Are Backpacks Allowed in Disneyland? (Do This Instead…)

Are Backpacks Allowed in Disneyland

If you’re a parent at Disneyland, there’s no way for you to make it through the day without some essential items at hand, and a backpack is the easiest way to keep those essentials with you.

But if you’ve never been to Disneyland, you might wonder if your backpack is allowed in the park. 

No theme park at Disneyland will allow visitors to bring in suitcases, coolers, bags, or backpacks that are longer than 24″ long by 15″ broad by 18″ high (61 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm) with or without wheels. However, smaller bags are allowed.

Let’s discover which rides allow you to take your backpack with you and which don’t, where you can store your backpack when you can’t take it with you, and how to keep your backpack protected while on rides like Splash Mountain. 

Can I Take My Backpack on Rides at Disneyland?

Every ride at Disneyland allows bags. Your luggage, including purses, backpacks, and baby bags, will be completely safe during the trip.

Larger items like bags usually drop at your feet when you’re cycling. Smaller bags are often worn, carried, or stored in the netting that holds bags.

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Where Will My Backpack Be While I’m On a Ride?

While using the attractions at Disney parks, there are numerous methods to keep baggage. In contrast to more thrilling activities, some softer attractions allow you to carry the backpack or keep it on while you ride.

Backpack Storage for Family Rides

Most family-friendly attractions at Disney parks, including those in Fantasyland, let you sit close to or keep your luggage in your lap as you ride. You can also set your luggage down on the ground if there is space.

This storage mechanism is mainly used for Peter Pan, It’s a Small World, and other rides at amusement parks. There is no luggage storage at the loading area for any of these attractions, and none of the ride vehicles offer storage spaces.

Typically, you feel compelled to hold it on your own, on the seat next to you, or on the floor.

You can leave your bag on the floor close to the fencing around several attractions, such as Soarin’, Dumbo, or Silly Symphony Swings. As a result, you won’t be lugging it when traveling.

This is due to the vehicle’s cramped seating space, which cannot hold the heaviest baggage. So be ready to comply with their instructions and place it in a secure area on the ground.

Backpack Storage for Thrill Rides

There are more locations to stow bags on faster or more thrilling journeys. Within the ride cars of the majority of these rides, there are mesh storage compartments where you may keep small bags and other goods.

You should put the backpacks at your feet if your belongings don’t fit in the included mesh pockets.

I’ve been on every thrill ride at a Disney Park, including Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Test Track, Incredicoaster, and others, and I’ve never had any discomfort from having a bag at my feet.

Packing for these journeys should take into account the possibility of bag movement.

What Should I Do with My Backpack for Water Rides?

Splash Mountain is the water feature at Disneyland that is the most well-liked. Kali River Rapids and Grizzly River Run are two examples of substantial raft rides. How should your bag be carried on these trips?

The raft rides provide better storage options than Splash Mountain because free lockers are now accessible outside the attractions for your goods.

However, Splash Mountain lacks any storage facilities. You must thus bring your luggage. You must thus decide how to stay dry.

How Do I Keep My Backpack Dry?

1. Ziploc Bags

Include a couple of additional zip-top bags for the Disney parks. They are far more critical than you would realize and are excellent for keeping your mobile or other belongings safe when taking trips on the water.

Additionally, thanks to a partnership between Disney and Ziploc, complimentary Ziplocs with Splash Mountain themes are now available! While Ziplocs are great for small items, using them won’t allow your entire bag to dry. Nevertheless, there are still other options.

2. Ponchos

Using a poncho is the easiest way to keep your whole backpack safe on water rides. This is the only foolproof technique to guarantee that your backpack will remain dry throughout the journey. Buying your poncho at Walmart or another store outside the parks would be the best option.

Ponchos are only available in parks during downpours, and even then, what is the point?

3. Use a Free Locker

While enjoying one of these rides, you may carry anything you wish to keep dry in one of the complimentary lockers that Disney has made accessible. These lockers are first come, first served and are complimentary for up to two hours.

Put everything you do not wish to get wet in the locker before boarding one of these boat water rides. There is no available storage throughout the journey.

These lockers are located at:

  • Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom situated near the ride’s entrance.
  • Grizzly River Run at California Adventure situated close to the sizeable grizzly bear statue at the ride’s entrance.

4. Rent a Locker

The Esplanade area, which is situated between the two parks, provides locker rentals both within and outside, making Disneyland unusual.

Additionally, a limited number of lockers are rented on a first-come, first-served basis, much like at Walt Disney World.

Disneyland has two different lockers inside the parks in addition to a few alternatives accessible on the Esplanade outside the parks. The lockers within the parks are located close to the entrances. The Esplanade’s lockers are close to Downtown Disney, although they are not close to the park’s main entrance.

  • $7 per day for small lockers
  • $10 per day for large lockers


A backpack is the most convenient method to carry the necessities you’ll need if you’re a parent visiting Disneyland; you won’t be able to get through the day without them.

However, if you’ve never gone to Disneyland, you might be unsure if you can bring a backpack.

No guests may carry in luggage, bags, coolers, or backpacks that are longer than 24″ long by 15″ wide by 18″ high (61 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm), with or without wheels, to any theme park at Disneyland. Smaller bags are permitted, though.



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