ASDA Clothing Return Policy (How To Return + What’s Covered)

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Do you know what ASDA return policy for clothes is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you have ever purchased clothing from the massive UK retailer ASDA, you may find yourself needing to make a return or exchange.

So, what is ASDA’s return policy for clothing? According to ASDA return policy for clothes, you have 30 days following your purchase to make a return, but for George branded clothing, a 100 day satisfaction guarantee applies! Their general return policy is generous, and it is even more so for George branded clothing. If you are not happy with your item, you can return it with proof of purchase for a refund or exchange.

The rest of this article is going to go into detail about ASDA’s return policy, how you can make returns, exclusions that may apply, and more.

What is ASDA’s return policy?

Luckily, ASDA has a pretty flexible clothing return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, or even if you have simply changed your mind, you can bring the item back for a return or exchange.

All you need is the original packaging and your proof of purchase. For most items at ASDA, you have 30 days following your purchase date to bring the item back for a return or exchange.

However, a 100-day satisfaction guarantee applies to George branded clothing. So, you have 100 days following your purchase date to bring these items back for a return or exchange.

Just make sure that you still have your proof of purchase in order to make the return.

Can I return items without a receipt?

Yes, you can return your items without a receipt. You do not necessarily need a receipt; you just need proof of purchase.

This can be in the form of a receipt, but it can also include a bank or credit card statement showing that you made the purchase.

If you choose to use a bank or credit card statement as your proof of purchase, you will need to bring it in in a printed paper version. ASDA will not accept digital statements, such as one shown on your phone or other device.

It is a good idea to hold on to your proof of purchase for the window of the satisfaction guarantee.

This way, if you do need to make any returns or exchanges at ASDA, you will not run into the issue of not having your proof of purchase on hand.

You can always get rid of the proof of purchase once your return window has passed.

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What if I don’t have proof of purchase?

If you do not have proof of purchase at all, you will not be able to make your return. The only exception to this policy is on select ASDA-branded items.

If you do not have a receipt for these items, the store may still refund you. However, the refund will be at the current selling price, which may not be the same price that you paid.

You will also not be able to receive a cash or credit card refund. Without your proof of purchase, even if the return is accepted, your refund will come in the form of an ASDA gift card.

Can I return items after 30 days?

This depends on whether your items are under the umbrella of ASDA’s 100-day guarantee.

George branded clothing is part of the 100-day guarantee, meaning that you have longer than 30 days to return or exchange it.

However, once the 100 days are up, you will no longer be able to return or exchange the item.

If your item does not fall under the 100-day guarantee, you will not be able to return it more than 30 days following your purchase date.

Are there any exclusions to the 100-day guarantee?

Yes, there are some exclusions to the 100-day guarantee. It does apply across all George clothing, but this means that any non-George brand clothing or franchise clothing is subject to the regular 30-day return policy.

Pierced jewelry, watches, and hair accessories are also excluded from the 100-day guarantee. Both of these items are instead subject to the regular 30-day return policy.

Can I return clearance items?

There is nothing anywhere on the ASDA corporate website that states that you may not return clearance clothing items.

So, we would suggest that unless those items are otherwise marked, you are still able to return them.

However, keep in mind that if you do not have your receipt or other proof of purchase, even if your return is accepted, you may only be refunded for the current selling price.

This means that if you bought an item at full price but it is now on clearance, you will only be refunded the clearance price.

This is why it is always a good idea to make sure that you hang on to your proof of purchase, at least for the 30 or 100 days until your satisfaction guarantee has expired.

This way, if you need to make a return or exchange for any reason, you will be able to do so.

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So, what is ASDA’s clothing return policy? Luckily, it is quite generous. You may bring back clothing items that you are unsatisfied with—or even if you simply change your mind—as long as they are within the window of the satisfaction guarantee, and you have a valid proof of purchase.

The satisfaction guarantee will be either 30 or 100 days depending on whether the clothing item is a valid George branded item or not.

Your proof of purchase may be a receipt, but it may also be a bank or credit card statement. However, if you choose to bring a bank or credit card statement, make sure it is printed out.

If you do not have a proof of purchase, you may still be able to make your return if it is a valid ASDA branded item. However, you will only receive a refund of the current selling price in the form of an ASDA gift card.

Keep in mind that clothing items you return to ASDA must be in their original, resaleable condition and include any original packaging.



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