Are Kirkland Facial Wipes Biodegradable (The Truth!)

Are Kirkland Facial Wipes Biodegradable

Do you know if Kirkland Facial Wipes are biodegradable? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Most people these days are becoming more aware of the products they use and the carbon footprints they are leaving behind. That is why so many companies are striving to be more economical and environmentally friendly.

Kirkland is one of those companies as they have many biodegradable products.

So, are Kirkland facial wipes biodegradable? Yes. Kirkland facial wipes are biodegradable and are made from compostable and renewable raw materials, with wood processed through photosynthesis, making them safe for disposal and the planet. 

This article is going to discuss why Kirkland facial wipes are an excellent option for protecting our planet but not so great for your plumbing.

Are Kirkland facial wipes biodegradable?

Kirkland facial wipes are sold by Costco but are not made by Costco, nor are they made by Kirkland; they are made by outsourced manufacturing companies right here in the U.S.A, with quality materials and produced sustainably.

Some of the ingredients in the Kirkland Facial Wipes include:

  • Water
  • Dicaprylyl
  • Ether
  • Decyl Glucoside
  • Glyceryl Oleate
  • Phenoxyethanol

However, the most important part is that they are made out of Tencel. Tencel is a raw wood material that is not biodegradable but also compostable. 

Thus, making it a great product for reducing landfill space.

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What Exactly is Tencel?

The Tencel process starts from in the forest, where wood is sourced through an environmentally kind process, creating a product from natural cellulosic fibers.

This allows the items to be used and then re-introduced back into nature. 

Tencel has many great benefits, including:

  • It is gentle on the skin
  • It contributes to breathability
  • It possesses color retention
  • It has a botanic origin
  • It utilizes a sustainable production
  • The product is less likely going to develop bacterial growth

This product is not only used in facial wipes or cleansing products but can also be noted in the creation of activewear, denim, shoes, sheets, and so much more.

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Can You Flush Kirkland Facial Wipes in The Toilet?

Just because they are biodegradable doesn’t necessarily mean they are flushable. Although many sources state these wipes are flushable, many others will tell you that’s not such a good idea.

These facial wipes will break down and eventually revert back to a natural source; however, the process is not instant and due to that fact, it is a risky choice to make.

Flushing any type of biodegradable material, whether it is stated okay or not, can technically lead to a backup in your pipes, creating a giant mess for you to clean up.

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Are Kirkland Facial Wipes Compostable?

There are so many items that people throw in the trash daily that they don’t realize are actually ideal for their compost piles.

Kirkland Signature facial wipes are one of these products. These daily face cleaners are made from plant-based materials and are 100% biodegradable.

The formula is parabon-free, and made with clean, hypo-allergenic ingredients that are totally safe to be added to any compost pile. 

However, the containers are non-disposable or biodegradable and should never be composted, they will need to be tossed in the trash.

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Are Kirkland Signature Facial Towelettes Biodegradable?

Yes. Just like Kirkland’s daily face wipes, their facial towelettes are also biodegradable.

This product is made from re-purposed cotton that was taken from re-purposed excess fabric from clothing production. (so, if you see a colorful towelette in your package, don’t be alarmed.)

Cotton can be biodegradable with or without oxygen, making it another perfect option for eco-friendly products.

Are Kirkland Signature Facial Towelettes Compostable?

Again, the answer is yes. Because these face wipes are made from biodegradable cotton and other plant-based materials, they will do very well in compost piles, and this is why it is suggested you compost your dryer lint. 

Did you know that cotton will degrade much faster in your compost pile than it will in a landfill? This is due to the heat and oxygen exposure to the materials. 

Where Can You Purchase Kirkland Signature Facial Wipes?

Kirkland is a private label for the Costco retail store.

The Kirkland facial wipes are only available through Costco stores or their online shop. However, you can find them through third-party sellers as well, including eBay, Amazon, etc.

Using third-party sites can be a little risky, and chances are good the prices are going to be outrageous.

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Summing Things Up

To answer the question, yes, Kirkland signature facial wipes and most other facial cleaning products are biodegradable and safe for the planet.

They are e sourced from eco-friendly materials and plant-based formulas.

Just don’t forget, being biodegradable doesn’t mean they are flushable, and choosing to flush these products can cost you a lot of time and money when dealing with a backed-up septic tank.

It is better to throw your wipes in the trash or compost pile just to be safe.

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