Does Lowes Pick Up Old Appliances? (All You Need To Know)

Does Lowes Pick Up Old Appliances

Lowes is a great place to shop for everything home repair and remodel. But, how do they hold up when it comes to taking care of the heavy lifting for their customers once they need an old appliance removed from their homes?

Lowes will pick up and dispose of or recycle old appliances when a customer purchases a new one from their store. There is an additional $30 fee for this service unless you are a Lowes Pros Customer, in which case the service is free.

Installing and removing appliances can be a huge hassle; luckily, Lowes offers assistance in pretty much every area of this stressful task. 

Does Lowes Pick Up Old Appliances?

Once you purchase a new refrigerator, stove, or dishwasher, not many people want to deal with the hassle of taking care of the old one. Luckily, Lowes does provide a Haul-away service.

If you want Lowes to move your old appliances somewhere else in your home, no problem; they will do this for free.

However, if you want them to take it out of the house and dispose of it for you, it’s gonna cost a little extra.

Lowe’s charges an additional $30 Recycling or disposal fee to take care of the old appliance. (Which we feel is more than worth it.)

Can You Get Around the Additional Fee?

The only way you can get away with not paying for Lowes to remove your old appliance is if you are a “Lowes Pro Customer.”

In this case, you will not be charged the haul away fee or any additional costs for appliance removal.

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Will Lowes Pick Up an Old Appliance Even if You Don’t Buy a New One From Them?

No, Lowes will not just come out to remove an old appliance. The service they offer for haul away is usually only available to paying customers as a courtesy to them.  

The cost of labor, gas, disposal, and time just isn’t worth the hassle for the company. If you would like to have someone come out to remove an old appliance for you, you will have to look somewhere else.

What Happens to My Old Appliances After Lowes Takes Them From My House?

The final resting place of your appliances depends on the condition and age of the product and where you live.

Lowes is well known for doing its part in leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible by recycling whenever it can.

However, sometimes the appliance can’t be recycled, or there isn’t a recycling center nearby.

Even though Lowes does their best to ensure most of the appliances they retrieve don’t end up in our landfills, they are not required by law to recycle. 

What Types of Appliances Does Lowes Haul Away?

Lowes will haul away most of the essential appliances found around the home. As long as you ordered a new product from them and they are taking the old item away, Lowes will haul

  • Microwaves
  • Refrigerators
  • Ranges
  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Dishwashers

Will Lowes Install My New Appliance After Hauling Away the Old One?

If you need help setting up your new appliances, Lowes does provide a fee set-up service for customers who purchase their products from them. 

Once the old appliance is removed from the home, a 3rd party Lowes technician will come into the house and install your new product. 

So, what is the catch? If you want an installation, you are going to pay for it. Installation services do cost extra and require a separate appointment.

What if I Just Need My New Appliance Connected?

If you are simply looking to have one appliance replaced with another, you can request that the company takes care of this for you upon delivery.

So, what is the catch here? If you want your new appliance connected for free, you are required to buy a connection kit from the retailer.

These connection kits will provide the new hardware your appliances must have for a proper connection.

The Lowes company, and any company really, will not install a new appliance with an older connection for safety reasons. 

How Do I Request Lowes Haul Away on My Old Appliance?

To have Lowes Haul away the old appliances, you have to let them know ahead of time and before the delivery of your new one.

You can make this request when purchasing the new item in stores or while ordering it online and

You can also find detailed information and instruction on Lowes haul away services by logging onto their website and clicking on the Lowes help center page. 

What Do I Have to Do Before Lowes Haul Away?

While Lowes is responsible for the haul away your old appliance, it doesn’t mean they have to do all the prep work for you.

The product must be prepared for safe retrieval and transportation before they can take it anywhere.

To prepare your appliance for the Lowes employees, you should,

  • Unplug it from the current power source
  • Clean it out thoroughly, ensuring there is nothing left inside.
  • Wrap or tape the cord to the appliance so it doesn’t get in the way
  • Move it to an easy-to-access location such as the garage or patio
  • Make sure there is plenty of space for the employees to move about, clearing a pathway to the old appliance.
  • If there is snow on the ground, make sure you shove a clean space for the delivery drivers to walk safely.

Always check over the old appliance before having it taken from your home; if you have a leaky refrigerator or something else that can be hazardous, you should tell the workers ahead of time so they can be prepared for whatever is coming. 

Do I Have to Pay a Delivery Fee on My New Appliance?

Many companies will provide free delivery on large ticket items, and Lowes is one of them. You will not be charged for shipping if you purchase any appliance from this retailer. 

What About Returns?

You have 48 hours to decide if you do not want the item recently brought into your home.

If you choose to return the appliance, you can contact Lowes customer service, and they will come and pick it back up for free.

As long as the product is still in brand-new, unused condition, you will get a full refund in the same payment method with which you purchased it.

However, you will not get your money back on installation, labor, or haul-away fees. So, you should check over the appliance ahead of time to make sure it is precisely what you are looking for, or you might find yourself out of quite a bit of money if you choose to send it back.

What if My Appliance Was Damaged During Installation or Delivery?

Lowes is known for providing excellent customer service and going above and beyond to keep their customers happy when they can.

If you feel your appliance was damaged during delivery or the installation process, you should report the issue to the company immediately.

Keep in mind that it is the customer’s responsibility to check over their new appliances once they have been placed in their home, then again directly after the installation process.

You should contact the company within 48 hours for any damage, or you risk losing the ability to have it returned or exchanged. 

Summing Things Up

If you are going to buy a new appliance, why not order it from a company that offers to haul away the old one for a small fee or no fee at all?

Lowes is a great place to get your new fridge, washer/dryer, range, etc. since they are willing to do all the work for you. 



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