Does ASDA Sell Amazon Gift Cards (Secrets Nobody Is Talking About)

Does Asda Sell Amazon Gift Cards

Do you know if ASDA sells Amazon gift cards? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Amazon gift cards can be a great last-minute present or a good way to buy things on the Amazon site without entering in any of your personal information.

So, does ASDA sell Amazon gift cards? Yes, you can buy Amazon gift cards from one of the 205 British supermarket chains, Asda stores. These gift cards (otherwise known as Present Cards), can be purchased in-store, however, are not currently available online.

No matter why you need a gift card, going to an Asda store is going to be one of the best options for you. 

Does ASDA Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Asda brick and mortar stores offer an array of Amazon gift cards with pre-filled denominations from 20 Euro to 100.

While these cards are available in the majority of these locations, the denominations and designs will differ depending on where you go to buy them.

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Can You Buy Amazon Gift Cards on Asda’s Website?

Unfortunately at this time, it doesn’t look like you can buy Amazon gift cards on the Asda website. However, there is a huge array of other gift card options available you can purchase right from their site including,

  • Addidas
  • Airbnb
  • Call of Duty
  • Blizzard
  • Buy a Gift (dinner, date night, tea)
  • Nintendo
  • Homesense
  • Minecraft
  • Nike
  • Spotify
  • Footlocker

How Do You Buy Amazon Gift Cards from Asda?

Purchasing Amazon gift cards from Asda stores are similar to buying almost any other type of item they sell.

You choose the card you want with the denomination you prefer, then take it up to the cash register for check out.

Most stores keep their card selection displays in the front of the building near the check-out lines, making them easy to find and making it quicker to cash out.

You can pay for the Amazon gift card with cash, credit card, or debit card, and it can be combined with the rest of your items or you can buy it separately. 

Once your purchase is complete, you should always keep your receipt. Amazon gift cards are not activated until they are scanned by the cashier.

If your scanning is not completed properly the card may not activate and will be useless.

The only way you can return an unactivated Amazon gift card to Asda, is with proof of purchase, bring your receipt.

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Can You Buy an Amazon Gift Card with an Asda Gift Card?

A gift card to any other retailer, including Asda cards, is not a valid form of payment for Amazon gift cards.

These cards are only good for items you purchase from their store, and cannot go towards paying for items through another company.

Can You Buy Products on Asda’s Website with an Asda Gift Card?

Yes, you can use your Asda gift cards to buy items at your local Asda stores. However, if you purchase things that need to be delivered you have to pay an additional delivery fee, which may not be covered with the Asda gift card.

How do You Cash Out Online with an Asda Gift Card?

When you are ready to cash out, click the cart (or trolly) symbol in the top right-hand corner of the page, then you have the option of adding your location or logging into your account.

Once in an account, select payment method, and a box for gift card codes should pop up. Enter the numbers provided on the back of your Asda card there, and the balance on the card will transfer to your account.

Asda Gift Card Services

When you log onto the Asda website, you will notice they provide a few different services for customers who are using their gift cards. Some of the services available include balance checks, special occasion cards, and top off your gift card options.

You don’t need a special gift card to top them off either. If you purchase an Asda gift card for a friend, they can top them off whenever they want.

You can also go into your Asda online accounts and track your gift card history, transactions, and purchases. 

Asda also offers customers a Christmas card service, where you can put money away each month that is then available for Christmas shopping at the end of the year.

Not only does this card help you save money over time, so you can spend your holidays stress-free, it also provides perks and bonuses every time you use it.

Can You Use Asda Gift Cards on Amazon or Anywhere Else?

You cannot use your Asda gift cards on Amazon or other retail sites that have nothing to do with the Asda company. However, you can use these gift cards at any George location or at George online. 

George is an Asda shop that is considered to be one of the fastest growing online fashion stores on the market.

You can buy Asda or George gift cards from the Asda online website or at any of their retail locations.

What Items Can Not be Purchased with an Asda Gift Card?

According to the Asda website, you can not use a store gift card to buy petroleum, lottery tickets, and (as previously mentioned) other retailers’ gift cards. 

For a full list of items you can and cannot buy with an Asda Gift card, please contact the company or look for the information on their website.

Can You Return an Amazon Gift Cards to Asda?

Once you buy any gift card from Asda stores, you can not return them or exchange them for another gift card or product.

The only way you can bring a card back is if it wasn’t activated properly. Any other issues associated with your gift cards have to be taken up with the company.

Summing Things Up

If you are looking for an Amazon gift card, you can easily pick one up from Asda when you are out buying groceries or other products and supplies.

Asda is known for being an affordable and quality shopping center where you can purchase everything you need and things you don’t.

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