Are Centrum Vitamins Made in China? (The Truth!)

Are Centrum Vitamins Made in China

Do you know if Centrum vitamins are made in China? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Our bodies need many minerals and nutrients to thrive, but it’s hard to get all of what we need in our day-to-day lives. That’s where vitamins come in: one pill or tablet can provide all of the nutrients and minerals you need or at least a great deal of it.

But naturally, they aren’t all created equal. Knowing where your vitamins are made is pretty important.

So, are Centrum Vitamins made in China? Well, the answer is not so straightforward. Centrum vitamins are manufactured by Pfizer in the plant Suzhou, China. There’s a reason for it, and there are many details to take into consideration when considering this fact. So regardless of where the product is made or where its ingredients come from, you can rest assured that they have been tested for quality and safety if they were imported to America.

All in all, you can trust Centrum multivitamins and supplements on those fronts.

The situation is a bit complex, but we’ll cover everything you need to know here.

Is Centrum its Own Company?

In the corporate world, many companies are owned by even larger and more influential companies. Think of the situation with Disney: a large company that owns smaller companies, but they are not all the same company. This is pretty much Centrum’s situation.

Centrum started as its own company back in 1968 on American soil. However, today they are owned by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer (yes, the same Pfizer that made one of the Covid vaccines).

Pfizer was founded back in 1849, and it also owns the Caltrate brand.

However, just saying that Centrum is owned by Pfizer isn’t even accurate anymore. In 2019, Pfizer merged with a company called GlaxoSmithKline, also known as GSK.

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By merging, they’ve become the largest over-the-counter drugs business in the world. 

So, Centrum is owned (and manufactured) by Pfizer. As for where Pfizer does that manufacturing, well…

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Pfizer’s Manufacturing Operations

Pfizer has been established in China since some time in the 1980s, with a significant presence there: they have offices and research labs in approximately 300 different cities in China.

However, most of their manufacturing is done in a small number of production facilities.

There are four main plants that produce Centrum vitamins in China, but the most prominent of these is in Suzhou.

From these plants, Centrum products are manufactured or procured and then shipped around the world, including the United States.

Are Foreign Manufactured Vitamins Worse Than Domestic Ones?

This question is a little harder than “yes” or “no.” For one, it mostly depends on what you care about. If you want to support local industry by only purchasing domestic-made goods, then you could argue that Centrum is a bad brand you don’t want to buy.

But as far as the actual quality of the vitamins is concerned, being manufactured in another country doesn’t really say much about it.

After all, it would be a little presumptuous to assume that China can’t manufacture vitamins of the same quality as everyone else. Still, there are a few things to consider.

Oddly enough, vitamins are not considered “drugs” by the United States law. Instead, they are classified as “food.” Why this is, only the government could say.

But what it means is that vitamins and supplements like Centrum products do not face the same stringent regulations and scrutiny that drugs do at the hands of the FDA.

This may sound worrying at first since it seems to imply that there are no protections or quality assurances in place for multivitamins.

However, that is not true. While the measures may not be as strict as they are with products classified as drugs, the FDA still has legal guidelines in place that demand the testing of vitamins and supplements.

Regardless of where a product is manufactured or where its ingredients came from, the FDA requires the companies that make them test and certify each and every ingredient.

Furthermore, these companies must test finished products that are ready for entry into the market to ensure that they are accurate to the labeled ingredients.

Recommendations by Health Professionals

Centrum has not gone completely without bad press before, but that can be said of nearly any company.

If you are still wary of Centrum multivitamins and supplements, you can always rely on the recommendations of health professionals, who wouldn’t recommend any sort of dangerous or untested product to you if they value their medical license.

Centrum is one of, if not the, most popular multivitamin and supplement brands in the United States.

 Of course, there is no doubt that advertisement campaigns over the years have had a lot to do with that, but if Centrum was an untrustworthy brand that posed a risk to the public’s health, it certainly would not be so popular.

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Centrum offers a wide array of multivitamins and supplements, but Centrum itself is owned by the Pfizer-GSK merged pharmaceutical company.

That merger company manufactures its products, including Centrum products, in several facilities throughout China, then proceeds to import those products to America.

Vitamins and supplements are classified as food, rather than drugs, so they don’t face regulations as strict as drugs do at the hands of the FDA.

However, there are still regulations and guidelines in place to ensure that all products are safe and of high quality. In our opinion, we feel that Centrum is safe and worthy of consumption.

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