Chapters Christmas Return Policy (All You Need to Know)

Chapters Christmas Return Policy

It is always a welcome sight to receive a Christmas gift you wanted, but sometimes you get things you are exactly crazy about.

While Chapters carries something for everyone, you may be wondering how to return that Chapters Christmas gift you definitely didn’t ask for.

According to the return policy, Chapters will allow returns both in person as well as via mail within thirty days of purchase. This policy applies all year round, even during the Christmas holiday season.

In this article, we will review everything you need to know about Chapters’ Christmas return policy including how to mail in returns, what you can’t return, and more.

Does Chapters Have a Special Christmas Return Policy?

Unlike a lot of retail stores that make special accommodations for their customers during the holiday season and reward them for shopping early by offering an extended return timeframe, Chapters adheres to their normal return policy throughout the year, making no exceptions for Christmas.

If you buy a gift for someone from Chapters for Christmas, be aware that any purchases must be returned within thirty days of purchase with a gift receipt.

In order to give your gift recipient, the maximum amount of time to return the gift, you would have to purchase it on Christmas Eve. If you only need to give them a day to return, be sure to buy the gift no earlier than November 26.

All gift returns do require a gift receipt so make sure to ask for one if you give a Chapters gift for Christmas.

If you receive a Chapters gift for Christmas, don’t throw away that gift receipt because, without it, you may not be able to make a return if you need to.

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Are There Any Chapters Gifts That Cannot Be Returned?

Although there aren’t many gifts from Chapters that are nonreturnable, there are still a few that will not be accepted for returns.

Gift cards and Pokemon cards, whether opened or not, are not eligible for returns.

For safety reasons, car seats, car seat bases, and booster car seats cannot be returned under any circumstances.

Chapters guarantees that all of their child car safety equipment is brand new and untampered with and they cannot uphold that guarantee if they put a returned item back on the shelf.

Even if the car seat has not been opened, there is no way for Chapters to tell if it is no longer safe to use. To keep their customers safe, Chapters will not accept these items for returns.

Can I Return an Opened Christmas Gift to Chapters?

Some products from Chapters can be returned open as long as they remain in the same condition in which you found them.

For example, an opened and used item will not be accepted for a return. However, there are also exceptions to this rule as well.

The following items are ineligible for returns after they have been opened:

  • Breast pumps and any accessories
  • Nursing pads and accessories
  • Strollers
  • Pacifiers and teethers
  • Diapers, including swim diapers
  • Baby furniture and gates
  • Face masks
  • Mattresses
  • Bottles and bottle parts including nipples
  • High chairs
  • Sexual health products
  • Nursing bras

All of these items can be returned if they are still in the original, sealed packaging. However, once opened, they cannot be returned for health and safety reasons.

All of these items need to be brand new in order for Chapters to ensure that they are safe for use, especially because most of them involve infants and small children.

How Do I Mail in a Chapters Gift Return?

If you received a Chapters gift for Christmas that you need to return but don’t live near a physical store location, you have the option of returning your gift via mail.

Contact Chapters’ customer representative desk to explain that you want to mail back a gift return and they will walk you through the steps of receiving your prepaid shipping label.

Make sure you have your gift receipt handy as well as a form of ID because they will need the information on the receipt to look up the order and your ID to verify that you aren’t involved in a fraudulent return.

Once you receive your shipping label, print it out and package up your return.

Send the package through Canada Post and you will receive your refund once the return has been received and processed at their returns center.

Alternatively, you could contact the gift giver and have them initiate the return by accessing the return request through their online account.

How Will I Receive Reimbursement for My Chapters Gift Return?

If you received a Christmas gift from Chapters that you want to return, you will be reimbursed with a Chapters gift card for the same amount that the gift giver paid for your gift.

It is essential to have the gift receipt with you when you make a return so that Chapters associate knows how much to put on the gift card.

Alternatively, if you find a different product that you would rather exchange your gift with that is similarly priced, Chapters will be able to accommodate this for in person visits.

You still need your gift receipt to confirm that the value of the original gift and the exchanged item match up.

If you choose a product that is worth more than the original gift, you will have to pay the balance. On the other hand, if you choose to exchange your gift for an item that is worth less, you may receive a gift card for the remainder of the value.

Will I Be Charged a Fee to Return a Christmas Gift to Chapters?

Chapters provide free returns for all products including Christmas gifts. There are no restocking fees associated with any of their products.

Likewise, there is no penalty for making a return for any reason, especially if you need to return a gift.

Returns made to any physical Chapters location are free as are returns made by mail. You do not have to pay for return shipping if you mail back your Chapter Christmas gifts.

Chapters will provide you with a prepaid shipping label that will cover the cost.

There are no added costs or charges to refund money back to an original purchaser’s card account. There are no deductions in refunds if you return an item to Chapters that is damaged or defective.

If Chapters decides that the return is not legitimate or does not meet their policy guidelines, they will not accept it. There is no middle ground that ends with the customer only receiving half of a refund.


While Chapters is a popular retail store in Canada, it does follow suit with other retailers who give special return window extensions during the Christmas season.

Chapters adhere to a thirty day return window in which the item being returned must be in its original condition accompanied by a receipt, even gifts.

You will not be charged for returning your Chapters Christmas gift and can even mail it back for free if that is more convenient for you.

However, check their list of non-returnable items first to make sure that your return will not be rejected.



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