Currys Christmas Return Policy (All You Need to Know)

Currys Christmas return policy

Whether you are on the hunt for great Christmas gifts or picking up some electronics to enhance the ambiance of your home, you can count on Currys to have everything you need.

But what happens if you decide you no longer want it?

Currys’ Christmas return policy allows customers to purchase products between November 5th and December 24th, with the ability to return them by January 14th. You must have proof of purchase to receive a refund or exchange.

The holidays can already be stressful; ensuring you understand the return policies while shopping for Christmas can alleviate a little pressure.

Who is Currys?

Currys is an electrical repair and retailer company. This business sells consumer electronics, HomeGoods, and appliances.

You can get your cell phones here while you are shopping for a new set of cooking pans.

Currys is a UK company founded in 1884 making bikes. By the 1940s, the shop added to the goods sold and expanded the business.

By the 1960s, the company was selling various items, focusing mainly on electronics and home appliances. 

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What is Currys Christmas Return Policy?

Currys is yet another company in the retail world that offers customers an extended time frame for returning products purchased around Christmas. 

Products bought between November 5th and December 24th can be returned until January 14th. This is perfect for the large number of consumers who prefer to pick up holiday gifts early to avoid crowds and overspending. 

What’s in the Fine Print?

All items can be returned to Currys during this window of time as long as it is still in brand new condition without any damage or marks of any kind. 

Orders that are not qualified for returns in-store includes:

  • Gym equipment
  • Mobil phone contracts
  • Online only large kitchen appliances
  • Or if you paid for your Christmas items using your plan credits.

How Do You Return Items to Currys During Christmas?

If you purchased any product from Curry’s that is qualified for a refund, you could return it in one of two ways. YOu can either take it back to the store you bought it from, or you can send it back by mail.

Returning items bought around the holidays to a Currys physical location is simple. Just take the item back in its original packaging and with all of the accessories included (i.e., cords, cables, documentation, etc.) You are also required to provide proof of purchase, and the product has to be in like-new condition.

You can also return an item to Currys by mail. In this situation, you will want to log onto Curry’s website and click on the return, refunds page. 

Here you will have to fill out a return form that requests the information below.

  • Are you returning a large or small item?
  • Why are you returning the item?
  • The item number
  • Your full name
  • What item are you returning (Brand name and product)
  • Whether you want to return the item or exchange it
  • The number of things you wish to return
  • Your 6-digit product code
  • Your email address

You can also arrange to have the product picked up by a carrier service by speaking with one of Curry’s customer service specialists.

What if I Don’t Have a Receipt?

Many stores will still allow customers to return gifts, whether during the holidays or not, without a receipt and provides them store credit rather than a cash value refund.

Unfortunately, Currys is not one of these stores. 

Currys will not accept returns on products that come back to the store without the original proof of purchase; this can include the store receipt, bank statement, or an online sales invoice.

How Long Does it Take to Receive a Refund During Christmas Time at Currys?

If you plan to return the product directly to a local Currys store, your refund will be issued on the spot. If you decide to return your items by mail, you will have a short waiting period before you will get your money back.

Typically refunds can take around 14-days to process. If you sent in return and it has been longer than 14-days, contact the company directly

by phone

  • 0344 561 0000. 

by mail

  • Currys
    PO Box 1687
    Sheffield S2 5YA

Or by live chat

What if I Missed the January 14th Cut-Off Date?

Customers have unit January 14th to return any product purchased during the holiday season. This time frame gives you 21-days to take anything you go back on Christmas to the store for a complete refund. 

If you don’t return the item during the allotted time period, then you will end up stuck with it for good. This particular company does not make exceptions to the return date.

Does Currys Sell Christmas Decor?

If you are looking to purchase your Christmas decorations, stockings, or a tree, you should look somewhere else.

While this is a great store to go to for appliances, tech gadgets, and other fantastic items that would make great gifts, they are not going to provide much in the way of holiday decorations. 

What if I Get a Broken Product From Currys?

Currys stands by its products and doesn’t want to put anyone out if the items they purchased from the store don’t work or are damaged in any way.

If you open a gift you received on Christmas, or any product at all, only to find it is faulty, you can contact the customer during the appropriate time frame.

If it is passed the time period allowed by the company, but the item has been damaged due to manufacturer error and no fault of your own, you can call the store’s customer service phone number or talk with them online through the live chat option.

Typically damaged goods are approved for repairs provided by the store for up to 12 months. If a repair can not be made, the company will offer you a new product in its place.

Can I Return a Currys Gift Card to the store if I Got it for Christmas But Don’t Want it?

People love handing out gift cards during the holiday season. This is a great way to ensure the recipient can purchase whatever items they really want, and you won’t risk gifting them something they don’t. 

The downside of giving out gift cards for Christmas is that if the recipient doesn’t shop there, they can’t return them for a refund or even store credit.

In this case, the person you gave the card to is stuck with something they can’t ever use.

How Do You Return Items You Purchased With a Gift Card?

If you used a Currys gift card to pay for an item you want to return, you could do so with the original proof of purchase.

In this situation, you will be provided a gift card back in the amount of the return. 

Summing Things Up

If you plan on shopping at Currys this holiday season, make sure you keep the receipt whether you are buying family and friends great gifts or picking up a little something for yourself.

If you lose this receipt, you will not get your money back.



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