Does LensCrafters Accept Medicare? (Eye Insurance + More)

Does LensCrafters Accept Medicare

If you are looking to get an eye exam or a new pair of glasses or contacts, you have probably heard of the massively popular chain LensCrafters. They accept various kinds of insurance—but whether they accept federal insurance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid is a bit confusing.

So, does LensCrafters accept Medicare? According to LensCrafters, this is dependent upon the individual store. They state that most LensCrafters stores do support Medicare coverage, and they accept many Medicare Advantage plans. However, depending on your individual insurance company, this may differ. The best thing to do is contact the individual doctor’s office at the LensCrafters location you plan to visit and ask if they accept your coverage.

The rest of this article is going to go into detail about whether LensCrafters accepts Medicare, how to find out if your local LensCrafters will accept your Medicare plan, and more.

Does LensCrafters accept Medicare?

LensCrafters accepts a wide variety of insurance plans and coverage. According to the LensCrafters website, whether or not they accept Medicare is going to depend on a number of factors including your individual insurance company and the LensCrafters store.

They state on their website that most LensCrafters locations do support the filing of Medicare coverage, and in addition, they generally accept many Medicare Advantage plans.

Depending on your insurance company, this is going to differ.

The most reliable way to find out if your local LensCrafters will accept your Medicare plan is to contact them directly and ask.

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How do I find out if my local LensCrafters accept Medicare?

You will need to contact the eye doctor’s office at your local LensCrafters location. You can find this information by either calling the store directly and asking, or you can use a number of tools provided by LensCrafters.

For example, you can use the ‘Find a Store’ locator on the LensCrafters website to find the contact information of your local location’s eye doctor, or you can call 1-877-LENSCRAFTERS to ask their customer care representatives to assist you in finding the information of your location’s optometrist.

Does Medicare cover vision?

This depends on the type of Medicare coverage that you have. Some types do cover vision entirely, while other types do not cover it at all. Before receiving vision care, you should find out what your plan covers.

Medicare Part A only covers vision care when the condition is considered a medical problem. Part A is hospital coverage, which means that your vision issue must qualify as a medical emergency that requires admission to the hospital. It does not cover routine vision exams or glasses and contacts.

Medicare Part B covers some vision care, but not routine vision exams, glasses, or contacts.

Medicare Part C (also known as Medicare Advantage) may or may not include vision coverage, depending on your plan. Some plans include full coverage for vision care, while others may include vision benefits with higher premiums.

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Medicare Part D is a plan which offers prescription drug coverage. This plan works alongside Medicare Part A and Part B.

So, while this plan may cover some vision-related products such as eye drops or other vision-related medications, it will not cover things like routine eye exams, glasses, or contacts.

If you are wanting standard vision coverage through Medicare, your best option is Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage. This way, you can select a plan which does offer vision coverage.

How do I use my Medicare insurance at LensCrafters?

Using your Medicare insurance at LensCrafters is simple. You use it the same way that you would use any other insurance plan.

When you make an appointment at LensCrafters, they will ask you for your insurance information. You can provide this when you make the appointment, or you can do so when you arrive at the appointment. You can also use your insurance when ordering online from LensCrafters.

Depending on what your insurance covers, you may or may not have remaining costs to pay when you cash out for your LensCrafters appointment/purchase.

They will let you know what your costs are at the time. You can also find out prior to making an appointment whether your insurance is accepted; this way, you can avoid any unwanted costs.

Are the eye doctors at LensCrafters employed by LensCrafters?

In some states, eye doctors are indeed employed by LensCrafters. In other states, the eye doctors who provide eye exams at LensCrafters are actually independently contracted, optometrists. Which of these is the case for you will depend upon which state you live in.

Do independent eye doctors accept Medicare?

If the doctor you visit at a LensCrafters is employed by the company, then whether they accept your insurance is dependent upon whether LensCrafters accepts it or not.

If the doctor you visit is instead an individually contracted optometrist, then it depends on whether that specific doctor accepts Medicare (or Medicaid).

You can find this out by contacting the doctor directly, either by calling the LensCrafters where you plan to go or by finding the individual doctor’s contact information.

Once again, you can do this either by calling LensCrafters or by calling the LensCrafters customer service at 1-877-LENSCRAFTERS.

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According to LensCrafters themselves, many locations do accept the filing of Medicare coverage as well as Medicare Advantage (or Medicare Part C) plans.

You can find out whether your local LensCrafters accept your insurance by contacting their doctor directly and asking.

They will be able to let you know prior to making any appointments or purchases whether or not your insurance will be accepted.

If you are not sure of the doctor at your local LensCrafters’ contact information, you can find it out in a number of ways. You can either call the LensCrafters store directly, or you can visit the ‘Find a Store’ locator on the LensCrafters website.

If neither of these options is helpful to you, you can call a customer service representative at 1-877-LENSCRAFTERS for assistance in finding the contact information of your doctor.



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