Asos Christmas Return Policy (All You Need to Know)

Asos Christmas Return Policy

When making a purchase online, there’s always a concern about whether or not something will work out, and what you can do about returning it if it doesn’t.

For stores like Asos and other fashion online retailers, it’s good to know what the return policy is, especially around the holidays.

Asos Christmas Return Policy usually only extends for 28 days after the purchase. However, in recent years, the policy for the holidays has been extended to allow returns for a longer period of time.

This article explores the Asos Holiday Return Policy.

What is the Asos Christmas Return Policy?

In 2020 Asos, a British online fashion retailer announced an extension on their return policy for the duration of the holidays.

The Asos Christmas Return Policy states that purchases made between the 1st of November and the 24th of December are eligible for return until the 31st of January.

The Christmas Return Policy for Asos also says that any returns received after the 31st of January will get their refund through a gift voucher, rather than a cash refund.

This lengthens the duration of the window for returns for a full refund from the typical 28 days to, officially, a maximum of 92 days (30 of November, 31 in December, and 31 in January)

It also changes the period for returns to be refunded with store vouchers, from no later than 45 days from purchase to simply received ‘after Jan. 31st’.

How Does This Policy Differ From The Regular Return Policy?

According to the regular return policy used by Asos:

Customers have 28 days to return merchandise for a full refund.

– That 28 days start from the time the merchandise is delivered.

– Refunds will be returned via the original method of payment.

Returns made between 29 and 45 days, if accepted, will be refunded with an Asos gift voucher to be redeemed in the store.

Why Is There A Different Policy For The Christmas Holiday?

Retail stores often experience a surge in business from November to January. More time gives the business itself more leeway to process returns.

The extended return period also allows customers to purchase gifts without having to worry about being unable to make a return in case of improper size or duplicated item.

What Else Do I Need To Know About the Asos Return Policy?

1. Items must be returned in the original condition, based on the following criteria:

– Face and Body Products must be unopened, with the seal intact

–  Underwear and Swimwear should have hygiene seals intact, as well as all tags.

– Piercing Jewelry, such as earrings must have an unbroken seal

– Face coverings must be returned with an unbroken seal

2. Asos aims to process all returns within 14 days of receipt of the returned merchandise.

3. Refunds are at the discretion of Asos, based on the condition of the item.

4. Items marked with ‘Final Sale’ tags are not eligible for return or refund.

5. Items marked down or on Sale for a Holiday are still eligible for refunds, as long as they are not marked as ‘Final Sale’.

6. Returns and refunds are free as long as they are returned in proper condition and within the aforementioned time-frames.

7. Asos does not offer exchanges – free or otherwise – at this time. However, you can return an item and order a new one.

8. Asos is not obligated to refund returns if the item is determined to suffer from excessive wear or incorrect handling, as opposed to a manufacturer’s fault.

How Do I Make A Return?

Asos has made an effort in recent years to go paperless to avoid unnecessary paper wastage. As such, you’ll need to fill out return paperwork online.

If you’re making a return from the United States, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Find your order and click ‘Create Return’
  3. Select the items you intend to return.
  4. Use the offered drop-down menu to indicate the reason for the return
  5. Click ‘Create Return’ again
  6. Find the Return label that’s sent to your email and print it out.
  7. Attach the label to your package and make sure it is well-packed and well-sealed for shipping.
  8. Deliver package to the nearest UPS.

Returns being made from Canada have slightly different steps, but mostly the same process.

The process for any other country is similar, with the main variation being the conversion of currency and the shipping service used.

What Happens After I Send In My Return?

When you mail in your return, you will get a tracking number for the package. You can use both this tracking number and the ‘My Returns’ tab online.

You can also enable notifications for tracking the progress of your package.

Keep some form of proof of shipping, in case your return gets lost in transit, so you can provide relevant information to Asos Customer Service in that event.

Returns may take as many as 14 days to travel to the Asos warehouse.

Asos will let you know when they’ve received your return and verified its condition.

Refunds to your original method of payment may take as many as 10 days to appear in your account.

Refunds in the form of an issued voucher will be locked into your account, to be used whenever you want to redeem them.

What If I’m Returning a Faulty, Damaged, or Incorrect Item?

In that case, you would follow the normal returns process. When filling out the return form, list ‘Faulty’, ‘Damaged’ or ‘Incorrect’ as the reason for your return.

Once the return is processed, Asos will take steps to address the problem for you.

Note: Asos is not obligated to send replacements for items that have been returned due to faulty construction. They will, however, offer a refund if the issue is deemed to be one of manufacturer’s fault rather than wear and tear.

If you have questions or concerns, get in touch with Customer Care, and they can assist you.

Is The Holiday or Regular Return Process Affected If I Use Klarna or Afterpay?

The return period remains the same, even if you’re paying in installments with a service like Klarna or Afterpay.

If you make a return after the full amount has been paid, and within the mandated time frame, then you’ll be refunded the full amount along normal channels.

If you make a return with an outstanding balance, it depends on the nature of the return:

– For a return of all items in the initial order, the full amount you have paid will be refunded, and any remaining balance canceled.

– If you make a partial return, the items you return may be refunded, or the amount may be deducted from your outstanding balance.

Does The Holiday Return Policy Still Apply If I Purchase Something From the Asos Marketplace?

Sellers on the Marketplace are actually dealing with a smaller, sister company to the main Asos store.

The Asos Marketplace is home to several small independent businesses, representing a wide range of products, from hot new designs to vintage merchandise.

The Asos Marketplace vendors are all independent, which means they set their own rules regarding returns, refunds, and exchanges.

If you purchase something from a boutique in the Asos Marketplace, be sure to confirm with that individual seller what their returns, exchanges, and refund policies are.

Likewise, you should obtain the contact information of the vendor in case of an incorrect or faulty product being delivered.

Note: Once the individual vendor has agreed to accept a return and arrangements for the refund or exchange have been made, the item being returned should be delivered to the vendor no later than 14 days after the arrangements have been made.

Final Thoughts

The Asos holiday return policy is a fairly sensible one, considering the high volume most retail stores deal with during this time frame.

As an added bonus, you’re assured you can purchase gifts for the family without worrying about having no options for a less than optimal result.



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