Are One Bars Kosher? (Protein Bars – The Truth!)

Are one Bars Kosher

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if ONE Bars are kosher? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

So, are ONE Bars kosher? ONE Brands offers an extensive array of protein bars in many flavors. They are not fit for a kosher diet, though. They’re low on sugar and high on nutritional value, and are also certified gluten-free, but they don’t make the cut for kosher dietary laws. 

There was a time a few years back when ONE Brands launched a kosher protein bar. We’ll talk about that in just a minute. Generally, ONE bars are not kosher. Keep reading to find out why.

Are ONE Bars Kosher?

ONE Bars are not kosher. So, does this mean they’re not healthy? No, it doesn’t. The term kosher gets wrongly associated with meaning healthy quite often. Kosher doesn’t mean healthy, nor does it mean unhealthy.

Kosher means allowable for consumption under the Jewish dietary laws. 

ONE Bars are not certified kosher because they contain ingredients that are not permissable to be eaten.

It could be there’s just one ingredient that isn’t kosher or that all of the ingredients aren’t kosher. Either way, ONE Bars are not kosher foods.

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What Makes a Food Kosher?

Let’s dive a little deeper into what kosher means. We mentioned above it stems from the Jewish dietary laws governing foods that are allowable for consumption. Read on for more about kosher.

The kosher dietary laws break foods into three groups–dairy, meat, and pareve. Pareve is also sometimes spelled as parve. They are one-in-the-same, though. 

Dairy foods must come from animals that are kosher. So, any milk, cheese, butter, or cream must be made with milk from a kosher animal. So, what is a kosher animal?

Kosher meat comes from a kosher animal. Kosher animals are only those with split hooves. For instance, cows, sheep, and goats all have split hooves, thus they are kosher.

Horses have hooves but that aren’t split. Horse meat is not kosher.

Pareve is the leftover category. If it’s not dairy or meat, it falls into the pareve category. This includes everything from packaged foods to pasta, and fish to eggs. Fish must have both fins and scales for kosher certification.

That means shellfish, shrimp, and crab are not kosher.

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Are Kosher Foods Labeled?

Pre-packaged foods that are kosher should be labeled. There is an indicator system in place to help people know what foods are kosher. It’s not a perfect system, but it helps.

Foods Labeled “K”

You’ll see a K or a K inside a circle on the packaging of certified kosher foods. The letter is usually stamped somewhere close to the seal or the name of the product.

The K lets shoppers know the food is certified kosher and was processed or prepared on kosher equipment.

Foods Labeled “D”

None of the kosher foods are labeled with a D alone. If the food is labeled with the K, you may sometimes see a D after the K. D indicates the food has dairy in it.

The dairy is also certified kosher but the consumer knows they must follow the dietary rules for dairy when eating the food. 

Foods Labeled “U”

U is used on packaged foods in the pareve category to indicate a kosher certification. It’s usually located by the name of the product or somewhere by the nutritional information panel. It also sometimes has a circle around the letter.

Though ONE bars are not kosher, other protein bars that are will have a U somewhere on the packaging.

Foods Labeled “P”

The P label is special. Foods labeled with P aren’t only kosher, they’re kosher and acceptable for consumption during Passover, a Jewish religious holiday.

There are additional dietary rules surrounding Passover, so fewer foods are labeled with P.

Is Kosher Food Good for You?

Kosher food can be good for you. The word kosher is not synonymous with the word healthy, however. It’s a common misconception that all kosher food is healthy food. 

We will say that kosher food is often healthy. This is due to the fact that kosher foods fall under a lot of restrictions with regards to how the food is processed and if it is processed at all.

Many kosher foods are made with raw ingredients rather than those that are heavily processed. The nutritional value of raw ingredients remains intact instead of being lost to processing.

What Are ONE Basix Bars?

We mentioned above that once upon a time, ONE Brands did launch a kosher protein bar. So, what happened to it?

Here’s what we know. Back in 2018, ONE Brands took their newly formulated ONE Basix bars to the Natural Products Expo West Show in California to debut them.

They were set to roll out to some gyms and specialty nutrition stores in May of that same year.

There were three flavors set to hit the shelves during the launch–Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk, Cookie Dough Chocolate Chunk, and Triple Chocolate Chunk. 

Though the company did release them, they’re not available on the company’s website currently. It obviously wasn’t a lucrative endeavor for ONE Brands.

Final Thoughts

ONE Bars are protein bars that come in a wide variety of flavors. They are not kosher, though, so leave them on the shelf if you follow the kosher dietary lifestyle.

Though ONE Brands makes their products with the most natural ingredients they can and keeps nutritional value in mind, they still produce the bars using non-kosher ingredients and processes. You’ll need to look elsewhere for your kosher protein bar.

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