tier Gas?

Top Tier Detergent Gas is a certification scheme devised by major car makers in an effort to increase the amount of detergents present in gasoline above the EPA prescribed minimum.

These detergents prevent carbon buildup on some critical parts of the engines, such as injectors, intake valves, and so on. Thus preventing problems caused by carbon buildup.

This doesn’t mean that non-Top Tier gas is automatically bad for your engine. Especially if you have in mind that many companies that are not certified offer gas containing up to three times more detergents than Top Tier gas must have.

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Is Sam’s Club Gas Premium?

Yes and no. Sam’s Club offers both regular 87 octane gas and the premium 91 octane gas. Whether gas is premium only describes does it have 91 octane or more. 

Is Sam’s Club Gas Good?

Well, it is favored by Sam’s Club customers, and people almost never report any engine problems that can be attributed to the use of their gas.

The experience of their customers is the same as with any other type of premium gas. And also, Sam’s Club offers its products at prices that are more affordable than competitors’.

What Is The Price Of Gas At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club offers its customers gas at a price that is considerably lower than other places. Generally speaking, you can expect the price to be 10%-20% lower than prices in the same area.

And if you have their Membership Plus, or paying with Sam’s Club Mastercard, the actual price is even lower because of the 5% cashback and other benefits.

Do You Need To Be A Member Of Sam’s Club?

Yes, you need to have Sam’s Club Membership and your membership card with you to be able to buy gas at Sam’s Club Fuel Centers.

You will have to insert it when purchasing the gas, so, if you don’t have it with your self you won’t be able to buy gas at all at their locations.

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When Are Sam’s Club Fuel Centers Open?

The regular open hours of Sam’s Club Fuel Centers are 6 AM to 9 PM every day except on Sundays when the hours are 9 AM to 7 PM.

There is no option to buy gas after the hours, so you should make sure to check your clock when heading to a gas station.

What Is The Hold On My Card?

When you buy gas at Sam’s Club, a hold on your card in the amount of $75-$100 will be placed.

This is an industry standard for pre-authorizing your gas purchase and making sure that your credit or debit card has enough funds available when the transaction is cleared.

Within 24 to 36 hours, this hold should be replaced by the actual cost of your purchase, while the excess fund will be released back.

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Many people look for 93 octane gas to purchase it. This will lead them to ask does Sam’s Club have 93 octane gas in their offer? Sam’s Club offers their customers only regular 87 octane and premium 91 octane gas.

In the past they did have 93 octane gas, but not anymore.



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