Will A Regular Queen Mattress Fit In A Camper or In An RV?


When you travel in a camper, sleep may make you worried, especially if you are accustomed to sleeping on a specific bed. If that particular bed is a queen, you might worry that it won’t fit your camper. You may think that you have to leave your beloved queen mattress behind when you stay in your camper.

Will a regular queen mattress fit in a camper Or Can you put a regular queen mattress in an RV? Short answer is No, it won´t fit properly. A standard queen mattress is 60” x 80” while a Camper or RV Queen is most of the time shorter at 60” x 75”. So in fact you can put a regular queen mattress in the RV but it won´t fit properly.

Shopping for a mattress for your camper can be stressful. There are other things to consider when purchasing or installing your queen mattress into your camper:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Thickness
  • Weight
  • Wear and Tear

What Is The Difference Between an RV Mattress and a Regular Mattress?

A standard queen mattress is purposely made for stationary frames that have environments that are generally around the same temperatures all year round. 

An RV Mattress is made to withstand environmental changes, extreme wear, and tear, as well as frequent movement.

However, the specific difference in these mattresses starts with their specifications.

TypeStandard QueenRV Queen
MaterialsPolyesterWoolCottonSome flame retardantsAdhesivesFlame retardant foamGelSprings

These specifications do not seem like significant differences until you get a mattress in your RV and you start traveling.

You will want a lighter mattress, so you have less weight to pull, and a shorter mattress means more room inside your RV.

What Happens if I Put a Regular Queen Mattress in My RV?

If you have the space necessary to put a standard mattress into your RV, it might work for a while. 

The issues will start to show up a few months, or weeks down the road depending on the conditions your mattress is exposed to.

Your mattress can end up with a laundry list of problems depending on where you travel, how much you travel, and when you travel.

A few problems you will want to watch out for are:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Damage to the mattress that affects sleep
  • Frustration with the size of mattress
  • Fear of fire risk due to materials mattress is made with

Some people never experience these issues, but if you want to steer clear of these risks.

It is recommended that you buy a mattress specifically made for an RV.

How Do I Choose a Good RV Mattress?

When trying to find a good mattress for your RV, you cannot just get the cheapest, the one that fits the best, or the one that is the lightest.

Shopping for a mattress means you have to compare every detail against every other mattress to find the one that works best for you and your RV space.

One of the easiest ways to figure out what you need is to know what you are looking for in 6 different aspects.

1. Budget

You definitely want to find a mattress that fits well within your budget. If you stay on the lower end of your budget, you have opportunities to put the money elsewhere or stash it for emergencies.

The biggest thing to remember is that just because a mattress is more expensive or cheaper, doesn’t mean it is the best or the worst.

2. Space

You have to be very intentional with the amount of space you have within your RV for a mattress.

Width and length are not things you can negotiate or make more room for when you are talking about an RV that is less than 500sq ft.

Standard queen mattresses usually measure 60x80x11, however, when you look at a mattress for an RV, the measurements are usually shorter by a few inches, 60x75x11 being the standard RV size.

Thickness is another aspect that is often overlooked.

If you buy a mattress that is too thick, you won’t have much clearance between your head and the ceiling when you sit up or get into your bed.

Standard queen mattresses would become a problem for most pop-up campers or bunk beds in a trailer.

3. Durability

Everything in an RV bounces around while you are traveling, and that includes the mattress.

If you do not purchase a mattress made for an RV, you risk having a mattress that cannot withstand the rougher conditions it will be exposed too.

In an RV temperature fluctuates so much, it will bounce around while being moved and needs to withstand random impacts.

Without buying the right kind of mattress, this can cause premature deterioration, rips, or sinking in parts of the mattress.

4. Weight

When you are pulling or driving, an RV around, you have to account for every single ounce that is attached to your vehicle.

A standard queen mattress can weigh anywhere from 40lbs to 120lbs depending on what it is made with.

An RV mattress is intentionally made with lighter materials so when the mattress is entirely put together, the mattress is as light as possible.

You want to keep your RV as light as possible and a mattress is usually the place you can end up with the most weight if you aren’t thorough with your research.

5. Materials

When you buy a mattress made for an RV, it will typically be made with foam.  Foam is intentionally safer due to a few reasons.

  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to mildew and Mold
  • Fire Retardant
  • Holds up to extreme temperature changes

This is great for those people who will leave their RV’s not in use for extended periods of time, since mildew thrives in those situations.

This also does well for those who use their RV year-round because you need a mattress that holds up to any environment it is introduced to.

(Source: Ameri Sleep)

What Size Mattress Is The Best Fit?  

The size of the mattress can make or break your trip in your camper. Too big and you won’t be able to take it with you, or too small and you’ll be uncomfortable whenever you try to sleep.

Find the one that is just right to make your trip in your camper the best.

Measure Your Camper Spaces

Your camper’s dimensions will impact what size furniture you can put inside it.

Given that you tend to move in and out of your camper as you choose, you want portable furniture that can fit and store well.

Be sure to measure out all areas of your camper to know just how much space you have to use towards a mattress, among other things.

It will save you time and money, not having to return to the store for another bed.

The More Space The Better

Shorter and smaller beds are always best to maximize the space in your camper. You can opt for a twin if you are sleeping alone.

If you need more space for a partner or children, you can choose a short queen. The dimensions are 60 x 74, rather than 60 x 80.

The few inches can make a big difference within your camper. A short queen mattress is also typical to buy among travelers because it is more compact.

Short Queen Mattresses Have Cuts In The Corners

Many camper owners make the mistake of trying to fit their home mattress into their camper. Often you may have to install the bed by one of the wheels, which won’t fit well with the mattress.

Regular queen mattresses are not made to be cut into or uneven so that you could damage your bedroom mattress.

A short queen has these cuts already built into them to account for the wheels of your camper.

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Does The Weight Or Thickness Matter?

These factors may not seem important, but just like the size of the mattress can impact whether it will fit, so will the weight and the thickness.

Too heavy, and you’ll lose gas mileage from the added poundage. Too thick and you’ll lose ample space as well. Be sure to measure and find out the weight of any mattress you intend to buy!

Don’t Bring Your Whole Mattress

While your mattress may not weigh a lot, if you try to bring the frame and springs with you, it will likely be hefty.

A camper can only carry so much weight at once, so the lighter all your furniture is, the better.

Even if you don’t go over the max weight, heavier items can slow your camper down and take more gas to travel.

If you are on the move a lot or plan to drive a great distance, the weight can impact the trip.

Thickness Isn’t Always Better When It Comes To Mattresses

Thick mattresses may sound like they would be more comfortable. However, the thickness can still equate to weight.

The weight can impact how much you can store in your camper and how far your gas will take you. As stated above, the less weight you carry on your camper, the better.

The thickness can also impact how it fits against the walls or insert where you want to put your bed.

Go For Foam 

Foam mattresses are the lightest options that work great in campers. Plus, you can roll it up and store it when you don’t need the bed.

The foam mattress will go back to its original shape after a few hours once it’s unrolled again.

This fact can make it a great option if you want to roll the bed up and use the extra space during the day for other activities.

What Kind Of Wear And Tear Can I Expect?

A mattress can get worn down over time, just like any other piece of furniture. When you take it in your camper, you can expect it exposed to other elements that can wear down quicker.

Mattresses Can Rip Over Time

Regardless of what kind of mattress you buy or use, you can expect your bed to tear from use and rubbing against the sides or walls of your camper. Plus, mattresses can rip just from a poorly placed nail or scissors.

Durable beds can last a bit longer than other ones. However, you can’t expect it to last forever.

Your bed will also have more chances of ripping if you try to use your bedroom mattress for your house and camper.

The Elements Can Make Quick Work Of Your Mattress

Your bed will be exposed to the elements while in your camper. Your mattress can expand and contract like your tires when exposed to extreme temperatures.

This factor can cause quicker wear and tear of your bed compared to the one in your bedroom. You want to make sure to protect your camper by heating and cooling it appropriately while using it.

You can store your mattress when you don’t expect to use it over a few months.

The Most Expensive Mattress Isn’t Always The Best

Don’t waste your money on the most expensive mattress that promises comfort and durability.

Some may hold up, however, most will likely have the same longevity as their cheaper counterparts. Since you’ll probably not sleep on it year-round, you’ll want one to store away until you use it again.

You don’t want your most expensive mattress collecting dust.

What Other Factors Should I Look Out For? 

Remember that your camper isn’t immobile like your home, so there will be other factors to consider when buying a mattress.

Think about what your car goes through, and your camper will likely face the same thing. Your bed inside the camper will also face these same factors. 

Think About Transfer Of Motion

You’ll likely be sleeping or have someone else sleeping while the camper is in motion.

A mattress that can soak up the movement can help you sleep soundly and for more extended periods. More sleep will let you enjoy your trip and stay awake when you are behind the wheel.

If you think you won’t be traveling while someone is sleeping, then this fact may not apply to you.

Foam Mattresses Are Fire And Mold Resistant

Another plus of using a foam mattress in your camper is that it is fire-resistant, which is excellent to decrease the chances of your camper setting on fire. The foam mattress will help reduce the spread.

The bed is mold and mildew resistant, which helps when you need to store it when your camper is not in use.

This factor is an excellent factor since you will likely be storing the mattress for months at a time.

Short Queens Are Cheaper Than Regular Queen Mattresses

Another plus in buying a short queen for your camper is that it is cheaper than a regular queen due to the smaller size.

This fact can help monetize getting a camper or using it more often if you know you can afford the mattress.

You can also get it custom made to fit your specific camper. These short queens run between $350-$500 depending on what brand and custom additions you want, including in the mattress.

There are several mattresses you can purchase for your camper. Hopefully, you find the right one for you and enjoy your camper!

Recommended RV Mattresses

Looking and researching to buy a mattress can be a long process. You might look at hundreds of mattresses and end up not liking any of them or liking all of them.

Either way, you want something that does well in every category, especially budget and comfort. Here is a list of some RV Mattresses that have 4-star, or above, ratings.

  1. Zinus Ultima Comfort
  2. Dynasty Mattress 10-inch
  3. Zinus 8-inch Foam
  4. Travel Happy
  5. Dynasty Mattress 12-inch

All of these mattresses have options that you can pick and choose from to better match what you are looking for, or what you have room for in your RV.

You want a mattress that is comfortable enough to sleep on, but nothing that will give you a headache during the day because it takes up too much room.

Final Thoughts

While you may be able to technically fit your standard queen in your RV, that definitely does not mean it is the best idea.

You want to enjoy every aspect of your travel, so getting the right equipment, mattress included, is key to reducing frustrations and hiccups along your trip.

Before purchasing any mattress, always double-check the measurements and weight to better know how it can, and will, impact you and your traveling needs.

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