Do You Wear Ear Climbers In Both Ears? (Do This Instead)

Do You Wear Ear Climbers In Both Ears

Do you know if you can wear ear climbers in both ears? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Ear climbers can be worn either in both ears or in just one ear, but the choice is entirely up to you and your preferences. Just like other types of jewelry, ear climbers can be worn any way you like and you can switch it up to fit your style however you want to. Ear climbers are a unique and stylish way to wear ear jewelry and are a great way to show your personal style.

This article will cover everything you need to know about whether to wear ear climbers in both ears, including how to get one, different styling options, and whether they are still in style.

Do you wear ear climbers in both ears?

Ear climbers can be worn in both ears, or you can just wear them in one ear. It’s completely up to you how you choose to wear your ear climber and will probably depend on your own personal style and preferences. You can buy them individually or in pairs, so it really is entirely up to you.

You might be used to seeing people wearing just one ear climber, rather than wearing one in either ear. Some people like how unique they are and choose to wear just one climber because it is a great way to show this.

Other people might like to wear them as just one part of their ear jewelry collection, which they like to show off as much as possible.

Some people prefer to wear an ear climber in just one ear so that it is the focus of their jewelry and nothing else is able to take away from it.

In this case, you might want to wear something smaller and less noticeable but still complementary to your other ear, or you might go with a theme and add something equally fun and unique.

Other people will happily wear an ear climber in both ears. Some prefer to keep both climbers the same way to create a symmetrical, mirror effect, while others may want to mix it up and go in different directions.

You could wear different climbers in each ear, put them in different places, or opt for the same one with small differences.

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What are ear climbers?

Ear climbers are a unique, distinctive, and relatively new style of earrings which ‘climb’ up your ear, which is why they’re also sometimes called crawlers.

They are usually placed in your ear lobe and stretch up the length of your ear and are available to get in many different styles to suit different trends and personalities.

Ear climbers are a distinctive style of jewelry that anyone can wear. They give the look of more than one piercing but don’t actually require you to get multiple piercings.

They are a great option for anyone who is bored with wearing small, regular stud or drop earrings, as they allow you to switch it up a little for something a little more interesting.

Do your ears need to be pierced to wear an ear climber?

You will need to have your ear pierced to wear an ear climber, as the hook of the jewelry will need to go through your ear and around the other side.

However, the great thing about them is that you only need one piercing to wear a climber, so they can suit your ears whether you have lots of piercings or just one.

How do you put ear climbers in?

Climbers usually come with a long hook that goes through your piercing. If you wear a lot of drop earrings, you’ll probably be used to wearing this kind of earring back.

Otherwise, you can get climbers that have stud backings, which are very easy to put in. Once you have the earring in, you can twist the climber up to fit the curve of your ear as you want it to and face the direction you want it to face.

If you opt for climbers with a hook, you will need to squeeze the back quite tight so that it is secure and won’t fall out. If it’s a stud back, you should make sure that it is securely on and pushed quite far up the bar.

However, even though the climbers need to be quite tight on your ear, they should not hurt and should be comfortable for you to wear with no issues.

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How do you wear ear climbers?

Ear climbers are great for showing off your own distinctive style and are so versatile that you can wear them however you want to. Climbers are great for any event, whether it’s something classy and elegant or fun and unique.

You can wear ear climbers exactly how you want, to make them fit your clothes, your tastes, and your style.

Climbers can be chunky and distinctive if you want them to grab attention and stand out. You might choose to wear them surrounded by smaller, colorful, fun studs and drop earrings, or as the star of the show with plain, simple earrings around them. You can choose even to swap and change from ear to ear.

If you want something a bit more refined, you can still wear climbers, but just change your choice a little bit. Climbers can be very delicate and dainty, which can make them look more elegant.

You might want to wear something dainty paired with simple, small studs or drop earrings to keep things elegant and simple.

Are ear climbers in style?

Ear climbers have been around for a long time but really became popular in the late 2010s, when celebrities and influencers were constantly wearing them.

However, they have remained popular since, and are still considered to be as stylish as they were then.

Ear climbers are well known for being versatile in a lot of ways, so it’s likely that they will always be in style.

You can wear climbers any way you like, and they come in a massive range of colors, styles, and shapes to help you represent your favorite things, preferences, and styles.

Of course, some people don’t follow trends and will wear things they like whether they are in style or not. But other people may prefer to follow trends and styles of the moment, so they may like to know that ear climber are still seen as stylish. Luckily for them, climbers have never really gone out of style.

When can you wear ear climbers?

Ear climbers can be a fun, distinctive style of jewelry, so you might want to choose carefully where and when to wear them.

You might choose to wear a climber to a party or for a fun social event, but they maybe wouldn’t be suitable for a professional work environment.

If you do decide to wear ear climbers to work or another formal environment, you might want to choose something small and refined, as opposed to anything too fun and unique. Some ear climbers can be subtle and dainty rather than loud and bright, which may be more appropriate for most workplaces.

On the other hand, there’s no limit to where and when you can wear ear climbers outside of work. Social events, parties, or other fun activities – any of these are a great chance to show off your personality, and wearing ear climbers is a good way to do this.

These events might be better for eye-catching, fun climbers. 


You can wear ear climbers in one ear, or you can wear them in both – part of what’s so good about them is that it’s completely up to you how you wear and style them.

Ear climbers are fun, distinctive, and versatile jewelry that anyone can wear. Ear climbers are a great option for anyone who wants something easy and different.



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