Where Are New Chapter Vitamins Manufactured (The Truth!)

Where Are New Chapter Vitamins Manufactured

Do you know where New Chapter Vitamins are made or manufactured? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Knowing where your vitamins are made is a crucial part of understanding exactly what is going into your body.

Even if you select a natural vitamin brand, such as New Chapter vitamins, it’s important to research the brand and its manufacturing locations.

So, where are New Chapter Vitamins manufactured? New Chapter vitamins are manufactured in Brattleboro, Vermont. The company was acquired by Procter & Gamble and is headquartered in Brattleboro, Vermont. According to the New Chapter website, over 150 people in the Brattleboro area are employed by New Chapter. This seems to imply that there is a larger plant in the area.

To learn more about New Chapter vitamins, read on. This article fully explains the confusion surrounding where the vitamins are manufactured today and provides a review of the New Chapter vitamins. Keep reading for more about New Chapter vitamins.

Where Are New Chapter Vitamins Manufactured?

Ever since 1986, Brattleboro, Vermont has been the home of the New Chapter brand.

Even after the company was bought out by Procter & Gamble, Brattleboro remains the home of the brand.

When first founded, it was clear that New Chapter vitamins were manufactured in Vermont. However, things may have changed since Procter & Gamble bought out the company and the original founders have since left.

Even if Procter & Gamble has changed the exact manufacturing location, it seems that they are still holding onto their Vermont roots by continually working in the direct community.

This leads us to hope that they still manufacture their vitamins here. 

Review Of New Chapter Vitamins

New Chapter vitamins are some of the most effective and safe vitamins on the market.

In fact, New Chapter vitamins were some of the first non-GMO vitamins to hit the market and have a unique fermented process to make the vitamins more effective, proving their long-standing dedication to superior vitamins.

Although pricey, New Chapter vitamins may be exactly what you are looking for in terms of effective, safe, and natural vitamins.

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New Chapter vitamins are some of the most effective on the market. Most traditional vitamins only have isolated ingredients that your body struggles to digest properly.

New Chapter vitamins do things differently. Instead of adding isolated nutrients, their vitamins are fermented.

Because of the fermentation process, the vitamins are practically in their digested state before you even put them in your mouth.

Because of this fact, you can get the full benefits of the multivitamin and absorb it properly.

Needless to say, the fermentation process makes the New Chapter vitamins highly effective.

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New Chapter vitamins are very safe. The New Chapter brand goes to great lengths to ensure that all the vitamins are safe and effective at enhancing your body.

In fact, New Chapter vitamins are non-GMO certified, gluten-free certified, 100% vegetarian, and more.


In terms of price, New Chapter vitamins are a bit expensive. For example, the Every Woman’s One Day Multi-Vitamin costs about $18 for a 24 count.

Based on this number, you are paying about $0.75 per vitamin. In comparison, the Centrum Multivitamin for Women 200 tablet package costs about $23, which adds up to about $0.11 per tablet. That’s a huge difference in price.

The Women’s Multi Vitamin is not the only vitamin type that is expensive. Instead, nearly all New Chapter vitamins are this expensive and have the same price difference as other popular brands.

Because the New Chapter vitamins are so effective and safe, the price isn’t completely outrageous.

It is simply more expensive because the vitamins are more effective and undergo an extensive fermentation and testing process.

Are New Chapter Vitamins Right For You?

In terms of effectiveness and safety, New Chapter vitamins are right for just about everyone.

Because they are so effective and made with such phenomenal ingredients, you can trust this vitamin brand to help you achieve your health goals without upsetting your stomach.

Because these vitamins are so expensive, the brand is not suitable for those on a budget.

Although the price tag is worth it in terms of effectiveness and ingredients, its high price simply isn’t right for everyone.

Aside from the hefty price tag, the New Chapter vitamins are great. If you are looking for a healthy, easy to absorb, and natural vitamin, the New Chapter vitamins are right for you, even after the company was acquired by Procter & Gamble.


New Chapter vitamins seem to be manufactured in Brattleboro, but we could be wrong.

Because the company simply lists Vermont as their home, it is not guaranteed that their vitamins are made here, even though their headquarter is in this location.

Regardless of where the New Chapter vitamins are made, these vitamins are highly effective and safe.

Because they undergo a fermentation process, New Chapter vitamins are much easier to absorb than others, allowing you to get the full benefits of your vitamin.

Even though New Chapter vitamins are expensive, they very well may be worth it if you are looking for the most effective and naturally made vitamin on the market.

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