Dillons Customer Service Desk Hours (Opening + Closing)

Dillons Customer Service Desk Hours

Do you know what Dillons customer service desk hours are or what time Dillons customer service open and closes? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

If you’re a regular shopper at Dillons food stores, you know the quality of service their provide their customers. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact their customer service desk, but when?

Dillons customer service desk is open seven days a week and can be contacted as early as seven o’clock in the morning. During the work week (Monday through Friday), the desk closes at midnight, and on weekends, it closes at nine-thirty at night.

In this article, we will review how to contact Dillons customer service desk, if you can get a money order from the customer service desk, as well as other services that are available.

Additionally, we will cover what other departments Dillons customer service desk can connect you with and how they accept returns.

How Do I Contact Dillons Customer Service?

Dillons customer service desk can be contacted by phone, in person, or online. The customer service desk at Dillons food stores is open during the hours of operation of the store and a Dillons associate will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

If you need assistance and the store is closed though, you have a few options. You can call the customer service desk late into the night long after the physicals have shut their doors.

Alternatively, Dillons website provides an online live chat option to speak with a representative through the computer.

If your customer service inquiry doesn’t need an immediate response, another option is to fill out the “Report a Problem” form on Dillons website.

They will contact you with any further steps or corrective actions via email once they assess the nature of the problem and the best way to provide a solution.

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Can I Get a Money Order through Dillons Customer Service Desk?

One of the many services that are available at Dillons customer service desk is the ability to purchase a money order.

Money orders are fast and easy to purchase, especially if you need funds right away without waiting for a check to be deposited in the bank.

The customer service representative at Dillons is happy to walk you through purchasing a money order. The fees for money orders are standardized by state but only cost a few dollars at most.

If you need to purchase a money order at Dillons, make sure you come prepared. You will need to provide a valid form of identification as well as proof of social security.

As long as you bring these items and the necessary payment, the associates at Dillons customer service desk will assist you with the purchase and sending out of your money order.

What Other Services Are Available through Dillons Customer Service Desk?

Money orders aren’t the only convenient services that Dillons customer service offers. You can cash a check, request change, and send money through Western Union all with the help of a Dillons customer service representative at a physical store location.

Dillons customer service desk is there to help answer any questions you may have about the store, your purchases, or any concerns that may arise.

You can ask a Dillons customer service representative about the no contract phone plans they sell as well as the international calling cards that are available for purchase.

Stamps and lottery tickets can be bought at a Dillons customer service desk as well.

They also have the most recent recall information available on hand so that you can check to see if you need to get rid of any potentially contaminated or harmful food.

Can Dillons Customer Service Desk Connect Me to Other Departments?

Not only does Dillons customer service desk help out with general inquiries but they can also connect you to different departments to get the answers you need as fast as possible.

Whether you are on the phone, chatting online, or visiting the store in person, a customer service representative has the ability to contact the appropriate department right away.

The departments that have special inquiry lines include those for gift cards, i-wireless, rewards debit cards, media relations, California Consumer Privacy Act, The Little Clinic, pharmacy, Nevada Privacy Policy, Coinstar, prepaid debit cards, floral, and prescriptions.

Alternatively, you can look at Dillons customer service website for a full listing of each of these numbers to directly call them yourself.

Either way, Dillons customer service desk is there to help you with whatever specific needs you might have.

Can I Bring a Return to Dillons Customer Service Desk?

If you need to make a return to a Dillons food store, take it to the customer service desk where an associate can help process your request.

As long as the item in question is returned within thirty days of purchase with a receipt, you will be given a full refund in the form of the tender with which you originally paid.

Even if you don’t have a receipt, a Dillons customer service representative can process your return and refund you with a gift card to the store.

Any items purchased with WIC funds can only be exchanged and all baby formula returns must be accompanied by a receipt.

If you need to return tobacco or alcohol, you must follow the local laws regarding these transactions. Your Dillons customer service desk representative will be able to help you understand what these laws entail.


Dillons provides excellent customer service for their customers with the ability to call, contact online, or visit the desk in person.

The call-in customer service desk is open seventeen hours per day during the week and fourteen and a half hours per day on the weekend.

They can help you with a multitude of services including money orders, purchase of stamps and lottery tickets, returns, and connecting you to different departments in the store.

Most of all, Dillons customer service representatives are present to answer all your inquiries and address your concerns, so don’t be afraid to contact them today.




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