Does CVS Sell Apple Gift Cards? (Full Guide)

Does CVS Sell Apple Gift Cards

If you need to grab a quick gift and you happen to be at CVS anyway, head over to their gift card station. There are a variety of options available including Apple gift cards.

Most CVS stores have Apple gift cards for sale including cards specifically for iTunes and/or the Apple store which are valid for online, in app, and physical store purchases.

In this article, we will review how to buy an Apple gift card from CVS, what other gift cards are available at CVS, and where else to purchase Apple gift cards.

Additionally, we will cover if you can purchase an Apple gift card online from CVS, what amounts are available to purchase, and if you can return an Apple gift card.

How Do I Buy an Apple Gift Card from CVS? 

It is very simple to purchase an Apple gift card from CVS. You must visit a physical store location in order to buy one.

The gift cards are usually located near the checkout counter. If you are having trouble finding them, you can ask a CVS associate to point you in the right direction.

Once you have selected the Apple gift card you want, proceed to the checkout counter and purchase the card. The cashier will ring up your purchase, thus activating the card for use.

Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a separate gift receipt that shows you how much is one the Apple gift card so that the person you are gifting it to can keep track.

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What Other Gift Cards Does CVS Sell?

Not only does CVS sell Apple gift cards but they also sell dozens of other gift cards for stores and services including clothing stores, sporting goods and outdoors stores, electronics stores, restaurants, streaming services, app stores, travel, and home and garden stores.

Additionally, CVS gives you the option to purchase CVS gift cards or Visa gift cards which allow the person you gift it to choose where they want to spend the card. All of these can be found at the convenient gift card stand in every CVS store.

If you are looking for a particular card, call ahead to your local store to make sure they have it in stock.

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Where Else Can I Purchase an Apple Gift Card?

Besides CVS, Apple gift cards are available for purchase from other drugstores like Walgreens, big box retail stores like Walmart, and electronics stores like Best Buy.

Additionally, you can purchase Apple gift cards straight from the Apple store, whether online or in a physical store location.

While Apple gift cards are widely available at most stores that sell gift cards, CVS is a convenient location to pick one up since you can also purchase another drugstore, toiletry, and even some grocery needs while you are there.

Wherever you typically go to purchase gift cards, you will most likely find Apple gift cards, so they are not too difficult to find.

Can I Purchase an Apple Gift Card Online from CVS?

Although you can purchase some merchandise and even order prescription medication from CVS online, you cannot buy Apple gift cards on CVS’ website. The only way to purchase an Apple gift card from CVS is by physically visiting a store location.

Even though you can’t buy Apple gift cards from CVS’ website, the online resource is helpful for a multitude of other needs including locating your nearest CVS store, CVS’ gift card policy, and any deals they may be having for you to take advantage of while you’re picking up your Apple gift card.

If you’re looking to buy an Apple gift card online, the best website to visit is Apple’s website.

What Amount Can I Purchase an Apple Gift Card from CVS?

The Apple gift card amount options available at CVS depend on the store’s location. Most stores will carry Apple gift cards that are at least $25 and $50 in amount. Some may even have $100 Apple gift cards.

If there is a certain amount that you are looking to spend, you can either purchase multiple cards or call ahead to see if your local CVS has the amount you want.

If you just want to purchase an Apple gift card for purchasing music i.e., an iTunes gift card, those typically come in lower amounts.

For a full range of options, visit the Apple store or its website to what your options for purchase are, or just stop at your local CVS and pick up whatever Apple gift cards they have available.

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Can I Return an Apple Gift Card to CVS?

CVS does not allow returns for gift cards of any kind including Apple gift cards. However, if you have an unwanted Apple gift card, you can exchange it for a CVS gift card for the same amount.

With CVS’ new program sponsored by CardCash, they will accept unwanted gift cards to any other stores including Apple, and convert them to a CVS gift card.

This way if you know you’re never going to use that Apple gift card but don’t want to lose the money on it, you can ensure that it will be useful at a store that you regularly visit – your local CVS!


CVS stores sell all kinds of gift cards including Apple gift cards that can be used to purchase items for the Apple store, online at Apple’s website, on the Apple app, or even music from iTunes.

The amounts of Apple gift cards vary by CVS store but are typically available in $25 and $50 increments.

Apple gift cards can only be purchased from brick and mortar CVS stores, not on their website. Apple gift cards are also not eligible for returns; however, you can exchange them for a CVS gift card for the same amount.

CVS is not just a drugstore; CVS can also help you find the perfect gift including gift cards from popular stores like the Apple Store.



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