Canadian Tire Battery Return Policy (Coverage, Used + More)

Canadian Tire Battery Return Policy

Do you know what Canadian tire battery return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Canadian Tire is one of Canada’s largest and most trusted companies. You can find everything from car tires to fishing rods. If you’re a Canadian Tire regular you’ve likely seen that they also sell automotive batteries! What happens if you accidentally purchase the wrong battery?

How does Canadian Tire handle battery returns? Canadian Tire accepts returns for most products within 90 days that are unopened, in original condition, and accompanied with the original receipt. 

In this article, we will go over the Canadian Tire returns policy and determine how it applies to batteries.

We will discuss topics such as what can and can not be returned, what happens if you lose your receipt if they accept used items, and how to make your return. 

What Is Canadian Tire’s Return Policy?

Canadian Tire has a fairly generous return policy with a 90 day time frame. However, your product must be unopened and still in their original packaging to be accepted. Canadian Tire also strongly encourages you to hold onto your receipt, this is the only way to guarantee a full refund. 

Any items that have been opened, damaged, or are in some other way not in resalable condition will likely not be eligible for a return or an exchange with Canadian Tire. 

You also should always bring your valid photo ID with you to make your return to ensure that Canadian Tire has no issues confirming the information of the sale. 

It may be possible to get a refund for a return with an opened item, this is just discouraged as there is no guarantee that Canadian Tire will be able to offer the refund. 

While this policy applies to most items, there are some exceptions. 

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What Are The Exceptions To The Canadian Tire Return Policy?

The first exception to the Canadian Tire Return policy refers to items without their original receipt. Canadian Tire makes no promises on their ability to accept a return without its original receipt. They may not even be able to offer an exchange for the item. 

So, you should do your best to hold onto your receipt until you are absolutely sure you want to keep the item. 

The next exception is regarding items that are determined to be defective due to a manufacturing issue. These items will be handled according to their warranty. A refund generally won’t be offered, instead they will be repaired or replaced. 

Electronics such as home audio and video, personal audio and video, camera, and communications must be returned within 30 days. 

Auto electronics such as backup cameras, bluetooth, car audio, GPS, portable DVD players, remote starters, and satellite radios must be returned within 14 days. 

Items such as ink cartridges, media, memory cards, books, DVDs, CDs, mattresses, and portable beds must be unopened. Canadian Tire will not make an exception for any of these items even if they are still in pristine condition and haven’t been used. 

Any live animals, special order hard parts, or specific application automotive parts that are purchased at Canadian Tire can only be returned to the same store of purchase. 

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Which Items Are Non-Refundable And Non-Exchangeable? 

Beyond these additional rules to the Canadian Tire return policy, there are also some items that don’t qualify at all for a refund or exchange once they have been purchased. 

These items include: 

  • Gift cards,
  • Tinted paint and stain products,
  • Products cut to length or modified,
  • Magazines,
  • Firearms,
  • Ammunition,
  • Fireworks, and
  • Clearance or final sale merchandise.

How Does The Return Policy Apply To Batteries? 

Luckily for you, automotive batteries are NOT included under the list of exceptions or exclusions from the general returns policy. 

This means that they can be returned within the general 90 day period, unopened, in their original packaging, with a receipt. 

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Can I Exchange My Batteries If I Open The Package? 

Canadian Tire makes no promises that your return will be accepted if it has been opened.

If it is clear you have tampered with the battery in some way by attempting to put it into your vehicle they are even less likely to accept the return. 

They only accept items that are still in their original condition and could be resold. 

Although it isn’t impossible to successfully return your battery after it has been opened, it may be harder, and there is no guarantee that you will receive a refund. 

What If My Battery Doesn’t Work? 

If you’ve opened the battery, tried to use it, and are facing issues with its functionality, this is not a returns issue but a warranty issue. 

In this case, you will need to consult the manufacturer’s warranty that came with your automotive battery. 

The company will attempt to repair the battery if possible or replace it if that is deemed necessary. 

What Happens If I Lost My Receipt? 

If you lost your receipt Canadian Tire may be able to help you. However, they make no guarantees about this. 

It is more likely that they will be able to complete your return if you made the original purchase with a debit or credit card. Canadian Tire can attempt to do a receipt look-up on your item and try to find the original receipt in their system. 

However, this isn’t always successful. You will need the original card used to purchase the item and your photo ID in order for them to attempt a receipt look-up. 

If the item was purchased with cash, then it isn’t possible to find your receipt using this process. 

Canadian Tire prefers that you hold onto your receipt and bring it with you to return your item, otherwise you may be out of luck. Although they will attempt to help complete your request, this just isn’t always possible depending on your method of payment. 

How Do I Make My Return? 

Making a return is simple at Canadian Tire! As long as you’re still in the 90 day time frame you can simply go into a Canadian Tire store and speak with a representative. They will guide you through the returns process and help you get your refund! 

Canadian Tire doesn’t set any stipulations on the reasons for a return that are accepted. It is likely that you just determined the item wasn’t the one you wanted if you are returning it in its original packaging.

If you are attempting to return an item that has been opened then it may be a little more difficult and require more explaining on your part.

Canadian Tire will want to ensure that the issue isn’t with the functionality of the item, as if it was, they would need to follow the terms of the warranty, not their returns policy. 

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Canadian Tire accepts battery returns within 90 days from purchase for a full, guaranteed refund, as long as they are unopened, in their original packaging, and accompanied by a receipt. 

If you follow these conditions, it is essentially guaranteed that your return will be accepted. 

If any of these conditions aren’t met, Canadian Tire will attempt to work with you, but there is a chance you won’t be able to return your item for a refund.



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