Does AutoZone Take Used Motor Oil? (Dispose Of Motor Oil)

Does AutoZone Take Used Motor Oil

Do you know if AutoZone takes used motor oil? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

When it comes time to recycle your used car fluids, such as motor oil, it can be a hassle to find the right place to do that.

So, does AutoZone take used motor oil? Yes, AutoZone is a location where you can take your used motor oil for it to be properly recycled. The process is pretty simple and easy, and as the person providing the used motor oil, you don’t have to really do much other than bring it to AutoZone in the proper manner.

We’ll talk about all of this down below.

Why You Should Recycle Used Motor Oil

You may be wondering why you need to bother taking motor oil to a place like AutoZone at all.

Why not just pour it out in the grass somewhere, or down a drain? Well, much like batteries, used motor oil can be a very harmful environmental pollutant when it is not disposed of carefully.

Most people aren’t capable of recycling motor oil themselves though.

That’s why places that are properly equipped, such as AutoZone, offer to recycle your used motor oil for you if you bring it to them.

The only real benefit to doing this is protecting the environment, but that seems like a pretty noteworthy benefit in our book.

On that note, remember that AutoZone also accepts used gear oil or transmission fluids, not just motor oil.

So, if you have any of those fluids that need to be recycled, you can take care of that at AutoZone as well.

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Do All AutoZone Locations Take Used Motor Oil?

On a technicality, there could be an AutoZone location out there that does not accept used motor oil for some reason.

AutoZone as a company only states that “most” locations accept used motor oil, not “all.” That means there’s no 100% guarantee that every AutoZone location accepts used fluids like motor oil.

That said, you’d be hard-pressed to find an AutoZone that won’t take your used motor oil. The chances of finding a location that doesn’t accept used motor oil are pretty low.

Still, if you wanted to be absolutely sure, you can call your local AutoZone ahead of time and ask if they accept used motor oil.

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Will You Be Charged When You Recycle Your Motor Oil at AutoZone?

You may be worried about whether or not you have to spend money in order to recycle motor oil.

The good news is, you don’t. You see, by law, it is actually part of corporate responsibility to ensure that their auto industry has as minimal of an effect on the environment as they can manage.

That means it is their responsibility to recycle things like motor oil, and you won’t be charged anything for taking your used motor oil (or other fluids) to AutoZone in order to have it recycled.

It’s always free, so there’s really no reason not to properly dispose of your used motor oil there. It’s the best option for everyone.

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How to Have Your Oil Recycled at AutoZone

While the process of recycling your motor oil at AutoZone is pretty simple, there is still a process. Naturally, you’ll need to drain the oil from your car first, and also remove the oil filter.

If you’re changing your oil, you always have to remove the oil filter as well! It can’t (or shouldn’t rather) be reused!

As for the oil itself, you’ll want to use a funnel to get it into a sealable container of some sort. It doesn’t even have to be a designated oil container: something as simple as a milk jug will work so long as you can seal it securely.

Once you have the secured used motor oil, you just have to transport it to an AutoZone that is willing to take it.

Some AutoZones may have a designated drop-off area for used motor oil, while others may just want you to hand it off directly to an employee.

You can usually just ask an employee what they would like you to do with the oil.

Why You Should Recycle As Opposed to Other Ideas

If you are a particularly thrifty person, you may feel that there are other things you can do with used motor oil besides recycling it at an AutoZone or anywhere else.

You should not try to reuse or reprocess used motor oil, for one.

Reusing it isn’t safe because oil loses the properties it needs to help cars function over time, and that could lead to damage or a serious accident for your car.

You shouldn’t try to reprocess it, because that is a very complex process, and if you get it wrong, using that oil could lead to damage as well.

You shouldn’t try to mix used car oil with anything else, and you certainly shouldn’t pour it down sewers or storm drains.

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Because motor oil has a lot of anti-freeze in it, motor oil in drain pipes will turn into harmful heat energy during the winter months and cause problems.

All of that said, the easiest thing to do with motor oil is definitely just to take it to an AutoZone where it can be properly and simply disposed of.

It’s also the safest thing to do, and probably the cheapest. There are other places you can dispose of your oil of course, but if you have an AutoZone nearby, you may as well just go there.

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