Does Fleet Farm Fill CO2 Tanks (Best Tips!)

Does Fleet Farm Fill CO2 Tanks

Do you know if Fleet Farm fills CO2 tanks?  this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

CO2 or carbon dioxide is a gas with many uses.

It’s used for paintball, kegerators, SodaStream machines, non-structural welding, some types of aquariums, and so on.

Whatever is your exact need for CO2, you would like to have it when you need it.

But the reality of any consumable, which this gas is in essence, is that they get, well, consumed.

And eventually, your cartridges or tans will be empty, and in a need of a refill.

So, does Fleet Farm fill CO2 tanks? Yes, Fleet Farm do fills CO2 tanks. If you need a 20 oz tank refilled, you can do it at almost any of their locations, and such services come at a very affordable price. Refilling the SodaStream tanks is also not available, though all of their stores do carry replacement CO2 bottles for it.

If you have ever wondered whether the Fleet Farm place near you will refill your CO2, you are at the right place to find the answer to that question.

So, keep on reading this post to find out does the Fleet Farm fills CO2 tanks or not.

Does Fleet Farm Fill CO2 Tanks?

In short, Fleet Farm does fill CO2 tanks, but the longer answer is it depends.

Depending on the size of your tanks and cartridges you maybe will be or maybe will not be able to refill them at the Fleet Farm location.

If you are looking to refill 12 or 90 grams cartridges you are very likely out of luck if you are checking out the majority of the Fleet Farm stores.

If you need larger industrial tanks refilled, you are better off visiting some other store as Fleet Farm does not refill them, but they do sell empty gas cylinders.

Why Refill CO2 Tanks?

Refilling is a great way of saving on your expenses when it comes to consumption of the CO2 for whatever you may need it.

It is considerably cheaper as you are paying only for the gas, and not a new tank also.

The reality is that when it comes to a price of a CO2 tank, no matter what the size is, a considerable portion of its price tag is the container while the gas itself is actually quite cheap in comparison.

Another way to save on the expenses for all your CO2 needs is the exchange of tanks.

Many places around the country offer this type of deal for various gases, including CO2, though unfortunately, Fleet Farm is not one of them.

At places that do, the price of a replacement tank can vary a bit.

They will try to give you a replacement bottle with the same expiration date as the one you are turning in, but if the closes date is sooner than that of your tank you will be charged a bit less than if it was the same date.

If on the other hand, the replacement tank has a later expiration date than that of your tank, you will be charged a slightly higher fee.

Does Fleet Farm Inspect CO2 Tanks?

Fleet Farm technician will inspect your CO2 tank, first and foremost for the expiration date.

But also, for various visual signs of damages and problems which could make it non-refillable.

This is a standard safety precaution when filling any container with gas under pressure.

But, if you are hoping for a full thorough inspection of the functionality of your tank and its devices, then no, it will not be done.

In case that your CO2 tank expiration date has passed or there are signs of damage that could make it unsuitable for refiling, you are better off purchasing a new tank.

How to Refill CO2 Tank at Fleet Farm?

Refilling a CO2 tank at any Fleet Farm location is an exceptionally easy process.

All you have to do is carry the tank that you want to be refilled to any of their stores and grab a hold of any of their employees, in case that you do not know the exact location of their refilling station inside the store.

And that’s pretty much all there is about it, except that one thing is left for you to do before paying for your refill and that is to wait for a bit for it to be completed.

If your tank cannot be refilled for any reason, you will be informed of the fact, and then your next step depends on the reason why it is so.

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Can a CO2 Tank Expire?

The regulations of the Department of Transportation cover all pressurized gas containers, and that includes CO2 tanks of various sizes.

You will be able to find the manufacturing date on your tank in the form of MMLYY code, where MM represents a two-digit month of manufacturing, L is the letter for an independent inspector, and YY is the year of manufacturing.

The DOT regulation says that all CO2 tanks must be recertified every five years, and every recertification will include stamping a new date.

If you have several dates stamped on your tank, the valid one is the most recent.

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Where To Refill CO2 Tanks?

If for some reason you are unable to refill your CO2 tank at the Fleet Farm location of your choosing, either because they do not refill your size of the tank, or don’t refill them at all, you are not quite out of luck.

There are many more stores that can be an alternative choice.

Some of the potential alternatives are:

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Home Brew Supply
  • Airgas
  • Various paintball supply stores
  • Welding supply stores, such as Oxygen Supply Company
  • Hydroponic shops

But be warned, not all places offer the refill of all possible sizes of the CO2 tanks, for example, Dick’s Sporting Goods will refill your tanks of up to 24 oz, while Airgas will fill only tanks of 5 pounds and larger sizes.

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