Coach-Net vs Good Sam Roadside Assistance (12+ Facts Explained)

Coach-Net vs Good Sam Roadside Assistance

If you are looking for RV roadside assistance programs, you probably have heard of Coach-Net and Good Sam.

These two programs are highly known because of their longstanding history in the industry, impressive offerings, and superior customer support.

Which one should you pick, though? The answer to this question depends entirely on your preferences and needs, but most RV owners would recommend Good Sam RV roadside assistance because of its more affordable price.

We would agree with this recommendation. Coach-Net is a great choice, nonetheless.

To find out if you should listen to most RV owners or go against the grain, keep reading.

In this article, we are going to look at the differences between Coach-Net and Good Sam so that you can find the perfect option for you and your RV travels. Let’s get started.

Coach-Net Roadside Assistance Overview

Coach-Net roadside assistance is one of the most trusted partners in the industry. With roots dating back to 1987, they have been a favorite for many years.

With easy membership plans and extensive coverage, Coach-Net is a favorite amongst many, but its affordable price makes it outside of most RVers’ budgets.

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Membership Options

With Coach-Net, selecting your membership is relatively easy. You have two choices: a motorized plan or a towable plan.

If your RV is drivable, including Class A and C motorhomes, you select the motorized plan.

Select the towable plan if your RV is towable, such as a fifth wheel or travel trailer.

Within each membership option, there are no levels of membership. This means that you don’t really have a choice other than the choice between whether or not your RV is towable.

The benefit of this membership option is that it is simple and easy, but you don’t have much choice or variation based on your specific needs.

Because there are no variations between each option, you will pay one of two prices. The motorized plan is $249 per year, whereas towable plans are $179 per year.

With only two membership options, paying for your membership is easy, but both are expensive.

Biggest Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of Coach-Net roadside assistance is its great membership coverage. They will cover you, your spouse, and anyone under the age of 24 years old who is a dependent.

It also covers personal cars, motorcycles, and the RV.

Another big benefit is that they offer RV technical assistance hotline. With this hotline, you can fix small issues even if you have no mechanic history.

For example, there are small issues that you can likely fix on your own. Using this hotline, the technician tells you how to fix it so that you don’t have to wait for a technician to arrive.

We also really like that Coach-Net offers a variety of roadside assistance help.

“For example, they offer unlimited tire assistance, water delivery, and other deliveries, such as fuel, oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid delivery.”

Something that makes Coach-Nets stand out is that they also offer help in the case of a medical emergency.

Coach-Net offers Assist America to its members, which can help you find nearby doctors, hospitals, and stores whenever you are away from home.

Coach-Net offers other services as well, such as the following:

  • Access to advance RV technicians
  • Discounts for members on RV basics
  • Emergency trip interruption
  • Vacation itineraries
  • Great customer service
  • Battery jumping
  • Locksmith

Biggest Drawbacks

The biggest drawback about Coach-Net is its price. When compared to Good Sam, FMCA, and AAA, it is the most expensive.

This is based on its base price. If you add additional members or features not included in the basic plans, the cost goes up even more.

Overall, the price is about the only notable drawback of Coach-Net.

Of course, there are individuals with specific critiques, but the price is about the only critique that is repeated by many users, including those who are generally satisfied with Coach-Net.

General Reviews

Coach-Net has been helping RVers since 1987. Many of their customers come back year after year because of their high customer satisfaction ratings.

Most reviewers claim that Coach-Net has great customer service and superior RV services, but it comes at an expensive price.

Users who actually have to use roadside assistance with Coach-Net claim they are reliable and dependable.

On the other hand, some people opt for a different brand simply because Coach-Net is expensive.

The general consensus is that Coach-Net is a great program if you have to use it, but it may be a big waste of money if your RV never has any issues, which is what you hope will happen.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance Overview

Good Sam roadside assistance is another great program that many RV owners swear by.

They are particularly loved for their low prices when purchased through an annual subscription, but they don’t offer as much coverage as Coach-Net. Nevertheless, Good Sam is another great choice for RV roadside assistance help.

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Membership Options

Membership options with Good Sam are a bit more confusing, but they are similar to other programs. There are three main variants, including RV standard, RV platinum, and RV platinum complete.

Within each variant, there are also tiers to help you get customized help and savings based on your needs.

RV standard is the basic coverage package. It covers boat trailers, motorcycles, automobiles, and RVs. The services include basic needs, such as mechanic dispatch, unlimited towing, flat tire assistance, fuel delivery, and more.

This option does not cover multiple RVs or vehicles not in your ownership. The standard package costs $129.95.

RV platinum offers a bit more coverage for motorhomes.

It builds upon the standard package and comes with additional services like technical services, locksmith service, discounts, and coverage of rented, borrowed, or leased vehicles. This package costs $159.95.

Finally, RV platinum complete is the most comprehensive protection plan. It builds off the two previous plans, but it also offers tire and wheel hazard coverage and additional emergency medical and travel benefits.

Being the most comprehensive option, the RV platinum complete plan costs $239.95.

All of these plans can be purchased at a discount when purchasing the yearly subscription plan. Additionally, Good Sam offers many discounts for first-time users.

Biggest Benefits

The biggest benefit of the Good Sam roadside assistance is that you can really customize how much you pay.

Especially if you pay for their yearly subscription and utilize their discounts, you can save a whole lot for the same services.

Good Sam also offers quite a few features that are great for all RV owners.

This includes unlimited towing service, customer service lines, skilled professionals, additional technical technician support, quick turnaround times, coverage for all dependents, and a helpful app.

We especially love the quick turnaround times. Whenever you’re stranded on the side of the road, you want a company that can work quickly to get you the help you need.

Good Sam is one of the best companies when it comes to turnaround time.

The coverage for dependents under the age of 25 is a benefit as well. Most programs only cover dependents under 24.

Though one year may not seem like a big deal, it can save you some money if you have older children who are still dependent on you.

Biggest Drawbacks

As with anything else in life, Good Sam roadside assistance comes with some drawbacks. Most notably, their packages are more limited, and they can be more expensive upfront.

If you do not select the yearly subscription option, the one-time payment can be really high.

Another drawback of this choice is that it can be a bit more confusing than Coach-Net.

How they set up their membership plan and the fine print details are very confusing to many RV owners, especially those purchasing RV roadside assistance for the first time.

General Reviews  

Overall, the general reviews of Good Sam are rated really highly. People are really positive about the quick turnaround time and affordable price.

 It seems that the affordable price of Good Sam is what causes many users to pick it in the first place.

The general complaint about Good Sam is that it doesn’t offer as much coverage as other programs.

 However, most customers are quick to note that it offers enough services for its price if you select the yearly subscription option.

In other words, Good Sam seems to be a really good choice if you are looking to save money by buying the program through an annual subscription.

Coach-Net vs Good Sam Roadside Assistance

TOWABLE RVSCoach-NetGood Sam
Vehicles coveredAll non-motorized RVs All personal vehicles All rented, borrowed, or leased vehiclesPick up campers; pop up campers; travel trailers; all personal vehicles (Standard) All non-motorized RVs; multiple covered; all personal vehicles; all rented, borrowed, or leased vehicles (Platinum)
People coveredSpouse Children dependent under the age of 24Spouse Children dependent under the age of 25
TowingUnlimited distance in US and Canada $1,000 service in Mexico (reimbursed)Unlimited distance in US and Canada; $1,000 service in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands (reimbursed) (Standard) Unlimited distance in US and Canada; $1,500 service in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands (reimbursed) (Platinum)
Flat tire service?YesYes
Fuel, battery, and lockout services?YesYes
Other servicesMechanic dispatch Interruption service Tech assistance Discounts Winching services Help in medical emergencies  Mechanic dispatch; interruption service (Standard) Mechanic dispatch; interruption service; tech assistance; discounts (Platinum)
 Coach-NetGood Sam
Vehicles coveredAll motorized RVs All personal vehicles All rented, borrowed, or leased vehiclesAll Multiple RVs covered All personal vehicles All rented, borrowed, or leased vehicles
People coveredSpouse Children dependent under the age of 24Spouse Children dependent under the age of 25
TowingUnlimited distance in US and Canada $1,000 service in Mexico (reimbursed)Unlimited distance in US and Canada $1500 service in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands  (reimbursed)
Flat tire service?YesYes
Fuel, battery, and lockout services?YesYes
Other servicesMechanic dispatch Interruption service Tech assistance Discounts Winching services Help in medical emergencies  Mechanic dispatch; interruption service; tech assistance; discounts (Standard) Mechanic dispatch; interruption service; tech assistance; discounts; help in medical emergencies (Platinum)

Now that we have looked at Coach-Net and Good Sam roadside assistance individually, it is time to look at them in comparison to one another.

It can be a bit confusing to know which one to select if their specs are not compared outright. Let’s take a look.

How Are They Different?

The differences between Coach-Net and Good Sam are subtle, but they can make a big difference in your RV roadside assistance experience.

There are four main differences that we and other roadside assistant users note between these two programs.

The most obvious difference is the membership options. As we learned, Coach-Net only offers two memberships, one for towable RVs and one for drivable ones.

On the other hand, Good Sam offers three different levels of membership not relevant to the RV type.

Another major difference between these two brands is that both Coach-Net roadside assistance memberships include discounts on campgrounds and RV supplies.

In order to get discounts through Good Sam, you have to subscribe and become a member of their discount club.

At the same time, Good Sam offers more discounts upfront, especially for gnu users. New users can get up to 50% off their first year with Good Sam.

Coach-Net does not offer any discounts similar to this, making it cost more upfront.

Finally, the last major difference between Coach-Net and Good Sam is their hotline help. For both memberships, Coach-Net offers 24-hour technical hotline, but Good Sam only offers this service on some of the higher membership levels.

Which One Is Best?

Now that we have learned the differences between these two programs, you’re probably wondering which one is best.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say which one is best because each one stands out for different reasons.

In terms of services alone, Coach-Net is superior.

It offers more services for all of its members, whereas Good Sam requires you to pay for some of its more extensive memberships to get all of its features.

Even then, they still don’t offer as much as Coach-Net.

Coach-Net also wins in terms of RV discounts. As we learned, Good Sam does not offer discounts unless you subscribe to their separate discount club, whereas Coach-Net offers discounts for their RV assistance program.

This means that Coach-Net wins in terms of additional discounts.

Although Coach-Net is best when it comes to services and additional discounts, Good Sam is best for outright price.

Good Sam offers many more discounts for first-time users. Plus, you can save a lot when purchasing their programs through an annual subscription.

This allows you to get the most bang for your buck when purchasing Good Sam.

Because each program has its own benefits, both Coach-Net and Good Sam are highly impressive programs, but which one is best depends entirely on your needs and preferences from a roadside assistance company.

Coach-Net is best for services, but Good Sam is best for price.

Which One Is Right For You?

Let’s get to the important bits now. Which one is right for you? Coach-Net or Good Sam? Since both programs are good in their own ways, it depends entirely on what you want from an RV roadside assistance program.

Coach-Net is right for you if you don’t care about budget and want the most services from your RV roadside assistance program.

It is also the right choice for you if you want to use discounts on other RV-related needs as well.

On the other hand, Good Sam is right for you if you want good coverage at a more affordable price.

 Those on a budget will especially like Good Sam over Coach-Net since you can purchase Good Sam through a cheap yearly subscription, as well as get additional discounts.

Buying Guide

If you are still confused about whether you should get Coach-Net or Good Sam, we have created this buying guide to help you out a bit.

In this buying guide, we list important factors to consider for picking a roadside assistance program and answer FAQs.

How Do I Pick An RV Roadside Assistance Program?

No matter which RV roadside assistance program you select, there are a few factors you should consider.

These factors will help you select the right program based on your needs and expectations. Let’s take a look at these factors in more detail.

  • Coverage: Something that can be a bit confusing about RV roadside assistance is that there are two types of coverage, driver coverage or vehicle coverage. Driver coverage is great if you have multiple RVs and want to cover them all, whereas vehicle coverage is best if you only have one vehicle and want everyone within the vehicle covered.
  • Services: Services included within the program are really important as well. It is important to select a program that has the services you think you’ll use most, whether it be discounts or fuel delivery. When looking at the services, see if they are free or available. Available services mean you will have to pay an additional fee for them.
  • Availability: Certain programs do not offer availability all throughout the states or region. Make sure that the program you select is available in all the areas you expect to travel to. In addition to location availability, look at response time. You want a program that responds within about an hour so you can get back on the road.
  • Limitations: All companies will have certain limitations. Read the fine print to select a program with limitations that won’t affect your user experience.
  • Price: Finally, the last factor to consider is price. Make sure the price fits your budget, but make sure the price is fair according to the services offered.

By considering these factors, you should find the right roadside assistance program for you. Whether you are sold on Coach-Net, Good Sam, or another service, don’t forget about these factors.

Good Sam vs Coach Net Roadside Assistance FAQs

Why do I need RV roadside assistance?

The most basic thing you should always ask yourself before making any purchase is if you need it. The same goes for RV roadside assistance.

Unlike many other purchases, RV roadside assistance is necessary. Even though it is not required by law, it can really help you out when you are in a pickle.

When it comes to RVs, one small issue can ruin your entire vacation. Whether it’s a flat tire or you run out of gas, you need assistance so that you can get back on the road.

That is where RV roadside assistance programs come in handy.

Are there other RV roadside assistance programs available?

Yes. There are many other RV roadside assistance programs to choose from. Some of the most popular include AAA, Allstate Motor Club, and FMCA.

AAA is one of the most popular services because it is affordable and can cover regular vehicles. It covers members of any vehicle and offers responsive coverage and service locations.

The downside of this program is that the cheaper alternatives don’t offer many services and their towing and locksmithing services can be a bit of a hassle.

The Allstate motor club offers great services with more affordability. Their operations are also really simple, making them easier to use. With even their most basic services, you get a free locksmith and fuel services.

The downside of this option is that there are a lot of limitations and no mid-priced membership choices.

FMCA is a great choice if you are looking for a more premium option on a budget. FMCA is comparable to Coach-Net in many ways, but the prices are more affordable.

Of these alternatives, all are trustworthy, but AAA and FMCA are the leading options. Both of these choices are comparable to Good Sam and Coach-Net respectively.

We would recommend AAA as an alternative to Good Sam because of its affordability, but we would recommend FMCA as an alternative to Coach-Net because it offers similar services.

What is the best RV roadside assistance program?

The best RV roadside assistance program is a bit subjective, but most people agree that Coach-Net, Good Sam, or AAA are the best options.

Coach-Net is best for those not concerned about price, whereas Good Sam or AAA is best for those looking to save a couple of bucks.

What are the most important services to look for?

The exact services you should want will depend entirely on your needs. With that being said, there are certain services that are more useful than others.

It’s important to make sure the RV roadside assistance program you select offers the most basic services.

Most importantly, you want your service to have unlimited towing, technical assistance, and fuel delivery.

Lockout services, tire changes, battery boosts, and discount programs are other services you may want to consider.

Who is covered by my RV roadside assistance program?

Who exactly is covered by your RV roadside assistance program depends on the program you select. Most commonly, you, your spouse, and your dependent children under the age of 24 are covered.

Of course, you can add additional coverage to nearly any program at a higher price.

What does “nearest qualified shop” on the towing services mean?

Whenever you are looking at the towing services, you might see the phrase “nearest qualified shop.” This phrase simply means that the program will tow your vehicle to a location that is already pre-qualified by the program.

Some programs will allow you to select the towing location for an additional fee.

Bottom Line

Both Coach-Net and Good Sam are great RV roadside assistance programs. They offer great services that you can depend on every time, and their customers are generally pleased with their services, customer support, and help.

With that being said, we personally prefer Good Sam because of its more affordable prices.

It’s important to remember that RV roadside assistance is only there in the case of an emergency, meaning you won’t use it every time you go out.

Because of this fact, we recommend opting for a more affordable program simply because it’s hard to get your money’s worth from these programs.

Because Good Sam offers a cheaper price when selecting the annual subscription, as well as many first-year discounts, Good Sam is the more affordable option, and it offers many good services.

It is for these reasons we would recommend Good Sam over Coach-Net.

Still, it is perfectly suitable to select Coach-Net. If you have a large budget and want the absolute best services available, Coach-Net is a great program for you.

You will get a lot out of their prices, but you will have to pay more upfront.

Regardless of whether you select Good Sam or Coach-Net, know that they are both great services. Remember to consider the factors we mentioned in our buying guide when selecting your RV roadside assistance program.

Doing so will help you find the best program for your needs and preferences.



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