Does Monet Jewelry Tarnish? (All You Need to Know)

Does Monet Jewelry Tarnish

Monet Jewelry is one of the most beloved vintage costume jewelry brands that have maintained popularity for almost 100 years. However, it is hard to believe any item made from metal can last that long without tarnishing, right?

Monet Jewelry can, and will, tarnish at some point since it is a metal base dipped in a gold coating. However, they can keep their beauty with proper care and maintenance for quite a while.

What is Monet jewelry made from, will it tarnish, and how do you take care of it? Well, let us take a look.


What is Monet Jewelry?

Monet Jewelry is a Costume Jewelry brand designed by two brothers, Jay and Michael Chernow, in 1927.

The duo started their business adventures crafting and selling gold and silver plated monogram plaques primarily used on woman’s handbags.

The business idea came after the economic crash when women could not afford more experience items.

Once the popularity of the line started to take off, the company changed directions and began designing its own costume jewelry collection. 

The brothers started the company in New York City, but the factory produced the products from Providence, RI.

Some of the most famous pieces to come from these retailers include brooches, necklaces, and pins.

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Does Monet Jewelry Tarnish? 

All of Monet’s jewelry looks gold, but it isn’t. Each piece is triple gold-plated, which means they are dipped in a thin layer of gold three different times.

Most jewelry made this way will eventually begin to chip and tarnish over time. The gold layers will not tarnish, but the metal band underneath will start to corrode away once it is exposed to air, water, etc.

Typically, it takes jewelry with a gold coating around two years to start tarnishing; with three layers, though, it can take a lot longer than that as long as it is appropriately taken care of.

If you clean your jewelry and store it in a safe place, these pieces have been known to last many decades, still maintaining their original look and design.

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How Do You Clean Monet Jewelry?

Keeping your Monet Jewelry in pristine condition, like any other type of costume jewelry, requires proper care and maintenance. However, ensuring you use the right cleaners and tools will give your jewelry much longer life.

Using the basics is all you need to clean Monet Jewelry. A gentle soap and some lukewarm water will give you a clean, shiny, and well-cared-for collection.

When cleaning your jewelry, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush, but you must use delicate strokes and never scrub or make small circles around the entire item.

It would help if you always dry your jewelry after washing it too. Leaving your pieces sitting in water can lead to early corrosion and tarnish.

To dry each piece, rub it gently with a soft cloth, then let it set out to air dry for a few hours to ensure all of the moisture is gone. 

How Do You Store Monet Jewelry?

Just because the majority of gold-plated jewelry will begin to break down after a couple of years doesn’t mean all pieces will. The better care you provide your jewelry, the longer life it will have.

It would be best if you stored your Monet pieces in a dry, clean, and soft box. You also want to avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals such as chlorine, cleaning solutions, or detergents.

So, it is imperative you take them off when cleaning, going for a swim, or if you plan on doing yard work. 

How Long Does Monet Jewelry Last?

The length of time your Monet Jewelry will last will significantly depend on how well you take care of it.

Some pieces created more than fifty years ago are still in excellent condition, while others from only a few years ago can be chipped, cracked, and tarnished. 

It is ideal only to wear these items when you are attending a special event, when you go out for the day, or to work. They shouldn’t be left on for long periods of time or overnight. 

Like most vintage jewelry pieces, antique Monet items can be very sensitive and need to be adequately cared for if you plan on keeping them around for a long time. 

Is Gold Plating the Only Metal Monet Used?

While gold-plating was the most popular option in the money collection, it wasn’t the only metal the company used. The brothers also utilized silver and platinum to make their iconic pieces. 

Monet jewelry also displayed semi-precious gemstones, faux gemstones, resin embellishments, and brass.

All of these items were used to produce affordable costume jewelry that looked similar to high-end products. 

What Does Monet Jewelry Look Like?

Monet jewelry was initially crafted to look like upscale pieces worn by the rich and famous.

This means each item will have exquisite details, faux diamonds, faux pears, and a sophisticated look. While most people in those days couldn’t afford the real deal, they could at least play the part.

You will find many Monet pieces that are simple, such as gold chains, brooches, and pins. What you won’t see is a lot of colors or over-the-top designs.

Where is Monet Jewelry Today?

The Monet company was owned by the Chernow brothers from 1927 until 2000. In 2000 the company was sold to the Liz Claiborne brand.

Monet Jewelry, made when the brothers still owned the business, is still on the market today from 3rd party sellers and antique shops or in the vintage markets.

The price for these jewelry pieces depends significantly on what you are looking to buy. Some of the items from this collection will only cost a few dollars, while others can go for thousands.


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Summing Things Up

If you are a fan of Monet’s costume jewelry and worried that it might tarnish over time, all you have to do is clean it when needed and store it in the proper conditions, and you can have a beautiful vintage piece for many years to come.



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