Does Etsy Accept Paypal? (Here Is How To Pay With PayPal!)

Does Etsy Accept Paypal

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if Etsy accepts Paypal or how to pay using the Paypal payment method? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Etsy is home to some wonderfully unique gifts that are handmade and vintage – items you won’t find anywhere else.

Once you find the perfect present for a loved one (or yourself!), you are ready to checkout.

You aren’t quite comfortable using your debit or credit card to make your purchase, but can you use your Paypal account? Yes, Etsy does accept Paypal. Of all the forms of payment Etsy accepts, Paypal is one of the most popular and most preferred by Etsy sellers and buyers because of its ease and security.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about paying for your Etsy purchases with Paypal including how to use your Paypal to complete an Etsy purchase, if it’s safe to make a purchase on Etsy using Paypal, and why your Paypal purchase may not go through.

Additionally, we will let you know what other forms of payment Etsy accepts and whether or not Etsy vendors are charged if you pay with Paypal.

What Other Forms of Payment Does Etsy Accept?

Paypal isn’t the only form of payment that Etsy accepts. In fact, Etsy allows a wide variety of payment options to make transactions easy for its customers and vendors.

Debit cards, credit cards, and direct bank transfers are all viable ways to pay for your Etsy purchases.

Additionally, Etsy accepts Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Etsy gift cards. Etsy also has its own payment service that customers and vendors can set up accounts with. This form of payment ensures the safest method for Etsy transactions.

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Why Can’t I Complete My Paypal Payment with Etsy?

If you are not able to complete your Etsy purchase with Paypal, your Paypal account may have a hold on it. Contact customer service for Paypal for information on your account freeze.

Sometimes if Paypal suspects security issues with your account such as possible fraud or identity theft, they will put a hold on your account making your fund unavailable for use.

A quick email or phone call should clear up the issue so that you can once again make purchases from your favorite online stores including Etsy.

Another reason why you may not be able to pay for your Etsy purchase via Paypal is if the Etsy store you are buying from is located in a country where Paypal is available.

Some countries that do not have Paypal as an option include Afghanistan, Haiti, Cuba, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, and Sudan.

There are also some additional island nations and African countries where Paypal is not viable. If Paypal is not an option for payment from an Etsy store it will not be listed under the payment options.

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How Do I Pay for My Etsy Purchase with Paypal?

When you are ready to checkout, click on your basket. Paypal will be listed as one of the options for payment.

Select this method and the page will direct you straight to your Paypal account. You will need to log in to Paypal and will be asked to confirm payment to the Etsy shop.

Once the payment is confirmed, you will be sent back to Etsy to review your order. Ensure that all your shipping information is correct then place the order.

It is as simple as that! You should receive a confirmation of funds transferred and most Etsy vendors will send you a notification when your order has been shipped.

Are Etsy Vendors Charged Processing Fees by Paypal?

If you are an Etsy vendor, offering Paypal as a payment option for your customers is a great way to accommodate a vast majority of Etsy shoppers.

However, you need to be aware that you will be charged a processing fee for every transaction made through Paypal. The total amount will equal 2.9% of the product cost plus $0.30.

So for an item that costs the buyer $10, the vendor will be charged 59 cents to process a payment through Paypal.

Any other payment processed through Etsy payments will be charged a comparable, if slightly cheaper, fee.

Is It Safe to Make an Etsy Purchase Using Paypal?

Paypal is one of the most secure payment options Etsy offers aside from its own Etsy payment system. Using Paypal to pay for your Etsy purchases allows you two layers of protection.

First, Etsy’s servers store information after it has been encrypted so that identity thieves and hackers cannot easily access customer payment information.

Second, Paypal also offers security through its own risk operations team. Not only do both of these companies have dedicated departments for ensuring your privacy and the protection of your funds, but your bank account information is only privy to Paypal, not Etsy.

If you’re worried about making a secure payment to Etsy for goods you purchase, choosing Paypal as a payment option is a wise decision.


Etsy accepts many forms of payment from its customers including Paypal which is one of the most popular options.

Etsy also accepts debit or credit cards, Etsy gift cards, Google and Apple Pay, and direct bank transfers. Paypal is one of the most secure forms of payment to use on Etsy because of its double layer of security.

It can be difficult for hackers to extract direct banking information if you pay with Paypal. Even Paypal can be compromised sometimes though.

If you go to make a purchase through Etsy with Paypal and your account is frozen, you will need to contact Paypal right away.

They may have detected suspicious activity that you need to clear up before making any more purchases.

Paying for your Etsy purchases with Paypal is simple. When you go to checkout, simply select the Paypal option and follow the steps to complete your order.

Although Paypal is secure and popular, vendors are charged a processing fee which is something to consider if you are a seller on Etsy. However, Paypal users are a vast majority of Etsy shoppers, so it is well worth the pay cut!

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