Does Dunelm Sell Wallpaper? (All You Need To Know!)

Does Dunelm Sell Wallpaper

Do you know if Dunelm sells wallpaper? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Dunelm does sell wallpaper. They have hundreds of colour and pattern combinations, so you can easily find the perfect wallpaper to match your vision for the interior design. They often also have patterns on sale.

The Dunelm website also offers several “how-to” guides to help make your wallpaper installation easier. Let’s dive into the options for the wallpaper you can find at Dunelm and make sure you have the easiest application time possible.

Does Dunelm Sell Wallpaper?

Dunelm sells hundreds of prints of wallpaper. They come in a variety of colours and patterns to perfectly fit the design of your home. When purchasing wallpaper through the Dunelm website, you can get most wallpaper patterns shipped right to your door in a short time.

The in-person shopping option at Dunelm will also give you a chance to see and feel the wallpaper in real life before you make your purchase.

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How Does Dunelm Sort Their Wallpaper?

With hundreds of options of wallpaper available, it can be overwhelming to try and find the one you have been imagining.

Luckily, the Dunelm website has plenty of filters so you can easily sort through all of the options and find the one that best fits your vision.

The Dunelm website currently lets you sort through the wallpapers with the following filters:

  • Room- This filter is great if you already know you are looking for wallpaper for a particular room in your house. Filtering children’s prints or bathroom prints, for example, can help narrow down your search.
  • Type- Dunelm currently offers wallpaper, murals, wallpaper borders, and self-adhesive wallpaper in their wallpaper section. This filter lets you select your design and sort through the rest.
  • Brand– If you have a specific brand in mind for your design, this filter can help you focus on the options available. The current brands available are: Fine Décor Wallpaper, Dunelm, Arthouse, Crown Wallpaper, Elements, and NuWallpaper
  • Style- If you already know the style of the paper you want, this can help you sort through it. This is a great option if you want to match the rest of your furniture or the room. You can sort through over 20 different pattern options including floral, geometric, plain, textured, and more.
  • Trend- This option lets you look for patterns that are currently trending. Right now, the trends include either “curves” or “natural” wallpaper patterns.
  • Finish- If you want a certain look at the end of your project, this filter is great. You can choose from either smooth, metallic, or a textured finish.
  • Colour- You may already have a colour in mind that you would like to use. If this is the case, this filter will help you narrow down the options. You can find wallpaper in over 20 colours on the Dunelm website.
  • Discount- If you are trying to save money on your interior design, this is a filter to help you narrow down the current discounts available. You can sort by wallpaper that is either up to 20% off or up to 50% off.
  • Product Benefits- This filter can help you choose wallpaper options that may be important to you. You can use this to find wallpaper that is either “made in the UK” or made with “sustainable materials.”
  • Care Instructions- Some people are concerned with the maintenance of the wallpaper. This filter lets you choose different cleaning options for the wallpaper.
  • Application Method– If you are putting up the wallpaper yourself, you may have an application method in mind, and this filter lets you choose “paste the paper,” “paste the wall,” or “self-adhesive” wallpaper.

Can You Get Wallpaper Samples from Dunelm?

Dunelm does offer wallpaper samples. This option lets you test out the wallpaper in the actual room you are considering, so you can make sure it will fit in with your vision for the design.

The wallpaper samples do cost. It will be about 50p each for every wallpaper sample you use.

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Does Dunelm Have Reviews for Wallpaper?

Narrowing down your wallpaper options is easier if you know other people have used it successfully and liked the final look. Dunelm has reviews for their wallpaper, so you can see how other customers have liked or disliked each option.

Does Peel And Stick Wallpaper Come Off Easily?

A particularly popular wallpaper option from Dunelm is peel and stick wallpaper. This is also called self-adhesive wallpaper, and it does not require wallpaper paste.

These peel-and-stick wallpapers should come off very easily. This means you do not have to worry about changing your mind and needing to go through the painstaking process of removing all of the wallpaper should you decide to redesign the room.

Does Dunelm Ship Wallpaper?

Dunelm does ship wallpaper. While Dunelm has delivery, click and collect (buy online and pick-up in-store), and express options, most of the wallpaper is only available through delivery.

This delivery option means you can order the wallpaper online but then you will have to wait a few days before it will arrive at your particular location. Shipping times may vary based on each order and your shipping location.


Dunelm does sell wallpaper. They have hundreds of options available including various application methods, colours, and patterns.

You should be able to easily get the option you want. You can try wallpaper samples from Dunelm first to make sure you like the selection.

You can also have it shipped to you to help make the application even easier.



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