Does Apple Offer Relocation Assistance? (Full Guide)

Does Apple Offer Relocation Assistance

Do you know if Apple offers relocation assistance or what is Apple’s relocation package? What is typical relocation package that Apple offers? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Apple makes no bones about its very liberal and generous relocation package/program. Apple is all about attracting the best minds in the business and ensuring that the attraction of relocating is simply too good to pass up.

The features of Apple’s relocation package are too numerous to list in a single paragraph. However, some of the main ones worth pointing out include a free health and wellness program, lump sum payments, travel reimbursement, paid vacation for new joiners, paid leave for new parents, repaid tuition charges, and transportation reimbursement.

That’s roughly half of what Apple has to offer and, in this guide, we’ll cover them more in depth, including all of the extra benefits that Apple has to offer when it comes to relocating from one employer to Apple, no matter where in the country you’re required to be. 

Why Apple’s Relocation Package is So Extensive

As one of the world’s top smartphone and computer manufacturers and innovators, Apple is in a constant state of compensation that goes beyond just the latest gadget.

Apple wants the best in the business and if that means relocating someone from Google or Samsung, Apple is all about it. 

While all companies offer a variety of relocation packages and most will pay for travel expenses, along with a variety of other expenses, Apple takes it several steps further. Of course, it makes sense that Apple would offer such an extensive package.

They didn’t become one of the top brands in the world by doing nothing. 

Benefits Apple Offers for Relocation

Apple, like any other major company, needs to have a great, competitive relocation package to lure potential employees a way from their current positions.

If it’s not worth anyone’s time, Apple wouldn’t be able to pull that talent away. 

  1. Transportation Reimbursement

We’ll start with one of the most obvious transition benefits that you will find with almost any company’s relocation package. However, Apple indulged in a little innovation with their own transportation relocation benefit. 

Apple has what is called a transportation commuter program. This program is designed to both cover the traveling expenses for transitioning workers, while also training new workers on how to get to and from Cupertino. That includes covering buses, trains, and a variety of other transportation methods. 

1. Paid Leave for New “Joiners”

Another pretty standard package is the paid leave for new joiners. This is a huge draw for transitioning hires from other companies as you get 12 paid days of vacation right off the bat.

Workers in major manufacturing and industrial jobs have to work years to earn enough annual vacation to add up to 12 days.

Apple gives it to you just for leaving one company for them. It’s also beneficial because taking some of those 12 days during the initial transition phase will give new joiners plenty of time to get themselves set up and acclimatized to their new location.

Moving from one house to another, sometimes several states away, is not an overnight process and Apple’s generous 12-day vacation period alleviates some of the pressure and stress that comes along with it. 

2. Paid Leave for New Parents

Parental leave policies are common, especially for new mothers, however, it’s not as common during your first few weeks on the job, and it’s even less common for fathers to get paid paternity leave. 

That includes paid maternity and paternity leave during pregnancy, rather than a few short days right after the newborn is delivered. Apple allocates fourteen weeks post birth and four weeks during the pregnancy. These are paid days as well. 

One thing that separates Apple from many other companies is the ‘paid’ portion, especially four weeks’ worth of paid leave during the pregnancy.

Fathers get six paid weeks of time off as well, so Apple doesn’t play favorites, allowing families the time they need to spend both before, during, and after. 

3. Tuition Reimbursement

One of the biggest political firestorms of the last decade is the fact that colleges are charging immense amounts of money for even something as small as an Associate’s Degree.

Because the loans are backed by federal dollars, colleges feel free to charge as much as they want, driving costs into the stratosphere. 

Tuition coverage doesn’t end there, as Apple provides its management-level employees with seminars and free classes. Apple also offers their employees software classes for free, so incoming joiners can get up to speed with Apple’s way of doing things quickly.

4. Apple Offers a Free Health and Wellness Program

Apple provides its workers with two programs, AC Wellness and Color Genomics. Genomics is a team of gene therapists that Apple brings in that can test and inform employees of their genealogical trends towards certain diseases, which allows employees to practice preventative medicine and preparatory regimens.

Apple’s AC Wellness program is absolutely free to all employees and offers free check-ups along with medical facilities for employees to visit whenever they need and for whatever reason, they need to. 

5. Retirement Benefits

Apple adopts a more pedestrian 401k plan for new joiners and current employees alike. Like most 401k plans, a certain amount of money is set aside, pre-tax, and goes towards retirement. 

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6. Apple Offers Free Dental Services

This is certainly not something that you see every day. Most employees will offer their choice of insurance providers and you can either choose to purchase it or wait until the next open enrollment period. Apple provides most of your basic dental services for free, regardless of insurance.

According to Apple’s dental treatment policy, employees can get free teeth, gums, and jaw treatments. It’s pretty basic stuff but it’s a lot more than your typical employer is going to offer their employees.

7. Gym Compensation

As you can see from some of the above services that Apple offers, they are pretty focused on the health and wellness of their employees. That includes compensation for your gym memberships. 

Apple wants to employ workers that are healthy and happy, especially since healthy living improves overall happiness. That’s why Apple gifts its employees $300 annually to help them pay for their gym membership.

8. Egg Freezing

If you were thinking that all of the above are reasons enough to transition to Apple, that’s not the half of it. Apple will freeze their female employee’s eggs for them too. That includes a fertility preservation policy. 

So, if you’re a woman in the workplace, it’s an awfully attractive incentive to transition over to Apple, where they can freeze your eggs, preserving fertility in a singular moment in time for later use, if you feel it’s time. 

9. Discount Benefits for Apple Products

Of course, one of the best reasons to join Apple is to get your hands on steeply discounted Apple products. Regardless of what most people think about Apple as a company, there’s no arguing with the fact that their products are premium products from the smallest component to the framework and shell of the device. 

Apple employees automatically get a 25% off for the purchase of any Apple device. On top of the 25% discount, Apple employees also get $250 off of a brand new iPad and a $500 discount on any new Mac. Those discounts, not including the 25%, are good for every three years.

So if an employee purchases their first iPad, with 25% off and $250 off, they can use both discounts again in three years. 

It also extends beyond the employee to friends and family members, all of which can buy Apple products at a steep discount. Not only does it pay to work for Apple, but it also pays to be friends or family members with someone who works for Apple.  

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10. Throwing Parties and Social Events

Who can argue with a company that actually pays you to throw parties and social events? Well, that’s exactly what Apple does. Every few weeks Apple hosts parties and events where workers can go and just lay back and enjoy. 

Apple also brings in musicians and other entertainers and all of it is completely free of charge for Apple employees. The best part is that Apple does this every few weeks. High morale is certainly a focus for Apple and those that work for them.

11. Odds and Ends

Apple understands that morale is important in the workplace and it expands its morale-improving benefits by including actual apple fruit for employees to eat throughout the day along with subsidized eateries.

The eateries are on-site as well, so employees don’t have to go home or worry about having to run home during their lunch breaks. With everything on-site and subsidized, having lunch at Apple every day is cheaper than purchasing your own lunches. 

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All Things Considered

There are a host of reasons for relocating to Apple and many of them are considered to be too good to be true. It’s a rare employer that provides so many benefits for workers and so many incentives for relocation. 

Apple is one of the top brands in the world in terms of relocation incentives for prospective employers. So, if you’re thinking about making the jump, the above-listed reasons a


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