Costco Battery Return Policy (What’s Covered + More)

Costco Battery Return Policy

Do you know what Costco’s battery return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Costco is an enormously popular warehouse retailer that requires a membership to shop there. With their outstanding deals, excellent service, and Kirkland private label products, Costco has positioned itself well ahead of Sam’s Club and you can even purchase car batteries there. 

Costco’s battery return policy is a 36-month limited replacement warranty, which stipulates that the car battery is free of defects so long as it is properly used and in the type of vehicle which it is made for. 

Defects are basically applied to manufacturer faults and Costco’s warranty guarantees that the battery will last for more than three years as long as you don’t misuse it or try to install it in a vehicle that the battery isn’t designed for. 

The Kirkland Flooded Battery

Kirkland is Costco’s private label and there are multiple, big-name manufacturers behind those labels.

Clarios LLC is the brand behind the Kirkland Signature Battery and it comes with a different warranty than the car batteries (Optima) mentioned in the opening paragraph. 

The Kirkland Signature Car battery has three different return features, assuming there is a defect in the battery:

  • 0 to 48 months: If returned during this period, the customer will receive a full refund or replacement
  • 49 to 66 months: Even after the 48 months is up, you can still get a 50% refund if you return the battery before it is 66 months old
  • 67 to 100 months: Depending on the original purchase price, you can get a 25% refund if you return the Kirkland Signature Batter before it is 100 months old

Kirkland Signature is also the label on the Lawn & Garden batteries and the Deep Cycle Marine and RV batteries sold by Costco.

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Costco’s Energizer Batteries

Costco also sells tow Energizer car batteries. The first is an AGM and the other is simply an Energizer Plus battery.

Costco doesn’t have a hand in manufacturing these batteries and the warranty or return period is reflected by that. 

The Energizer Plus battery is the only battery not associated with Costco that is sold from Costco for vehicles. The AGM battery is a marine application battery only.

Unfortunately, if you opt for the Energizer battery from Costco, you will only have 24 months to return it for a full refund. 

For obvious reasons, the Energizer car battery doesn’t sell as well at Costco because you simply get more longevity with the Costco Optima brand (the same can be said of Costco’s Kirkland batteries) along with a much better warranty.

Can You Return Costco Batteries Without a Receipt?

The beauty of being a Costco member is that you don’t have to keep your receipts for anything. When you make purchases at Costco, they are all recorded and kept in case you ever need it. 

When you return to Costco, you simply bring the item that you are returning with you along with the original payment method. It’s a highly simplified process that really cuts down on the headache of making returns. 

If you are an Amazon Prime member, it works the exact same way. When you jump on Amazon and select your Orders, you can go back through your entire purchase history on Amazon.

At Costco, your entire purchase history is kept there, so you never really need a receipt.

That includes ordering your car batteries online through Costco’s website. The only people that can make purchases at Costco are those who have a membership with Costco, so it’s easy to keep your entire purchase history associated with your membership account. 

You don’t even have to go to Costco to return an item that you have decided against. 

  • Login to your Costco Online Account
  • Select the Orders & Returns tab
  • Select the Return Items tab
  • Choose whether you want to schedule a pickup or print the shipping label

If you schedule a pickup, someone from Costco’s delivery service will arrive at your home on your chosen date and time.

They will pick up the item and it’s on its way. When Costco receives the item, your original payment method will be reimbursed. 

You can also opt to have your shipping label printed out then and there if you want to ship it off yourself. Simply box up the item, preferably in its original packaging, slap your shipping label on there, and send it off to Costco.

This latter method is going to be the quickest, as you will have to wait until Costco receives and processes your return before your money is fully refunded. 

Costco also has a warehouse locator, so you can jump on there and put in your zip code. Costco will let you know what the closest warehouse is and you can send your returned item to that warehouse for a quicker return. 

How Does Costco Handle a Used Battery Return?

Costco handles its car battery returns in terms of the warranty. You can’t just tackle a car battery home, use it, and return it for a refund.

Unless there is something wrong with the battery, it’s yours until the warranty is up.

When you bring in a used battery, however, Costco will give you a prorated battery to replace it. In other words, you will get a certain amount off of the new battery that you are purchasing to replace it. 

Since Costco car batteries have such a good rating from consumers, with an excellent warranty period, it’s hard to argue with the return policy on the batteries, especially the prorated discount that you receive when it’s time to get rid of the old battery and install a new one.

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How to File a Warranty Claim with Costco?

Some sites say that you have to have proof of purchase to claim a warranty at Costco, however, as we’ve already explained, your proof of purchase is going to be in their system.

You will have to have the original sticker still on the battery. It’s the date code that comes on all batteries and it’s usually a sticker.

You can take advantage of your warranty claim with Costco on the phone, through a live chat with a Costco agent, or in person. If you decide to call or live chat, be sure to have all of your information on the battery ready, as well as a detailed description of what is wrong with it. 

For phone calls on warranty claims, call 1-800-774-2678 and to go with a live chat, simply click this link. On the live chat option, you will enter all of your information prior to the live chat.

You will need to enter your personal information, choose the warehouse that you want to send it to, and provide your membership number.

Once the chat begins, simply ask your question or type in the issue that you have with the battery.

For in-person warranty claims, you can just show up at your local Costco, so long as you have the battery with you, along with the date stamp still on the battery, and your original purchase method. 

All Things Considered

Costco has a pretty lengthy warranty for its Optima battery lineup and an even more extensive warranty for its Kirkland Signature brand of car batteries.

Of course, Clarios LLC is behind the Kirkland battery, but the nice warranty remains the same.

And, as always, Costco is one of the easiest retailers to deal with when it comes to warranty claims. 



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