Are Monet Chains Real Gold? (All You Need to Know)

Are Monet Chains Real Gold

When it comes to jewelry, you want to know the value of what you’re buying. Some jewelry crafters use exclusively precious metals, while others use less expensive materials. So where does Monet fall on the spectrum?

Monet chains are not made with real gold. Instead, they are triple plated with gold but since they are not at least 10 karat gold, cannot be considered real gold pieces of jewelry.

In this article, we will review what metals Monet does use for its chains if they are worth anything, whether they are still fashionable, where they are sold, and more.

What Metals Are Used to Make Monet Chains?

Monet chains are made from an inexpensive base metal that is subsequently triple plated in gold to give it an authentic look without the need to charge a high price to customers. Monet also uses silver plating in much the same fashion.

Since the bulk of the materials used to create Monet chains is not highly valuable, these jewelry pieces are often considered costume.

In addition to gold and silver plated chains, Monet also manufactures other jewelry items such as necklaces and pendants similar to their chains but with the benefit of stones.

Much like their view on using precious metals, most Monet pieces utilize high quality glass that imitates the beauty and showmanship of real gemstones without the high price.

Sterling silver is also another popular material for Monet chains since the metal is good quality, but the price point is still within the budget range of Monet’s target customer base.

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Are Monet Chains Worth Anything?

Most Monet jewelry, including chains, is considered costume jewelry. The chains are not made from precious metals, so they do not cost much to the customer, to begin with.

Most Monet chains cost less than $30 and ones that are slightly more expensive are probably vintage.

Older pieces of Monet jewelry that have a unique vintage design or are considered rare Monet pieces may be worth a little more than your average costume piece. In the case of Monet chains, value is in the eye of the beholder – or rather, the wallet holder.

Don’t bank on your Monet jewelry being worth any more than you paid for it.

Monet chains are plated with gold but not actually filled with gold, so their value does not align with the going rate of gold.

For the best shot at getting a decent return on investment, try selling your Monet chain on Etsy and hope someone sees the value in it that you do.

Does Monet Still Make Chains and Other Jewelry?

Monet started making chains and other jewelry in the 1930s and will soon be approaching its one hundredth anniversary. Monet still makes chains and other jewelry to align with the fashion of the modern era.

Monet’s original mission was to provide costume jewelry that mimicked fine jewelry so that average women could afford to wear nice looking accessories.

They still uphold the same mission today and continue to make jewelry for everyone. Throughout the decades, Monet has matched the styles of its chains and jewelry to the popular styles of the times.

Monet’s chains range from big and chunky to small and fragile depending on the demand of its customers. It continues to produce quality costume jewelry and the market for its vintage pieces is also highly popular.

Monet supplies merchandise to some of the biggest department stores and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for quite some time.

Are Monet’s Gold Chains Still Fashionable?

No matter what the style of the day is, a simple gold chain is a staple piece of jewelry that will never go out of fashion.

A Monet chain can accessorize styles from any era by dressing up or dressing down any outfit. The proof of Monet’s fashionability lies in the unending demand for such classic accessories.

Monet continues to make gold chains of various lengths, thicknesses, and overall styles that have pleased its customers for decades. Additionally, retro jewelry is on the rise and since Monet first started in the 1930s, there are plenty of old pieces to unearth.

Monet’s vintage jewelry, including the gold chains, is in demand on resale websites like Etsy and eBay.

Even though they are not made from real gold, Monet’s stunning craftsmanship perfectly mimics the real thing which puts their chains in a category all their own that will stand the test of time no matter how fashion changes and evolves.

Where Can You Buy Monet Chains?

Monet chains and other jewelry can be found at some of the big name department stores such as JCPenney and Macy’s.

Additionally, Monet’s vintage chains, including those crafted all the way back in the early 20th century, are popping up on resale websites such as eBay and Etsy.

Pawn shops may sell some more unique and rarer vintage Monet pieces and antique stores might also have a few Monet chains originally sold decades ago.

Poshmark and Amazon are also places to look for Monet chains.

Monet does not have a website or a brick and mortar store where they sell their products directly.

However, it is not hard to find a place that sells Monet chains since most vendors are readily available online or within large shopping malls. No matter where you live, you should be able to find a Monet seller.


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Monet is one of the most popular brands of costume jewelry, which means they make highly affordable jewelry by not using expensive materials.

As such, their gold chains are not made from real gold. Instead, they are made from base metal and then triple plated with gold to give them that stunning valuable look.

Most Monet chains are not worth a whole lot; however, their vintage jewelry has gained popularity so especially rare and unique pieces may have some value.

Despite their inexpensive nature, Monet’s gold chains have stood the test of time and are still considered fashionable today.



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