Does Cleveland Clinic Accept Medicare? (The Truth!)

Does Cleveland Clinic Accept Medicare

Do you know if Cleveland Clinic accepts Medicare? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Cleveland Clinic is a reputable healthcare program that has grown from a small clinic to an international facility over the past one hundred years.

So, does Cleveland Clinic accepts Medicare? Yes, Cleveland Clinic does accept a number of Medicare Advantage plans. In addition to Medicare, Cleveland Clinic also accepts Medicaid and half a dozen dual Medicare and Medicaid plans.

In this article, we will cover the different insurance plans Cleveland Clinic accepts including the specific Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and dual Medicare and Medicaid plans.

We will also review how Cleveland Clinic can help you choose the best Medicare plan for your needs as well as which of their facilities will accept your medical insurance.

What Other Insurance Plans Does Cleveland Clinic Accept?

Cleveland Clinic accepts a large number of different insurance plans including Medicare. There is a list of commercial insurance plans whether privately purchased or covered through your employer that they will accept including Cigna, Aetna, UPMC, and Humana.

The Cleveland Clinic also accepts insurance plans that are purchased from the health insurance marketplace exchange for small businesses, private individuals, and families.

In addition to primary health insurance plans, Cleveland Clinic will also accept insurance plans that cover behavioral health, dental, and transplant health for patients with transplanted organs.

Certain specialized insurance plans may only be accepted at specific branches of the Cleveland Clinic, however.

For example, certain hospitals within the healthcare system of the Cleveland Clinic are eligible to accept patients with specific insurance plans while others are not.

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How Can Cleveland Clinic Help Me Find the Best Medicare Plan?

Cleveland Clinic not only offers great health care, but they also want to help you find a Medicare plan that will cover your specific medical needs.

They have hired an insurance broker called eHealth to guide their patients to the best Medicare plan for them.

Their service is free and eHealth, with the help of Cleveland Clinic, can help you choose which Medicare plan is right for you.

What Medicare Advantage Plans Does Cleveland Clinic Accept?

Cleveland Clinic accepts dozens of Medicare Advantage plans including:

  • Aetna
  • AARP
  • Cigna
  • Devoted Health
  • Humana
  • Medigold
  • Paramount Elite
  • PrimeTime
  • SummaCare
  • United Healthcare
  • Valor
  • UPMC
  • The Health Plan Secure
  • Provider Partners
  • Perennial Advantage
  • Molina Healthcare
  • Medical Mutual of Ohio
  • Fida North Shore
  • CommuniCare Advantage
  • CareSource
  • Anthem

Some of these Medicare plans also have multiple versions which the Cleveland Clinic does accept. Some plans, however, are only accepted at certain branches.

For example, only the main campus of the Cleveland Clinic will accept Fida North Shore LIJ Medicare.

Only Union Hospital will accept Medigold, and only Mercy Hospital will accept Molina Healthcare Medicare Advantage.

Overall, there are 31 different Medicare plans that Cleveland Clinic accepts for those who are eligible for government insurance including those with kidney failure, disabilities, and over 64 years of age.

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What Medicaid Plans Does Cleveland Clinic Accept?

The Cleveland Clinic accepts five different Medicaid plans including CareSource, Paramount Advantage, Molina Healthcare, United Healthcare Community Plan of Ohio, and Buckeye Community Healthplan.

With such diverse acceptance of insurance coverage including Medicaid, the Cleveland Clinic demonstrates its mission to help everyone who needs good quality healthcare including those from low income families and particularly vulnerable members of society like children, seniors, pregnant women, and the disabled.

What Dual Medicare and Medicaid Plans Does Cleveland Clinic Accept?

The Cleveland Clinic accepts six different dual Medicare and Medicaid plans including Molina Healthcare MyCare, CareSource DSNP, United Healthcare Community Plan MyCare Ohio, Buckeye MyCare, CareSource MyCare, and Buckeye All Well DSNP.

Molina Healthcare MyCare is only accepted at Union Hospital. The DSNPs are dual special needs plans and the Buckeye one does not include the HMO program.

Cleveland Clinic’s ability to extend its care to individuals who have coverage with both Medicare and Medicaid shows the dedication this healthcare facility has to its patients.

Their willingness to work with the federal government’s insurance plan is a testament to the lengths they would go to achieve their patients’ overall well-being.

What Healthcare Facilities Associated with Cleveland Clinic Will Accept My Insurance?

Cleveland Clinic lists the insurance plans it accepts on its website and notes that these plans are accepted at the main campus, the northeastern Ohio community hospitals, and the family centers within the greater Cleveland area.

Other facilities run by the Cleveland Clinic including Martin Health, Nevada, Indian River Hospital, Weston Hospital, and Mercy Hospital have the lists of medical insurances they accept posted on their individual websites.

Their coverage may vary, but they also accept a wide range of commercial insurance, government insurance, and secondary insurance just like the main branch of Cleveland Clinic.

How Can I Find Out If My Insurance Plan is Covered with the Cleveland Clinic?

The Cleveland Clinic offers a complete list of insurance plans that they accept on their website. There are links to most plans so that you can log on to your insurance account right away to start checking your coverage.

If you don’t see your plan or still have questions, the Cleveland Clinic also provides a phone number for their patient financial advocate service.

You can also contact your health insurance company to find out if they are accepted at the Cleveland Clinic. Most health insurance cards have a customer inquiry phone number printed on the back.


The Cleveland Clinic is a premier healthcare provider in the state of Ohio. They accept multiple kinds of medical insurance plans including commercial, exchange, and government plans.

The Cleveland Clinic accepts 31 different Medicare plans, 5 Medicaid plans, and 6 dual Medicare and Medicaid plans.

They offer assistance to those who need help choosing the right Medicare plan for their medical needs as well as financial advocated services for those who may have questions about their insurance coverage with the Cleveland Clinic.

The Cleveland Clinic is supportive of its patients and wants to make sure that as many people as possible have access to the best healthcare.

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