Best Buy Laptop Return Policy in Canada (Full Guide)

Best Buy Laptop Return Policy Canada

Do you know what Best Buy return policy in Canada is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

When you are ready to purchase a brand new laptop, Best Buy is typically one store many people in Canada will turn to. However, before making any final decisions, it is crucial you know the best Buys laptop return policy in Canada.

In Canada, you can return a new, unopened, unused laptop to Best Buy within 30-days. If you opened the laptop and tried it out, you can still send it back, but you only get 14-days to do so, and it must be in new-like condition.

Best Buy provides customers with a wide array of computer brands and options and makes it easy to return or exchange your purchase, ensuring you get an item you are going to love for years.

Who is Best Buy, What do they Sell?

Best Buy is an American electronics retailer, that sells a variety of consumer electronics across the US and Canada, previously selling items in China and Europe, although that is no longer the case.

When the company was first introduced to the industry in 1966, it was a simple audio specialty store owned and operated by the founders, Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler.

As sales climbed so did the shop’s inventory and it quickly became the industry-leading giant it is known and loved for today.

Best Buy is a great place to go for an array of laptops from different price ranges and brands to meet the needs of all types of customers. 

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What is Best Buy’s Laptop Return Policy in Canada?

If you purchased a laptop from any Best Buy in Canada or online, you have 30-days to return it for a full refund. This is only the case for any computer still in its original, unopened packaging.

When returning the product, you must have your receipt available to show for proof of purchase.

What if I Opened My Computer?

If you already opened the computer packaging, you can still return it to the Best Buy store from which you bought it. However, you only have 14-days to do so.

If you go past the 14-days, the company can choose to refuse your refund and not give you your money back. 

If you already opened and used a laptop purchased from Best Buy and decided you no longer want it, or it isn’t what you thought it was, and it is still within the 14-day time period, a return should go smoothly as long as all items are placed back into the box and the computer has no damage to it whatsoever.

Cleaning the Computer First

Before sending back your laptop, Best Buy asks that you wipe the computer clean, getting rid of all your personal information.

If you bought a Pro/Mac, Mini/Mac,  MacBook Air/MacBook, or Pro/iMac from the year 2018 or after, you will need to turn off the Activation lock before you return it.

How Do You Return a Laptop To Best Buy?

If you bought your laptop from the Best Buy website, you can either return the item to your local physical store, or you can mail it back.

If you decide to take it back to the physical location, you will need to take your proof of purchase or invoice and a valid form of photo ID.

If you want to send it back by mail, you still have 14-days to do so. You can do this by logging into your online account and choosing the item you wish to return. Once you clicked on the laptop you are sending back, you can start the return process.

Best Buy will send you a pre-paid package label at no cost to you. Then simply take the item to the correct shipping facility and drop them off.

Can You Exchange a Laptop at Canadian Best Buys?

Sometimes you aren’t looking to return the computer because you don’t like the way it works, you simply want something a little smaller, bigger, or in a different color.

If this is the case, then don’t worry about sending the product back for a return because Best Buys offer customers the option to exchange laptops.

The exchange process is similar to the return process, you simply take the computer back to your local store and let the cashier know you want to exchange it for another option.

As long as the computer is in good condition, you have your receipt, and it is still within the 14-day time frame, there shouldn’t be any problems getting the computer you prefer.

Best Buy Return Policy without Receipt in Canada

If you want a quick and easy return, it is a good idea to keep your receipt on hand for the entire length of the return period. However, things happen and not all of us are able to keep track of a small slip of paper for two weeks. 

If you don’t have your receipt, you can still go to your local Best Buy or contact customer service. If the item was purchased with a credit card or debit card or on your Best Buy store card, there is a good chance the transaction can be located in the store’s computer system. 

If you paid in cash or with a gift card and the transaction can not be located, you can still return your laptop but you will be refunded in the form of a Best Buy store credit. 

If you can’t provide any proof of the laptop purchase and it is outside the 14-day timeframe, you can still try to return the laptop or exchange it; However, there is a chance your request will be refused. 

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Best Buy Return Policy for Damaged Laptop In Canada

Best Buy asks any customer who receives a damaged product in the mail to reach out to the customer service department as soon as possible to start the return and replacement process.

Most times this will be handled quickly and smoothly, with the company sending you a new laptop, with the expectation the old one is shipped back, free of charge.

How Do You Return Laptops Bought on Best Buys Marketplace?

You can still return a laptop you purchased on Best Buy’s marketplace. however, the process is going to look a little bit different.

Each product sold on the Best Buy marketplace is a transaction through a third-party seller and their policies are different depending on which one you go through.

Due to the difference in policies, you can not return any items bought from Best Buy’s Canadian marketplace to any of the retail stores.

They must be sent directly to the seller. You should always read all the information in the posting before making any purchases to ensure your product can be returned and what the process is like.

Summing Things Up

You shouldn’t have very many issues when returning your laptop to Best Buy. This company makes it easy to take the steps required to ensure all of their customers are 100% happy with the product they purchased.

Although there are ways around some of the policies, your exchanges and returns will be much easier if you make sure to always keep your receipt in a safe place and be sure it is kept in perfect condition until you are absolutely sure you want to keep it.



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