Are Blue Nile Diamonds Good Quality? (All You Need to Know)

Are Blue Nile Diamonds Good Quality

If you’re shopping for diamonds, and come across a Blue Nile diamond, you must have some skepticism in your mind about the price and why it retails for lesser than other diamonds. This begs the question; are Blue Nile Diamonds good quality?

With parent companies like Signet and Sterling Jewelers, Blue Nile diamonds are reputable jewelers with authentic, conflict-free, and good-quality diamonds akin to any other.

The price difference that puts off customers sometimes is only because of the difference in business strategies of Blue Nile compared with other competitors in the industry.

This article covers everything you need to know and more about the Blue Nile diamonds; from their product diversity and variety to their quality checks, ethical policies, founding history, business models, and reputation.

What are Blue Nile diamonds?

Blue Nile is an online jeweler retailer company founded in 1999 by Mark Vadon.

The owner got the idea of starting this ventured when he was shopping for an engagement ring and was exasperated at the small range of options provided by the diamond market at the time.

So, he founded his own company by forming a partnership, and built it to what it is today.

Blue Nile is known as the world’s leading online diamond jeweler for everything related to engagement and wedding rings. The company offices are in Seattle, Washington, and it has parent companies the likes of Signet and Sterling Jewelers.

They also put out a handful of different collections (seasonal and rare) every year, details of which can be found on their site.

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What kind of diamonds products does Blue Nile make?

The retailer has a variety of products it offers the customers, including but is not limited to:

  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding rings
  • Diamonds
  • Diamond Jewelry
  • Lab grown diamonds
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Design your own

The various shapes of the diamonds that Blue Nile retail offers are:

  • Round
  • Princess
  • Cushion
  • Oval
  • Emerald
  • Pear
  • Asscher
  • Heart
  • Radiant
  • Marquise

Are Blue Nile diamonds legitimate and good quality?

Blue Nile diamonds are high-quality diamonds offered at a reasonable price, which is daunting to customers because they’re used to the exorbitant prices offered by similar companies for the same product.

Blue Nile is a legitimate company that does not compromise on quality control and has various policies set in place to make sure its customers are satisfied.

The diamonds at Blue Nile are GIA graded and categorized. The retailer’s handcrafted diamond rings are quadruple-checked for any issues, and the jewelry experts present ensure the quality before the diamond is sent to shipping.

This ensures that every piece they make is not lacking in any way compared to their previous pieces and what the market is putting out at the moment.

The diamond experts hired by the company are also at the customer’s expense, ready to extend their knowledge to existing and potential customers, about how to choose a diamond for their jewelry piece, how to design it and choose the perfect setting. 

How are Blue Nile diamonds conflict-free?

A significant feature of this retailer is that they have a policy of only dealing with conflict-free diamonds.

Blue Nile only purchases ethically-sourced diamonds through respected suppliers who abide by the standards of the Kimberly process (standard protocol by the World Diamond Congress to ensure only ethically sourced diamonds pass through international airports).

This is done so as to avoid sourcing unethical or ‘blood diamonds’ which hold dangers for many communities around the globe, as blood diamonds affect environment safety and human rights. 

Blue Nile Diamonds business model

Blue Nile prides itself on the business model that made their engagement rings their most revenue-generating product.

This idea was adopted first by this online retailer and then mainstreamed by other throughout the market. 

Instead of purchasing diamond inventory and reselling it on their online store, what they do is list diamonds directly from the manufacturers and wholesalers, which allows them to offer their customers a large inventory.

This results in the diamonds being very competitively priced with enough selection for you to choose one that you desire. 

Their business model also completely skips the wholesaler costs; don’t have the typical costs of diamond retailers, and the business model makes sure you end up retaining a lot of your savings that would’ve otherwise been wasted. 

How is Blue Nile diamonds business model different?

This retailer’s business model is different from others in the market due to the following features:

  1. No overhead costs of traditional diamond retailers.
  2. Cuts out the middlemen, passing all savings to the customers.
  3. List diamonds directly from manufacturers/wholesalers onto their site.
  4. Offer full cash refunds if the customer isn’t satisfied.
  5. Have no ‘see first, then purchase’ policy for customers (virtual shopping only).

What kind of reputation has Blue Nile built for itself?

The retailers have built a respectable reputation for themselves as the leading retailers of diamond jewelry and are known globally.

Their impeccable reputation has allowed them to get into touch and build relationships with the largest legitimate wholesalers from all over the globe, which means they can offer you an even larger inventory on their site to choose from. 

This has also given them exclusivity rights, gaining Blue Nile a strong competitive advantage over other companies of similar or competitive nature and product in the market.

Their experts are one of the most well-known, along with their jewelry designers, for example Zac Posen, who is known for his unique designs and fantastic work.

Needless to say, Blue Nile diamonds have built a reputation for themselves as the first place to go to if you need to buy an engagement ring conveniently while also saving money. 

How is Blue Nile diamond’s customer service?

Blue Nile provides their customers with buying tips and unbiased guides, to make your purchase easier.

As an added facilitation for your purchase, there are experts available to answer any queries you may have, to help you compare diamonds, cut back on research time/cost, choose a perfect setting, the right diamond cut, wedding band, and jewelry for gift giving purposes.

Their site’s diamond education/certification page tells you all you need to know about selecting your perfect diamond, find out essential elements of gemstone quality (for you to asses by yourself), and much more. 

They offer their customers free shipping on every order, and even cater to your discrete packaging requests if you are to give it as a gift to someone, along with a secure and convenient pick up option.

If there’s any queries about the delivery, they have consultants available to answer your questions. 

Another amazing policy they have for customer care is their return policy; items purchased can be returned in 30 days from when they were shipped, free-of-charge, with no questions asked. 

They also have a lifetime manufacturer warranty, that gives customers the right to return to exchange a product if it’s damaged, along with cleaning and inspection services on diamond rings (completely free of charge). 

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Why is Blue Nile a good choice for diamond jewelry?

For the following reasons, we recommend you choose Blue Nile for your future diamond purchases:

  • Ethically sourced diamonds
  • Good customer care policies
  • Savings on every purchase
  • No known delivery costs
  • Experts at your expense to gain knowledge from

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Blue Nile diamonds are ethically sourced, GIA graded and categorized diamonds which have built up a reputation for themselves as the leading store for purchasing diamond related jewelry.

Not only have they risen in popularity ranks among existing and new customers, they also have strict ethical codes in place to make sure their diamond purchases don’t cause their customers any moral dilemma.

Their customer care policies like free lifetime warranty, the free secure shipping, free boxes, and gift cards, along with jewelry insurance, service discounts, and student discounts are what gained their well-deserved popularity.



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