Casita Travel Trailers: 8 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

Casita Travel Trailers

If you’re in the market for a new travel trailer, you may have come across the company Casita Travel Trailers.

Casita travel trailers is specializes in making superior fiberglass trailers that have a more robust design than other leading manufacturers. After reading some reviews, you may find yourself interested in this trailer company.

Buying a new travel trailer is a big investment, so it’s important that you buy one that checks all the boxes on your list.

We’re going to go over 8 facts every owner and buy should know about Casita Travel Trailers.

Casita Travel Trailers Warranty

A warranty is the company’s guarantee that the trailer will hold up.

Casita Travel Trailers Offers a one-year Warranty on All Travel Trailers. Once the trailer is in your possession, the warranty begins. During this period, your trailer will be covered for any warranty service that is needed. If you do need to bring the trailer in for servicing, please remember to remove your personal belongings so they don’t break or get in the repair team’s way.

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8 Facts About Casita Travel Trailers

If you’re ready to start planning a summer getaway, you need the right trailer to travel with.

Is Casita Travel Trailers the right trailer company for you and your family? We’re going to cover all the important things that prospective buyers need to know about this company.

Here are 8 facts that you should know about Casita Travel Trailers:

  1. Where Is Casita Travel Trailers Located?
  2. What Kind Of Travel Trailers Are Available At Casita Travel Trailers? 
  3. How To Purchase A Trailer From Casita Travel Trailers
  4. What Makes The Quality Of Casita Travel Trailers Superior?
  5. What Is The Casita Advantage?
  6. Can Trailers From Casita Travel Trailers Be Towed Easily?
  7. What Support Is Available For Casita Travel Trailers Customers?
  8. Why Choose Casitas Living

Fact #1: Where Is Casita Travel Trailers Located?

Casita Travel Trailers is an American travel trailer company that is located in Rice, TX. This company has been in operations since 1981 and continues to sell some of the best quality fiberglass trailers in the US.

Their location has under 100 employees, and they make nearly 700 trailers every year. 

While Casita Travel Trailers doesn’t have dealerships spread throughout the country for people to see what their trailers are like in person, they do have a Casita Discovery program that allows interested buyers to meet up with Casita Travel Trailer owners locally so you can see what they’re really like.

If you don’t live near the Casita Travel Trailers location, you can arrange to have the trailer delivered right to you.

They have a team of experienced drivers who can safely tow the new trailers directly to the customer. When arranging the delivery of a trailer, they will schedule the delivery based on your availability.

You don’t have to live in Texas to get one of these trailers.

Fact #2: What Travel Trailers Are Available?

Casita Travel Trailers focused more on quality than quantity, which is why customers are always happy about their purchases.

They have one type of trailer that comes in different variations.

There are currently five different variations available from Casita Travel Trailers:

  • Casita Spirit: sleeps 4 to 6 people
  • Casita Independence: sleeps 2 to 4 people
  • Casita Heritage: sleeps 4 to 6 people
  • Casita Freedom: sleeps 2 to 4 people
  • Casita Liberty: sleeps 2 to 4

Each trailer has its own set of unique features to make it feel like home on the road. They are all designed with comfort and versatility in mind.

The trailers are separated into two different categories, standard models and deluxe models. Standards models don’t come with a washroom and air conditioning is optional.

With deluxe models, there’s a full bathroom with a toilet and shower, and air conditioning is included.

Casita Travel Trailers doesn’t customize trailers for special orders. However, buyers have the option to add a wide range of options to make their trailer more comfortable. 

2019 CASITA TRAVEL TRAILER FREEDOM DELUXE 17′ + BLOOPERS >> Check out the video below:

Fact #3: How To Purchase A Trailer From Casita Travel Trailers

Once you have decided on which trailer you would like to purchase, you can contact Casita Travel Trailers online or by phone to arrange your order.

The trailer prices start at $25,000, but buyers can add options and upgrades to the travel trailer to make it more comfortable. 

Casita Travel Trailers is working around the clock to make it easier for their customers to get on the road. Recently, they’ve added the option of financing to help people afford their dream trailer.

These financing plans don’t leave customers feeling helpless either. Once approved, the customer can receive low-interest rates on a payment plan for up to 20 years. 

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Prospective buyers can apply for financing directly on Casita Travel Trailers’ official website. They can also view real-time rates to have a clearer idea of how much they will be paying.

This makes the process easier for both the buyer and Casita Travel Trailers. 

Casita Travel Trailers allow works with some of the most trusted lenders in the US to make sure your plan is secure. Some of the financing providers they work with include:

  • Rock Solid Funding
  • Essex Credit
  • SE Financial
  • USAA

Fact #4: Superior Quality Of Casita Travel Trailers

Casita Travel Trailers are some of the best-reviewed trailers across the US. The team at Casita Travel Trailers takes extra care in their protocol to make sure every trailer that they produce goes above the customers’ expectations.

The strong fiberglass means that nobody has to worry about leaks, even if they get caught in a storm. Even though it’s tough, they are still easy to set up and take down.

There is a carpeted material on the walls that some buyers questioned when they saw it. This carpet serves a valuable purpose though. This is essentially insulation that provides an excellent sound barrier.

On top of keeping the trailer quieter, it also prevents moisture and condensation from forming on the walls inside and causing damage.

This insulation makes for an extremely comfortable trailer, no matter what time of year it is. It helps people keep things cool in the summer, but also keeps the trailer warm during the cold months. 

Fact #5: What Is The Casita Advantage?

The Casita Advantage allows customers to spend more time traveling and less time worrying.

The quality of hard work put into building these trailers and the materials used to make them are what make Casita Travel Trailers stand out from the rest.

“While they are known for building quality trailers, what really seals the deal of the Casita Advantage is the pride this company has for family.”

Casita Travel Trailers is a family-owned business and family is also their core value as a company. They treat their customers like family which sets them apart from other trailer companies.

Customers turn to Casita Travel Trailers to find a new trailer but leave as part of the Casita traveling family

Fact #6: Easy to Tow

Many people are under the impression that they need a large truck to travel with a trailer. However, Casita Travel Trailers are so lightweight and aerodynamic, making them easier to travel with than other leading brands of trailers.

The Casita trailers are also smaller, which makes them ideal for family road trips.

The vehicle you choose to travel with must be capable of towing at least 3500 lbs. It doesn’t have to be a truck, but it must be able to handle the weight without any problems.

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Fact #7: Customer Support

There’s a lot of things that people need to be prepared for before they hit the road with their new travel trailer.

Casita Travel Trailers provides plenty of resources to keep their customers informed. To start, they have an amazing customer support team that is always ready to help out when customers have a question or concern.

On their website, they have a variety of different user support manuals available to download.

They want to make sure you are prepared and know how to operate every feature that comes with the trailer. They cover everything from general operations to safety manuals and more. 

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Fact #8: Why Choose Casitas Living?

Casitas Living is all about comfort while you travel. When you want to have a place that feels like home no matter where you go, Casitas Travel Trailers has the amenities you need.

“They have a wide variety of different layouts and amenity options to help buyers get the most comforting fit for their lifestyle.”

These trailers are built smarter so customers can travel any time of the year. Since they are waterproof and insulated, you can even travel in the depth of winter.

Casitas Living is right for any traveler who wants a trailer that they will be able to use all throughout the year. 

These are the types of trailers you will want to spend time in and create more memories with your family. 

Final Thoughts

When you’re on the search for a new travel trailer, Casita Travel Trailers is one company that is definitely worth considering.

This family-owned business is proud to supply people all over the US with trailers that are all about comfort and quality. While the selection is smaller, this company does pride itself on quantity over quality.

When you purchase one of their trailers, you can feel confident that it will hold up. These trailers are also very stylish as well, with some of the nicest interior options.

When you do decide to purchase a Casita Travel Trailer, it’s a good idea to keep it tidy because people will want to take a peek inside.

Casita Travel Trailers is one company that always goes above and beyond.


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