How to Carry a Motorcycle with a Travel Trailer?


Motorcycles and travel trailers are both exciting forms of transportation, but it might be confusing if you want to bring your motorcycle along with your travel trailer. Both are quite expensive machines, so you do not want to damage either one by hauling incorrectly.

How do you carry a motorcycle with a travel trailer? There are many ways to haul a motorcycle with a travel trailer, including lifts, trailers, or toy haulers. The best type of carriage will depend on your motorcycle and travel trailer.

Although there are many ways to carry your motorcycle with your travel trailer, you should research the best options for your vehicles to be safe. There are also many different options for pricing that might influence how you decide to carry your motorcycle with your travel trailer.

Carrying a Motorcycle with a Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are a type of RVs (recreational vehicles). They are similar to motorhomes, but travel trailers are pulled by a truck or car. Travel trailers typically do not have a way for you to attach your motorcycle directly to the RV, but you do still have options.

It is important to note that your motorcycle and RV types are crucial to figuring out the best way for you to carry your motorcycle with your travel trailer.

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Using a Motorcycle Lift

One of the easiest ways to haul your motorcycle with your travel trailer is a motorcycle lift. It is not difficult to attach a motorcycle lift to a travel trailer, and it is easy to store when you are not using the lift.

With motorcycle lifts, you can still tow a trailer. You can attach the lifts to most vehicles or long tongue trailers. Motorcycle lifts are also specifically designed for hauling motorcycles, so you can feel better about the security of your motorcycle as you haul it.

Before you decide to use a motorcycle lift with your bike and travel trailer, you need to make sure that your truck can carry the extra weight. You will need to account for your travel trailer’s weight, the motorcycle lift’s weight, and the motorcycle’s weight.

If you are using the motorcycle lift on a motorhome, you need to make sure that the RV’s tires have a weight capacity that can handle all the weight.

Using a Trailer

Another good option for hauling your RV and motorcycle is a trailer that can be pulled by either your car or motorhome. A trailer can be a good investment for your RV lifestyle as well. Most trailers are versatile enough that you could use your motorcycle trailer to haul or store other items.

Plus, there are many different types of trailers that you can use to haul your motorcycle with your travel trailer. You can really find the perfect one for your needs.

Enclosed Trailers for Motorcycles

One trailer option is an enclosed motorcycle trailer. These trailers are designed to carry motorcycles, but they can also be used as another way to store your items. You might even haul other vehicles besides your motorcycle, such as a quad or dune buggy. Or you might be able to carry multiple motorcycles.

Since these trailers are enclosed, they are great at protecting your motorcycle. An enclosed trailer will keep your motorcycle from exposure to bad weather.

You can also use an enclosed cargo trailer that is not specifically designed to carry motorcycles. As long as you can safely hook up the trailer and fit your motorcycle securely inside, you can use a cargo trailer. An enclosed cargo trailer also provides another place to store additional items you might bring along.

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Flatbed Trailers for Motorcycles

Another option for using a trailer to carry your motorcycle with your RV is a flatbed. This type of trailer is easy and common to find, and it requires only a small amount of maintenance. Plus, a flatbed trailer has countless other options for hauling.

You can use a flatbed trailer to do some of your motorcycle transport and then use it for other common tasks you might have. The overall versatility of a flatbed trailer makes it one of the most popular options for RV travelers.

Collapsible Trailers for Motorcycles

There are also collapsible trailers that you can use to haul your motorcycle with your travel trailer. Collapsible trailers are great if you want a way to carry your motorcycle but do not necessarily have a lot of storage space.

It is important to note that while many other types of trailers can be used for motorcycles and ATVs, quads, etc., collapsible trailers are almost always designed solely for motorcycles. If you want a trailer that can carry a motorcycle and/or other types of vehicles, you would probably be better off with a flatbed or enclosed cargo trailer.

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Using a Toy Hauler

Toy haulers are a type of RV that have the perks of residence like a motorhome but the convenience of a trailer that you can haul around. Toy haulers are quite versatile and have elements that allow you to close off a room for a guest or have an open garage door.

Toy haulers have a garage space that is compatible with carrying your motorcycle. Their storage capabilities make toy haulers a popular choice for people who like the comfort of a traditional motorhome but the ability to move freely that comes with a travel trailer.

Some toy haulers are in the form of motorhomes, but plenty are also towable. You can decide what type best fits your needs. Toy haulers are probably the most recommended method for carrying your motorcycle with a travel trailer.

Toy haulers have ample space to store your motorcycle while you are on the road, and they offer your motorcycle more protection than an open trailer would. They are also versatile enough that you can store or haul similar vehicles without any difficulties.

Other Ways to Haul a Motorcycle

Depending on the type and size of the motorcycle that you have, you might not even need a separate trailer to transport your motorcycle with your travel trailer. If your truck has a big enough truck bed and your motorcycle is small and light, you might be able to tow the RV and the motorcycle.

To do so, you would have to make sure that your truck has the power to tow so much weight. Even if your pickup truck can close to secure your motorcycle, you need to make sure that the bike is still securely strapped down.

You can even double tow if your truck has enough power. In this situation, you would tow your RV with another trailer towed behind it. If you decide to go with that route, though, keep in mind that you will need to research local laws about double towing.

Even if it is just a small motorcycle trailer that you are using behind your RV, some states have strict laws on double towing that can result in serious fines if you are violating the local laws. Always check the laws that govern any of the states you will travel to or through. Some states allow double towing, but others impose heavy restrictions.

You might find the best option to carry your motorcycle with your travel trailer is with a motorcycle hitch that is designed specifically to attach a motorcycle to your car or trailer. These come in many varieties and styles. Some have ramps or are more similar to motorcycle lifts, but they can also be an option to consider.

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