Are Tesco Breadsticks Vegan? (Are They Good?)

Are Tesco Breadsticks Vegan

Do you know if Tesco Breadsticks are vegan? Are they good? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Tesco breadsticks qualify as vegetarian food but not vegan. This is due to the possibility of trace amounts of milk. The most likely reason is the breadsticks are processed in a facility on equipment where dairy products are used. The possible presence of dairy in the breadsticks disqualifies them from the vegan category, by strict standards.

Vegan diets are full of plant-based goodness and nothing that comes from an animal. The guidelines to qualify as vegan food are specific.

We’re looking at Tesco breadsticks and what’s in them. Keep reading to find out why they’re not technically rated as vegan.

Why Aren’t Tesco Breadsticks Vegan?

Many Tesco products are vegan-friendly. However, the breadsticks are not part of that category. Tesco breadsticks are rated vegetarian.

The ingredients in Tesco breadsticks include the following: wheat flour, yeast, salt, malt barley extract, and olive oil.

All of these are usually considered vegan, individually. However, there is a disclaimer on the packaging indicating the breadsticks may contain milk.

The possibility there may be milk in the breadsticks is what takes them out of the vegan category. 

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What Does ‘May Contain Milk’ Mean?

Many foods have phrases that start with ‘may contain’ printed on their packaging. In this instance, the phrase is ‘may contain milk’ while other times it could say ‘may contain nuts’ or something else.

These phrases indicate the foods are packaged in plants where those other ingredients are used for various other foods.

Sometimes the food is processed on the same equipment where milk is used in another food.

Since the manufacturer cannot guarantee none of the milk came in contact with the breadsticks, in this situation, the food cannot be deemed vegan.

Why Are Tesco Breadsticks Vegetarian?

The terms vegetarian and vegan are different. Both lifestyles include diets filled with plant-based foods, but vegans take it to another level.

Tesco breadsticks may contain milk. Milk is ok for anyone following a vegetarian diet. Milk is not ok for someone sticking to a vegan diet.

What’s the Difference Between Vegetarian and Vegan?

Vegetarians do not eat meat. That means they don’t eat beef, pork, poultry, or fish. Vegans do not eat meat either.

Vegans also do not eat anything that comes from an animal. That means, no eggs, no milk, no dairy of any kind, and no honey, in some cases.

Some Vegans May Accept Tesco Breadsticks

Vegans and vegetarians tend to follow their own rules and instincts when it comes to deciding what to eat.

Some vegans may be ok with eating Tesco breadsticks because their actual ingredients are vegan. Those who follow strict vegan guidelines will not eat Tesco breadsticks because of the possibility they’ve come in contact with dairy.

Some rating systems may even qualify Tesco breadsticks as vegan if they rate solely on the ingredients list.

Other systems incorporate the processing methods and equipment into the rating. Hardcore vegans who only use products and eat foods that have nothing in them from an animal go by the strictest of rating systems.

Are Tesco Breadsticks Good for You?

Tesco breadsticks are not low calorie foods. However, they are low in fat and extremely low in saturated fat.

They do not have a lot of sugar or salt. They provide a little protein and dietary fiber, as well as some carbohydrates.

Tesco breadsticks have some nutritional value and can be included as part of a well-balanced diet.

Where Can You Buy Tesco Breadsticks?

Tesco is a British grocery brand that’s sold all over the United Kingdom. However, many of the Tesco products, including Tesco breadsticks, can be purchased online through their website and shipped to almost anywhere in the world.

What Other Vegan Products Does Tesco Offer?

Tesco is dedicated to offering enough vegan products for vegans to find everything they need for a healthy, balanced diet.

The company offers a wide variety of vegan-friendly foods and drinks.

Here are some of the vegan products you can find at Tesco:

  • Baby and toddler food
  • Bread
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Juice
  • Dairy substitutes (milk, butter, yogurt, cheese)
  • Salad
  • Soup
  • Pre-packaged frozen meals
  • Spices
  • Sauces
  • Ice cream
  • Baking mixes

This isn’t an exhaustive list. You can see there are foods and drinks in many departments for vegans to purchase, though.

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How Does Tesco Denote Vegan Foods?

If you know what you’re looking for, you can decide if something is vegan by looking at the ingredients list. However, that can be time consuming when you’re shopping for a cart full of groceries. 

Tesco brand foods are marked with specific symbols to denote vegan or vegetarian foods. The company developed a system to identify these types of food easier for customers. 

Tesco marks vegan foods with a white letter V and a green oval around it. Vegetarian foods are marked the same way but the V is printed in black. 

Online customers can use filters built into the website to search for vegan or vegetarian foods.

Final Thoughts

Tesco breadsticks are not vegan by strict guidelines which include the processing methods. They are vegan based on ingredients alone.

Tesco indicates their breadsticks to be vegetarian by the identifying logo printed on the packaging. It is a black letter V with a green oval around it. 

Though Tesco breadsticks have no animal-product ingredients included in their recipe, they may contain traces of milk due to the way they are processed. Tesco breadsticks are technically not vegan.



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