ASOS Swimwear Return Policy (Coverage, Claims + Time Frames)

ASOS Swimwear Return Policy

Do you know what ASOS swimwear return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

ASOS has a lot of cute products to choose from, especially their swimwear. However, what happens if you get home and decide you don’t like the bathing suit you bought after all?

ASOS allows all swimwear to be returned within the given return policy timeframe as long as the hygienic seal is still in place and the labels and tags remain on the item.

In this article, we will review what’s covered by ASOS’ swimwear return policy and how long you have to return swimwear after you buy it.

Additionally, we will cover the valid reasons for returning swimwear to ASOS as well as how to initiate a swimwear return.

What’s Covered Under the ASOS Swimwear Return Policy?

ASOS allows returns on any swimwear purchase that is still in its original condition, which means the plastic hygiene seal must still be intact and any tags or labels that come on the swimwear must still be in place.

ASOS will cover the cost of return shipping as long as the return is accepted. All of their returned items are inspected and can be rejected for return if there is any violation of the return policy or if they suspect any fraudulent activity.

If ASOS does not accept the return, they will mail you back your package at your own expense. As long as you are honest about your return and you follow the rules, there is no reason why ASOS shouldn’t accept your swimsuit return.  

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How Long After Purchase Can I Return ASOS Swimwear?

ASOS has a fairly generous return policy when it comes to swimwear. As long as you have your receipt and the swimsuit remains in its original condition, you have twenty-eight days after the date of purchase to return the unwanted item or items for a full refund on the card with which you paid.

If you make a return within twenty-eight to forty-five days after purchase, then ASOS will still accept your return but instead of a refund, they will give you a gift card in the amount of the original purchase.

Most returns will receive a refund within two weeks of ASOS receiving your return package in their warehouse.

If you attempt to make a return after forty-five days, your return will not be accepted, and you may have to cover the cost of shipping when ASOS sends back the rejected items.

ASOS understands that there may be circumstances in which you cannot physically send back the item. If this happens, contact the returns department and they will decide if they can proceed with the return.

What Reasons Can I Return ASOS Swimwear?

When you return unwanted swimwear to ASOS, you don’t need a specific reason. If you don’t like the way it fits or looks, decide you just don’t want it after all, or the product is defective when you receive it, you can return it to ASOS.

If the swimwear item has any manufacturer’s defects such as holes, tears, or missing parts, let the ASOS representative who handles your return know.

They most likely need to account for all inventory that is lost due to issues with the product and may be able to get compensated by the supplier.

ASOS trusts that its customers will be honest with returns. Swimwear cannot be returned if it has been used or the hygiene seal or tags have been removed.

If ASOS has reason to believe that any return is the result of suspicious activity, they will deny the return and freeze your account.

How Do I Return ASOS Swimwear?

If you find that you do not want a piece of swimwear that you purchase from ASOS, all you have to do is initiate your return through your online account. Once you’ve selected the item or items you want to return, ASOS will email you a shipping label.

Package up your unwanted swimwear, making sure that they still have the original tags, labels, and hygienic seals in place, and drop it off at your nearest UPS shipping location. It can take up to fourteen days to process your return once the package reaches ASOS’ return warehouse.

You can track your return’s progress either online through your account or on the ASOS app on your mobile smartphone.

If your return is rejected for any reason, it will be sent back to you, and you will need to cover the cost of the postage.

If you need to return multiple swimwear items from multiple orders, this is possible as long as you select all of the relevant items in the returns process online.


ASOS accepts returns for swimwear as long as the piece is in its original condition with the hygiene seal and the tags are still attached.

If you return the swimsuit within forty-five days of purchase, you will either receive a refund in the form of the tender with which you paid or a gift card to ASOS.

Any returns made after forty-five days will not be accepted. Returns can easily be initiated online and packaging slips can be printed off to ship via UPS.

All returns are inspected upon arrival and if ASOS determines that the item in question has been worn or violates the return policy, then the return will not be accepted.

As long as you are honest and follow the return policy, your ASOS swimwear return will be accepted.



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