Are Tesco Jam Doughnuts Vegan? (Are They Good?)

Are Tesco Jam Doughnuts Vegan

Do you know if Tesco Jam Doughnuts are vegan? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

The Tesco Jazzy Jam Doughnuts launched last year, in 2021, are 100% vegan. Typically, doughnuts are not vegan. Most doughnuts are made of batter that contains eggs, butter, and milk. Tesco also sells plenty traditional doughnuts, but you can purchase jam doughnuts at Tesco that are vegan under the Wicked Kitchen brand.

Tesco has been making moves to offer more plant-based foods for some time, now. Doughnuts are loved by all kinds of people, but vegans haven’t had many options. Keep reading to find all you need to know about Tesco’s Jazzy Jam Vegan Doughnuts.

Are All Jam Doughnuts at Tesco Vegan?

Don’t get caught up thinking you can pull any package of doughnuts off the shelf at Tesco and they’ll be vegan. Most of the jam doughnuts and other flavors are not vegan.

They have dairy products in them, as well as eggs, sometimes.

The Jazzy Jam Doughnuts branded under Wicked Kitchen are completely vegan and are marked accordingly. You’ll find a white V in a green square on the front of the packaging.

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What’s in Jazzy Jam Doughnuts?

Jazzy Jam Doughnuts have apple raspberry jam inside and a dusting of sugar outside. They’re soft and fluffy with delicious filling.

Some of the main ingredients in these doughnuts include wheat flour, water, apple puree, raspberry puree, sugar, palm oil, and yeast. There are some other small amounts of substances, but none of them come from an animal.

Strict Vegans May Not Want to Eat Wicked Kitchen’s Jazzy Jam Doughnuts

You may know there are varied levels of veganism. By definition, vegans do not eat anything that comes from an animal. They differ from vegetarians because they don’t eat eggs or dairy along with skipping meat. 

Here’s the thing, though. Some vegans won’t use any products that have anything to do with coming from animals or by way of causing harm to animals.

That means clothing, healthcare products, beauty products, and anything else that has any type of animal-associated origin is off limits. 

Another level of veganism takes it beyond just the ingredients in the food. At this level, vegans want to know how the food was processed and what other products and foods are processed in the same facility or on the same equipment. 

All of that being said, the packaging of Jazzy Jam Doughnuts indicates they are “not suitable for milk and egg allergy sufferers.” So, what does this mean?

This means that the doughnuts are processed in a facility where other foods are made with milk and eggs. They cannot guarantee the doughnuts have not come in contact with the milk and eggs.

Are Tesco Jam Vegan Doughnuts More Expensive than Traditional Jam Doughnuts?

Here’s the best part. The Jazzy Jam Doughnuts aren’t any more expensive than the traditional jam doughnuts. The per doughnut cost is the same for the two different types of jam doughnuts.

Are Vegan Jam Doughnuts Good for You?

Whether they’re traditional doughnuts or vegan doughnuts, they’re still doughnuts. Doughnuts are not meant to be a health food.

They’re a treat. Vegan doughnuts are full of calories, fat, and sugar just like traditional doughnuts are. So, the takeaway here is to eat them in moderation. It’s fine to have a treat now and then. It’s not a good idea to sit down and eat the whole pack.

What Other Vegan Treats Does Tesco Sell?

Tesco has been pushing to get more vegan items into its aisles for a while. You’ll find everything from vegan mayo to vegan frozen pizza, and vegan lunch ‘meat’ all throughout the store. 

Some vegan treats are found in the ice cream aisle. You can also find vegan cookies and cakes. 

Do Tesco Doughnuts Have Eggs?

The traditional Tesco doughnuts do have eggs in them. They also contain milk and could contain some high allergen foods. Bakery items at Tesco may contain peanuts, tree nuts, soya, and sesame.

How Are Doughnuts Made?

Let’s start by saying there are typically two classes of doughnuts–fried and baked. 

Fried doughnuts are the light and fluffy ones. They’re usually larger in size and they hold glaze well. The recipes for these have yeast to make them rise.

Baked doughnuts don’t rise. They’re smaller and denser. Cake doughnuts are baked. Many of this type are covered in a dusting of sugar. 

Regardless of the class of doughnut, they start as batter. The batters will vary with different ingredients. Once the mixture is complete, it gets kneaded. The kneaded dough will then have to sit for proofing.

When the dough is fully proofed, it gets put into a hopper. The hopper is the part of the machine that’s bowl-like. The machine is an extruder.

The extruder forces the dough through tubes that spits the dough out into a ring or other pre-determined shape.

From there, the doughnuts move along a conveyor belt into a fry vat or get taken and put in the oven.


Tesco Jazzy Jam Doughnuts made under the brand name Wicked Kitchen are vegan. There are not animal-associated ingredients in them.

They are packaged in batches of five and carry the same price per doughnut as traditional versions. 

The other doughnut options at Tesco are not vegan. It’s important to choose the correct ones off the shelf for those following a vegan diet and lifestyle.



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