Does Kroger Make Wedding Cakes? (How To Order? Prices + More

Does kroger Make Wedding Cakes

Do you know if Kroger makes wedding cakes? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Planning a budget-friendly wedding is difficult, but one easy way to find a cheaper wedding cake is to get one made through a supermarket, such as Kroger. Not sure if Kroger offers wedding cakes? You’ve come to the right place!

Kroger does make wedding cakes! They have a few different varieties at different price points, so you should be able to find one that is right for your budget and wedding theme. At Kroger, the two-tier cake will usually start at $89.50, and the three-tier will start at $119.00, but you would need to check with your local Kroger for a definitive price. The cakes are fully customizable from the cake flavor, frosting flavor, frosting color, to the decorations on top!

In this article we will discuss the different wedding cake options Kroger offers, how to order a cake from Kroger, and provide an overview of their prices. 

What Traditional Wedding Cakes Does Kroger Offer? 

If you’re looking for a traditional two-tier or three-tier wedding cake you can usually find this at Kroger. Not all Kroger locations will offer tiered cakes, but many of them do. 

While you can’t always order a tiered wedding cake online, you should be able to call your local Kroger store or pay a visit to the bakery and ask about their wedding cake offerings. 

If your Kroger does participate in wedding cakes, then they will generally offer a choice between a two-tiered cake or a three-tiered cake.

You’ll need to plan this out at least one month in advance as Kroger has to order specialized wedding cakes from their Designer Kit Cake Catalog. 

Your local Kroger bakery will always do their best to accommodate you. 

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What Are The Prices For Kroger Sheet Cakes? 

A full sheet cake from Kroger is priced at $60.99 online. But, if you are looking for something smaller, or maybe want to order a sheet cake and half, Kroger has options for that too! 

You can purchase half of a sheet cake for only $41.99 each, and a quarter sheet cake for only $23.99 each. Every size can be customized the same way, or you can mix it up to make sure there are options for every guest. 

All of these can be ordered online or in stores, but you should allow at least a week for Kroger to get your sheet cake made for you, and maybe more time if your cake is more elaborate. 

Does Kroger Make Sheet Cakes? 

A trend for budget-friendly weddings now is to make a sheet cake for your guests, this makes it easy to serve, cheaper to buy, and easy to decorate! Luckily for all of us going the sheet cake route, Kroger has a great method to order sheet cakes. 

You can order a sheet cake online from your local Kroger by filling out their cake order form. This allows you to customize every element of your sheet cake to make sure it is to your liking.

An associate from Kroger may call you after ordering to make sure they have all of your requests right. 

The options Kroger has included: 

  • Icing types: Buttercream or whipped.
  • Cake flavor: Chocolate or yellow. 
  • Icing color: Red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple, pink, white, black, and chocolate.
  • Color of top and bottom icing borders: Same color options as above.
  • Choice of roses, balloons, and/or a personalized message

This makes it super easy to order a simple sheet cake to feed all of your hungry guests. 

If you want to do this process in person that is easy! Just visit your local Kroger’s bakery department. 

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Does Kroger Sell Any Cakes Ready In A Day? 

If you’ve forgotten to order a cake, your baker fell through, or you’re holding a spontaneous wedding, you might be on a time-crunch to find a cake for your special occasion.

While a customer cake won’t be possible in these situations, you can still purchase one of Kroger’s basic cakes on the day of.  

Availability will depend on your Kroger location, but generally Kroger carries: 

  • Red velvet cake, 
  • Cookie cake, 
  • Carrot cake, 
  • Classic chocolate, and 
  • Classic vanilla.

These would likely be a basic one-layer or two-layer round cake, but you can still add a personalized message on top for no, or minimal, additional charge. 

What If I Want A Theme Cake? 

If you’re going a different way with your wedding and want a cake with a theme, Kroger might still be able to offer a cake that is to your liking.

Kroger has a variety of different special occasion cakes and may even be able to work with you to create a customized cake to your liking. 

Kroger even offers some licensed cakes, so if your wedding has a theme like superheroes or Disney, you’d likely be able to find a unique cake from Kroger to match.

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What If My Local Kroger Doesn’t Offer Traditional Wedding Cakes? 

So, what if your Kroger location isn’t one with the capability to make a traditional tiered wedding cake? 

Don’t worry! Kroger has a couple of other options for cakes that you can customize to your liking and hopefully find one that will work for your special day. 


Whether you’re looking for a traditional tiered wedding cake, a sheet cake, a themed cake, or a last-minute cake, Kroger should have an option that meets your needs. 

Kroger has a great customization system and should be able to accommodate most requests, just go into your local Kroger bakery department and see what options they have available. 

Their cakes are delicious and budget friendly, which makes them a win-win for a wedding planner trying to cut costs!



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