Do Climber Earrings Stay in Place? (Ear Crawlers Guide)

Do Climber Earrings Stay in Place

Climber earrings are a hot and trendy accessory, but you must have wondered, do they really stay in their place while you’re wearing them?

Climber earrings or ear-crawlers are rotated up in place on your ear once inserted, and only require one piercing. Climber earrings are a tricky accessory and require that you wear them properly for them to stay in place on your earlobe. They may come to lose after a while if they’re tampered with or moved by the wearer. 

The article covers everything you need to know about the tricky but beautiful accessory, climber earrings. We’ll also tell you how climber earrings work, and how to help situate them in place. 

What are climber earrings?

Climber earrings, also known as ear climbers or ear crawlers, are a type of accessory that goes onto your ears and has been trending a lot these past few months.

They may be an unusual style, but their popularity has really picked up ever since they were introduced to the world. 

These earrings are given the name ‘climber’ since they kind of hitch up onto your ear as an extended earring rather than looking like a simple stud or a dangly earring.

They’re a little tricky to wear since there’s a proper method to wear them, but even so, they give a distinctive look that can even be called a statement, according to most fashionistas. 

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Different types of climber earrings or ear crawlers

As any accessory does, there are different types of climber earrings introduced to the market. For one, there’s the standard ear-climber which is curved into a shape that can fit your lobe and go up your ear simultaneously.

The length of this type may differ according to different styles and it’s usually worn casually as a part of a day-to-day look. 

There’s also another type of climber earrings which are more like an ear-crawler in the sense that they curl around the side of your ear to be fixed in place for a trendier look.

This too is also a statement piece and is usually worn on formal occasions with a simpler outfit to highlight the accessories. 

How do climber earrings work?

Climber earrings are inserted into your piercing and then rotated upwards to travel along your earlobe. Most ear climbers have an s-shaped hook at the back to keep it in place so that it doesn’t become loose.

They’re similar to the hook through earrings that go through your piercing and down the back, except, climber earrings are situated along your lobe. 

Do I need more than one piercing to wear an ear-climber?

No, you do not need any more piercings than one to wear an ear-climber or an ear-crawler. The accessory just gives the illusion of more piercings when in reality, it’s just an extension of the ear stud inserted in the first piercing, and this is what makes it so popular. 

How to wear a climber earring?

We understand that some of you may be confused about how to wear a climber earring, considering it’s a tricky piece of the contraption.

Here is a step by step guide on how to wear a climber earring:

  1. Insert and position the earring – start by picking out your choice of climber earring, and then inserting it through your piercing. Position the earring first before inserting it to minimize any damage to your ear. Continue looping the earring through your piercing until you reach the curved part of the earring. let your ear get used to the earring for a moment before you move onto the next step.
  2. Flip the ear climber up – pull out your side lobe first to thin it a little, and then flip the ear climber up towards your lobe, where it’s positioned to rest. Position it in a way that your lobe is in between the back and front side of the ear climber. 
  3. Secure the ear climber – now comes the most important step; place your index finger on the front side, and thumb on the back side (stopper) of the climber earring, and then gently squeeze until the earring grasps onto your lobe. You can squeeze the base of the earring to even out the tension. Don’t squeeze too hard to damage your ear. If the sensation is hurting your ear you can loosen the earring up to allow for some room. 

How to remove a climber earring?

Removing a climber earring may seem tricky but it’s actually quite simple.

Just loosen the part that’s pinching your side lobe, so that it falls like a dangly earring, and then loop the earring wire out exactly the way you wore it.

Make sure to be as gentle as possible, ears can be quite sensitive and susceptible to damage. 

How long do climber earrings stay in place?

Since your earlobe is quite literally pinched in between the stopper part of the climber earring and the aesthetic front, it should stay in place under most circumstances.

Throughout the day, however, your earring can come loose because of too much movement, or while de-tangling the hair stuck in it.

One user reported that the earring stayed in place unless she tucked her hair behind her ears too much. 

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What to do in case the climber earring or ear crawler has come loose?

If you feel your earring coming loose, go to the nearest mirror you can find, be it in the bathroom or attached to a dresser, and re-situate it.

Repeat steps 2-3 for securing the earring back into place so that it doesn’t stray from its intended position.

Make sure to get any hair stuck in it out of the way before securing it again. 

Can ear climbers be worn in both ears?

Unlike most types of earrings, ear climbers are mostly worn on one ear only as per recent trends, with a hair tucked back hairstyle to show off the earring.

However, you can wear it in both ears as well, if you prefer it that way. If the climber earrings don’t come in a pair, you’d have to look for a kind that does or buy 2 of the same earring for it to be a pair. 

If you’re wearing ear climbers in both ears, we prefer doing a hairstyle with your hair tucked behind both ears, so the accessory stands out.

A high ponytail would also go well with this kind of accessory. You can also wear two different kind of climber earrings on both ears if you’re feeling adventurous. 

Do climber earrings hurt your ears?

They generally shouldn’t be causing any harm to your ear, but if you’re feeling pain a while after constantly wearing them, it may be because of two things.

One, the earring is pinching your side lobe too hard and creating an abrasion, and two, your ear might not have adjusted to the pressure or the feel of the earring against your lobe or in your piercing. 

Should I stop wearing climber earrings if they’re uncomfortable?

This modern rendition of a classic ear stud is very comfortable in terms of wear, however, if you feel that the earring is not comfortable for you, you can always take it off.

Trends do not come before comfort, so if you’re feeling uncomfortable wearing the earrings, we suggest going with your gut and taking them off. 


Climber earrings are a tricky piece of jewelry which can be worn easily once you know how to do so.

The earring goes onto your lobe and gives the impression of having more than one piercing, which may be the main reason why it rose to popularity, particularly among people who only had one piercing but wanted to know what it felt like to have several.

Since this earring goes onto your lobe, it’s important to secure it wisely, otherwise, it would just look like your average two-sided earring.



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