Are All King Mattresses the Same Size (Explained!)

Are All King Mattresses the Same Size

Do you know if all King mattresses the same size are? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Moving to another country or even state is exciting, and there’s plenty of new things to get used to. Food, language, and culture, and even your bed will be different! Not to mention the longstanding argument of what to call a doona, duvet, or comforter. 

Terms like ‘queen’ and ‘king’ mean different things in different countries, then there’s ‘super king’, ‘continental king’, and even ‘Californian king’.

With so many different names, it may cause a bit of tossing and turning at night. So what do all these bed and mattress sizes mean?

And are all king mattresses the same size? No, all king mattresses are not the same size. The term “King” refers to different sizes in different countries. If you’re in the US, then a king mattress measures 76 inches by 80 inches. If you’re in the UK, then a king-size mattress will measure 60 inches by 78 inches. For continental Europe, a king-size mattress will be 63 by 79 inches. 

King Bed Sizes Around the World

That’s right, much like clothes and electrical plugs, beds come in different sizes throughout the world. Turns out those lavish silk sheets you love may not fit on your bed waiting on the other side of the world or country!

Your king-size sheets from the UK will barely cover a queen-sized bed in the US.  

Unfortunately for international bed setters and mattress aficionados all around the world, there’s no internationally recognized size for a king-sized bed.

Here’s a comparison of the different versions of a king-size bed mattress around the world:

  • US King: 76 x 80 inches
  • Europe: 63 x 79 inches
  • UK: 60 x 78 inches
  • China: 72 x 79 inches
  • Singapore: 72 x 75 inches
  • Australia: 72 x 80 inches
  • South Africa: 72 x 79 inches
  • India: 72 x 85 inches

King, Super King, California King, Texas King, Continental King

For those needing a little more space for some decent shut-eye, there’s a whole world of king plus sizes available too.

The naming of each gets a little obscure, but luckily we’ve got a few celebrities on either side of the pond to clear things up for us. 

California King

Rihanna lays pledge to the ‘California King’ in one of her songs, with sugary sweet pop vocals swooning over the 10,000 miles of distance between lovers on the huge and springy California King mattress. 

In reality, the Californian king is only marginally bigger than a standard king-size mattress, coming in at 72 x 84 inches.

This same mattress is called a “Super King” for those who prefer the Queen’s English.  

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Continental King

Many European nations harbor a quite tall population on average, and to give everyone the best opportunity for sweet dreams, they created the European Continental King size, which measures up at 62 x 78 inches. 

Texas King

If you’re looking to really stretch out on an even bigger mattress, then you only need to head to the land of all things supersized: Texas.

Named after the second-largest state in the US, the Texas King-sized mattress spans 80 x 98 inches.

The great news here is the Texas King-size mattress will provide ample space for anyone up to 8 feet tall! 

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Why Are All King Bed Sizes Different Around the World?

One reason why bed sizes vary so much from one country to another is of course due to the size of people that sleep in them.

Take the world’s tallest nation, the Netherlands, where the average person stands 1.83 cm (72-inches) tall.

On the other side of the spectrum, for example, are some countries in Asia, where the average population is considerably shorter.

The knock-on effect is that beds in Europe are generally wider and longer, and anyone taller than 6 feet who’s visited Asia on vacation will know, Asian beds are amongst the smallest on the mattress spectrum. 

Another reason why all mattress sizes are different is due to different manufacturing processes and sizing relating to the bed frames in each country.

It’s not only the width and length that are different, the thickness will also vary from country to country. 

Mattress manufacturers follow the cues of bed frame manufacturers who build their bed frames to suit the average size needs of their localized population, and bedding manufacturers follow suit. 

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Ill-Fitting Mattresses and Mismatched Bedding

Meanwhile, in a sleepy lakeside town in the middle of Sweden, a clever group of Swedish manufacturers was studiously crafting an entirely new mattress size.

One that would cause many sleepless nights the world over. This is the introduction of the ill-fitting world of Ikea mattress sizes and bedding. 

Ikea King Size mattresses

Most Ikea mattresses are a gift for taller people and have prevented many sleepless nights for those over 6 feet tall. Ikea mattresses vary slightly from the traditional size in each country and are usually a little longer. 

For those in the US, a king-size Ikea mattress measures 76 x79.5 inches. There is no ‘super king’ size for Ikea mattresses in the US. 

For those in the UK, an Ikea king-size bed measures 62 by 78 inches and an Ikea super king measures 71 x 79 inches.  

Our European friends will be falling asleep under continental sized Ikea mattress, with a Euro King measuring 62 x 78 inches, a Euro King Long measuring 62 x 86 inches, a Euro Super King squares out at 78 x 78 inches, and a Euro Super King Long reaching a whopping 78 x 86 inches. 

King Size Bedding

Where there are king-sized beds, there must be king-sized bedding, and this is where many will start to feel a slight draft blowing on the ankles at night. 

Bedding sizes are usually manufactured to suit the bed sizes where they are intended for sale, so for example, a king-sized continental duvet cover and bedding set will be sold in Europe to fit a bed that measures 62 x 78 inches (Euro king mattress). 

The same goes for those in the US, where a trip to your favorite bedding store will provide various king-sized bedding options to suit King, California King, and Texas King size mattresses. 


No matter where you plan to lay your head at night, there’s no denying that a king-size bed is a great option. They’re long and wide enough to spread out and get a good night’s sleep.

Just remember that not all king-sized mattresses are created equal, and if you’re planning to relocate, you can expect your new king-sized bed may be a different size than what you’re used to. 



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