Can You Rent An RV To Move? [Read This First]


When it comes to cross country travels and having a nice summer vacation with the family, the RV is one of the best vehicles there is. For large spacing for added mobile comfort and other cool features that make it the vehicle to cross the country with, there is something that many RV drivers and lovers ask when they see the RV:

Can you rent an RV to move? Yes, this can alleviate so much stress for you and your family and cause the moving process to be much easier and a lot more meaningful as you get to travel from one place to the next with relaxation and ease. Seeing that the RV is a large and spacious vehicle that is used for many cross-country travels such as road trips, there is no denying that the RV can also be rented to be used for moving purposes as well.

For cross-country traveling and for moving purposes, RVs can sure handle that pressure much like moving trucks and other forms of cross-country traveling in general. What does need to be understood is how it can alleviate that moving process and what benefits it can give you as you proceed with your cross-country moving.

Can You Rent An RV To Move?

As mentioned, you can rent an RV for moving purposes, much like you can rent a moving truck for moving. Since RVs come at a one-way stop anyways, there are some added bonuses of renting an RV as you are moving to your next cross-country home. Plus, it adds some alleviation to your moving process as you get to explore the country in comfort!

However, to be sure, here are some specific benefits you get from renting an RV to move cross country. These benefits can range from saving more time and money to the more personal ones, such as alleviating stress and feeling much better about your moving process.

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Saves You Money And Time

With renting an RV to use for traveling, in this case, traveling to move to your next home, you get to save up on tons of money as well as time. In terms of money, there is no need to spend money on hotel rooms as you are traveling on the road with the RV. 

The RV will make sure to have everything provided to you for all those sleeping and sanitary purposes, allowing you to save more money than you can bargain for during your cross-country travels. There are even some RV agencies that have cheap RVs that are just as useful and efficient than the high-pricing RV agency that gets the job done and help you on your traveling.

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In terms of time, you could simply stop in a rest area and have a camp out there as you are moving from one place to the next. In fact, for food and other necessary expenses, you would save a whole lot more time by packing the essentials and having backups inside one of your RV’s storage units or shelves than going to a hotel room and dine out during your travels.

There is a place in the RV for you to cook if you enjoy cooking, and overall, the RV is basically a mobile home you use as you are traveling towards the destination of your new home.

Just some food for travel thought.

Family Bonding Time

What is more special about the RV isn’t just the space ti contains, but the bonding experience you get to have as you renting an RV to move. During the moving process, it can be quite stressful for you to worry about you and your family belonging to being safe and sound in the destined area. Also, if you are moving cross country, then it is necessary to consider the RV due to its many benefits for traveling, such as:

  • Space
  • Ability to pack
  • Comfortability

It not only saves you money and time, as mentioned but also increasing the bonding time you get to have with your kids or spouse by camping out for the night or having that additional space to feel comfortable and relaxing as you travel to your new home.

The point is, you get to cherish these memories for years to come and have a blast moving towards you new home with your family rather than having to go to a plane or drive there all crammed up, furthering increasing the stress you have for the moving process.

You Feel Less Stressed

The overall beauty of renting an RV to move is that you get to alleviate yourself from the stress of moving out and crossing the country to your new home. Sure, there can be the off chance that your truck is behind you and may not arrive on time to your house, you are at least not as worried as you would be if you were crammed in your regular vehicle and making the journey through that.

Instead, you get this amazing traveling experience that normally you wouldn’t be able to get on a regular basis and makes the move a whole lot more enjoyable and meaningful as you head from one state to the next.

You Get To A Better Traveling Experience

Since RVs have one destination to go to anyways, be it the place where the RV agency told you to leave it once you reach your destination or straight down your new house’s door, why not travel and explore the country a bit more?

With the help of renting an RV, you get to feel this experience a whole lot more than using your regular car. You feel more liberated, and you get to explore uncharted territory that normally you need to plan ahead of time and fly there. Instead, as you are on the road, you get to see more than why the birds eye’s view can give: you get a more enjoyable and meaningful experience as you are closer to nature.

And while you are at it, why not visit some cool monuments? Some national parks and take pictures? The point is, renting an RV to use during the moving process makes you feel so much adventurous as you travel from one state to the next.

It Becomes An Memory That Will Last

Everyone in the world hates the memories they have when it comes to the moving process. Be it losing items along the way from starting a whole new life; there are moments in that important life decision that you would want to desperately get rid of or not be reminded of it.

However, that is quite different if you plan to rent an RV to move.

With the RV, you get the traveling experience on the go. You have all your necessities ready to be used to the fullest. You get to travel from one state to the next, even continents, if you need to, and with the RV, you created some long-lasting memories that will be cherished forever.

Whether it was that camping night you did with your family and built a fire or heading to a whole new state and admiring its view and nature, the bottom line is that you get to have a much better memory to tell you future generations to when that time comes.

And who knows? Maybe this gets your grandchildren to want to rent an RV to move to their new home as well for the summer!

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